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Well Hello!  Welcome to my journey!  Is everyone great today?  I am pretending like I am,  I just can’t get my self in high gear today.  I could tell it was going to be one of those days when I started on my walk.  I only ended up doing about two miles today, and it was not very fast, but hey, I was out there doing something!

I did get a pretty good workout in.  I was try to do as much as I could because I will not get either a work out or a walk in, or at least tomorrow morning.  The hubs as two doctor appointment, and an EKO, not sure of that spelling, but we will probably be at doctors most of the morning.

Then I got a cal from my Rheumatologists office this morning, I need to have my blood work redone, come of the numbers came back a little lower then they like.  So I may try to sneed that in tomorrow as well.  It seems like there is always something, but I will never mind taking hubs to his appointments!  At least he is here to take somewhere!

Ok, I said I would post my new work out.  Once I looked at this on Friday, it is not a lot different then the workout I just did, but that is good.  Below is my new workout:

Bar Bell Squat

Flat Bench Press

1 ArmRow

Dumb Bell Shrugs

Should Press

Tri Pull Down

Dumb Bell Skull Crusher

Leg Raises

Leg Press Calf Raises

And as always, I work in Jumping Jacks, Running in Place and Sprints.

I did 3 sets of each and 6 reps of each today.  Again, on Friday, I will post the Max WT I hit.

The podcast I have been listening to talked about lifting weights vs arobic exercise today and also, training one body part per week vs training all body parts 4-5 days per week.  This really made a lot of sense to me.

First, cardio vs lifting.  If you do both, like I do, you are sending your body missed messages.  It doesn’t know if you are trying to lose weight, or gain muscle, but do to the conflict, you do not have enough calories (energy) to build muscle.  A little cardio every day is good, but not too push yourself every day!

Than, lifting one body part per week vs all body parts 4-5 days per week.  They said it is really better to lift using all body parts 4-5 days per week, than one body part per week.  The reason being, your muscle do not need the time to heal and repair.  They actually forget they are trying to build, so they rest, repair and than you basically start all over, as if you lift many or all or several body parts 4-5 days a week, your muscles actually get stronger and you do build muscle.  I tend to believe this is true.  When I did the upper body workout 5 days a week for 6 weeks, I know that I got stronger and I felt like I gained at least a little muscle.

So, my goal is to not concentrate so much on HARD cardio, (I will still walk with G and the hubs as much as they want me to) but I will also stick to this new program that I have just started.  I am going to d this as much and as heavy as I can until Christmas, and the evaluate.

Do you have an opinion which you think is better?  What do you do, lift or cardio?  Let me know.

Football this weekend!  My poor Huskers!  😪 They played their hearts out, but could not beat Ohio State!  But, they  did play really good and really gave Ohio State a run for their money, so I don’t really feel bad.  They played a good game.

The Atlanta Falcons won!  YAY!!!  This was a great game, and their first win on the road this year.  They needed that.  It was also the first touchdown Julio scored since December of 17, so that was pretty exciting to.  All in all, they played a great game.  They are now a 500 team, so if they play the rest of the season like yesterday, who knows what might happen.  Go Falcons!!!!!  (I really like football)

I can’t post about any food today, because the only thing we really made, (we ate a lot of leftovers this weekend) was a big egg casserole Saturday for brunch.  This was delicious, and we made this so that we would have Brunch on Saturday, than I could store the leftovers for breakfast during the week.  It would make a good, healthy easy to heat up breakfast.  Someone suggested we try this!!!  Well, this was so good so unfortunately, we ate a lot of that over the weekend and that was my lunch today, and now, it is all gone.  Guess I will  have to make some more!

Did you make any good food!  Please share if you did!

Wow, the weather on Saturday was awesome!  It was so warm, I love it.  Even walking in the mornings was not bad!  Sunday was not quite as nice, but it was still nice.

My morning slipped away from me, even though I got a good early start.  I had to take my 3 month old car to the Toyota dealer.  My tire pressure light was on.  Yes, I  could have checked this myself, but I just felt better about taking it to them.  It is not that far, and actually, I did not even have to get out of my car.  They directed me to the tire station, the very kind gentleman checked my tires and three of them were low.  So I am glad I did that, even though it took a little chunk out of my morning.  Better to be safe!

Well kidz, it is that time again, I got to go, got to get things checked off my list.  Get work done!  Post to IG all kinds of things to get done yet.

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