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Whew, I need to step back and take a breath!  Crazy busy morning.  I thought that I would not get a walk in this morning and no work out, BUT, that changed!  YAY!!! The hubs Dr. appt was later than I thought so I got both the walk and a quick workout in and even got my blood work done before we went to the hubs Dr.  No results yet on the hubs, later today or tomorrow we will have those.  But I am certain everything is great!

I made some really good chicken thighs for dinner last nights.  I had been marinating them, and when it was time to bake, I put them in foil with just a little of the marinade and than baked them very slow.  They just about fell apart.  They were very moist and tender and tasty!   I just ate the tiny last bit for my lunch!!!!  And very healthy!

I am so glad that today is Election Day and finally, at least for a time, the campaign adds will be over.  As we were watching TV last night, I timed it, and there were 6 back to back campaign adds that took 7 minutes.  I have a lot of opinions on these adds, but I will keep that to myself since I do not want to start a big debate.  I am anxious to see the results, which will probably not be until tomorrow morning because I will not stay up just to see them.  How many of you got out and voted?  Let me know you did or did not!

Do any of you drink Bone Broth?  I did for while, and than I got out of the habit, and just very recently I have read again!! how good this is for you.  I really don’t need anything else to drink, I already have SOO many things I drink in one day, I don’t know that I can fit anything else in!  But there are so many good benefits of drinking bone broth.  Let me know if you do drink broth and if you do, the benefits you feel you get.  Send me your feedback to

About a week or two ago, I told you about the garlic I had planted.  Well, this garlic is just going wild!!!  IMG_0093.jpgI haven’t yet tried to see if the bulbs are big enough to eat, but I have snipped pieces off of the top and put in my salads, and this is amazing.  And, the more you cut off, the more it grows!  I think about Friday I am going to test a bulb.  (Do you call it a bulb or a head?)

The other thing I did was transplanted my Christmas Cactus.  IMG_0094That may have been a mistake.  (I know there is some brown in this but I don’t want to pull that up and risk pulling good roots up)  I thought that it would do better in a larger pot, so that is why I transplanted it.  I am really babying this as I want this to grow.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

It has been a few days since I have checked my horoscope.  Read mine today and actually thought this was kind of funny:

Uranus rules electricity, cut back on excessive use of TV, tablets and technology, and make sure your appliances are running as efficiently as possible. Best use of the next two months: is to heal family ties and deeply consider the lifestyle YOU want to lead.

Cut back on excessive TV, I really don’t watch THAT much TV to start with, and the lifestyle I want to lead is that of the rich and famous where I can open a coffee shop or a kombucha shop with macaroons and mushrooms!  Now seriously, how likely is that!

Speaking of Mushrooms.  I had this coffee, IMG_3322and I know I told you all how good this is, but I ran out.  This is the best coffee for a quick afternoon pick me up.  I really must order some more, BUT, they just introduced a new coffee, ADAPTOGEN COFFEE,Web_AdaptogenCoffee_1130x680_4b30f8e8-bece-4f3e-bc2d-853fd8f9ab10 that is advertised as a MEDITATION IN A CUP.

  • New formula with ashwagandha and eleuthero
  • Ready to drink with hot water
  • Enhance with your choice of nut milk and/or natural sweetener
  • Blend in coconut oil or ghee for a creamier texture
  • Drink in place of your regular cup of coffee

I don’t know but I think I might have to try this also.

Any who, I just put (one of the advantages of working from home) a roast in the oven to slow cook for a couple of hours.  I added just a few spices🌶and maybe some garlic!  This should be great!

Speaking of food, (who doesn’t love to talk about food) I just realized Thanksgiving is only a little over two weeks away!  This year is just a blur!   So many things to do yet before the holidays, like get my mind, body and spirit in shape.  Ok, what does that mean?  Get my shit together and get things ORGANIZED!  I will admit, I am on a good start!

Well KIDZ, again, it is that time, got to get back at it.  I have a few things to get done today yet, but I have a lot planned for tomorrow, as always, send me an e-mail and let me know what you like or do not like about this blog, send this to:

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And until tomorrow, let’s all stay hydrated and take a big swallow of H20 now!  Did you do that?

Now, get up and run in place for one minute.  Whew, that wore me out!

And now, get that grouchy old look off of your face and SMILE!  Isn’t that better?

And check back tomorrow


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