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My FU and How Organifi might be helping

My FU and How Organifi might be helping

Howdy all!  Wow, we got lucky this morning.  We got up and went out for our walks.  We both ended up at SB at the same time, and immediately decided to head for home, since it was starting to mist a lot heavier.  We just got home when it really started to rain.  G was very upset, he walked all the way to SB’s and than did not get his “coffee” and treats!  Tomorrow, I promise.

As promised, below is the Max WT that I hit this week:

Barbell Squat  Max WT  40

Tri Cable Push Down  Max WT  60

Incline Dumb Bell Press  max WT  15

Dumb Bell Kick Back  Max WT  20

Dumb Bell Shrugs  Max WT  40

Dumb Bell Arnold Press Max WT  12 (My shoulders are still weak)

Farmers Walk  Max WT  40

Dumb Bell Rear Flys  Max WT  15

Skull Crushers  Max WT  25 

And as usual, lots of Jumping jacks, Running in Place and Sprints.  

I think I am going to move on to the next program next week and see how that works. I will admit that yesterday, my body was a little sore, but I have been really pushing the workout this week, and I also did a lot of lifting of big boxes when I cleaned out our storage room.  I hope everyone worked out like i did !

I had my Rheumatologist follow up today and I am very happy with how this went.  They were very impressed with how I am doing.  I had been slowly weaning myself off three of the six meds I take for the RA.  I started this about the same time I started the Organifi Gold Juice.  (Since then I have added the Red and Green juices)  They said I am Not getting worse, in fact, my mobility testing was better.  (I also lost 5 lbs since my last visit, which I needed to do)I told them about the Gold Juice, and that it had turmeric and ginger in it.  They said this could actually be helping because both of those act as anti-inflammatory agents.  They recommended adding a turmeric mid-day, which I will also do.  I know the biologic I am on is life long, so the only thing that might change with this is to another type.  They also said my knuckles are maybe a little worse, but this also will be lifelong and not change, only due to the damage already done.  But overall, this is great news.  I will stress that I strongly feed the Gold Juice has, at least a little to do with this.  I am anxious to see how I feel after using the Red and Green Juices for at least 30-60 days.  I do know already I really like the Green Juice.  Remember to go the Organifi website

check out ALL of the awesome products, and when you decide to place an order, either send me an e-mail

or order on the site, but be sure to enter the Code TAMIE15

to get your discount.  Let me know what you ordered!

I finally got my nails redone last night.  ( I am such a Diva when it comes to my nails).  Of course, I had to use BOTH of the new polishes.  They still need another top coat, but here they are.


Man, talk about old lady hands!!!!  I try to take care of everything else, I really need to try to take care of my hands better!  Anyway,what do you think of the polish?

It’s is not that I have been eating bad, but I have not been eating as many greens as usual, and I can tell the difference.  So for my lunch today, I had almost an entire box of Protein Greens, (is it bad just to eat out of the plastic container, because I made my “salad” in the plastic tub!)  I also had half of an orange bell pepper, a few Brussel sprouts,  1 hard boiled egg, ginger, turmeric, radishes, celery and I cut off some of the green from my garlic, and some of my fresh parsley.  I know this is not a lot of protein, but this is what I felt like and it tastes really good!  I really like a lot of vegetables.  I should have taken a picture, but since I made this in the container, I thought maybe not a good idea!

OK, tomorrow and Sunday are football days!!! GBR!!! 🏈 I can’t say that enough.  I will be watching the game and cheering them on.  They are due for a few good games.

 I watched an interview with some of the Falcons, this morning, they are going into their Sunday game being more positive, (there record on the road is not so good)  I want to watch this game as well.  I think that it will be a good weekend for football!

Well peoples, since I missed a couple of hours work this am, again I GOT TO GO!  

I know that I said I would post the companies that offer you readers discounts today, but the day got away from me.  I will work on this over the weekend and post on Monday.  I will also post my new program on Monday, along with football results.

And, don’t forget to turn your clocks  back⏱ Saturday night.  That means one extra hour of sleep!

So, until Monday, remember to hydrate, even though it is getting cooler, it is even more important to drink up.  Keep active, as it gets cooler, it is very important to keep active to keep warm!  And keep that smile on your face, you will feel better, seriously!

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and come back Monday for more.  Have a great weekend!


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