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What a gorgeous morning!  It was very comfortable walking this am, and I just got in from a few errands, it is almost 70 degrees out.  How awesome is that?  BUT, the clouds are just now starting to move in😞

I got a fantastic work out in today.  I did not start my day with much energy, actually kind of lethargic, but once I got into my walk, and than my workout, I got all kinds of energy!!!  I got a GREAT work out in.  On a side note, I think that I have talked about this in the past, but (you all know I keep track of everything) I have noticed that when I get a GOOD work out, and make myself lift a little heavier, really push myself, I tend to burn more calories throughout the day.  For example, today, it is 1:30 and I have already burned almost 100% of my active calories for the day.  Now how accurate is the Apple Watch???  I don’t know but it is at least a gauge, right?  Has anyone else noticed this?  Let me know if this is something you watch.

I told you that I had put the roast in the oven yesterday afternoon, again, one of the advantages of working from home. Well, this roast was great!  It might have been one of the best meats I have made yet.  It just about fell apart, was full of flavor and very moist. I did not take a picture, because I was in a hurry to get this on my plate and eat like Miss Piggy, but trust me, this was great!

This was AFTER I talked with OS and he was telling me about all of the Yummy things he and our DIL are making for Thanksgiving.  I was starving by now and my mouth was watering.  The hubs and I might have to do a “LITE” Thanksgiving meal on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  For Thanksgiving, we will do our “traditional” Sushi!  How many of you have plans for Thanksgiving?  Send me an e-mail

and tell me what your “traditions” are.  I would love to hear these.

WOW, I just got and opened my new Organifi order.  (It is the little things that make me happy)  IMG_0095.jpg

I reordered one of each of the Juices I drink daily.  Did you notice the little ATTENTION???  This is just such a cool company and their product is so good, I cannot say enough good things about how these juices have helped me.  Remember, go to

and browse all of their great products.  When you place your order, remember to enter code TAMIE15 for your discount.  If you have questions on any of these, please send me an e-mail

and I will get you the best answer.  You can also place your order with me if you would like.  Again, just send me an e-mail.  (Help support this blog)

This is an odd topic, but because of a discussion earlier today, I am curious.  How many of you use a sweetener, and if you do, what do you use.  I use Stevia, and I try to limit myself to one packet per cup of coffee.  (You know, if I stop and think about this, I like black coffee, and I really do not even need the sweetener, but I use Stevia and cream in almost every cup of coffee.  I might have to rethink that)  Any way, the discussions went on to say that even stevia was not that great for us.  If you want a sweetener, you should use natural sweetner, like honey or maple syrup.  I have tried in the past to use honey in my coffee, just can’t get into that, at least not yet.  Let me know what you use for a sweetener, if you do use a sweetener.  Send me an e-mail.

Speaking of sending e-mails and leaving comments.  I have several people contact via Skype, because they know how to contact me via Skype, and said they have tried to leave comments but you needed a login????  I did not know this and I do not know if it is true, but, if you have tried to leave a comment, and you need to have a login, can you please let me know?  If this is the case I need to get this fixed.  Please send me an e-mail to

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OK, really brief update on the hubs.  He got his results and he is not QUITE where he wanted to be, but it is all good.  He knows he has to stay on the path that he is on.  He has another test in February and hopes to be even better.

I did not hear back from my Dr on the redo of the bloodwork, so to me, no news is good news!!!

OD sent me this picture of these Mini Buch’s she found.  IMG_2303.jpg

They are mini size bottles of buch.  How perfect are these.  Just the right size for when you are out running errands and want to take something other then water.  And, this is a new flavor.  Green Apple.  Have any of you tried this yet?  Sounds great.  I am going to try to find these this weekend.

Speaking of Kombucha.  Have any of you ever made your own?  We have researched this and it just sounds like a lot of work!  If you have made your own, send me an e-mail and let me know how this worked!

Ok, I had to read my horoscope again today, because I wanted to.

One thing you can rely on today more than anything is your energy! As soon as you begin your morning routine, your synapses will spring to life and you’ll be ready to meet anything the day has to offer. One excellent use of your energy would be to rally the troops and get some real teamwork going. Your spirit is likely to be contagious, and you can affect the environment around you more than ever before.

Well, I did start the day off with a LOT of energy!  So they had that much right!  Have you checked your horoscope today?

Well, here we go again.  Oh, I want to ask you all, how many of you have ever checked out my “work” website?

If you have not taken a look at that lately, or ever, can you take a minute to look at that and give me some feedback?

Wow, you have a lot of work to do today, you better get busy.

So, time to sign off and on to other things.  Remember to “try” to leave a comment

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And, remember to Hydrate, Keep Active, Be Happy, and most important,

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I am looking forward to EVERYONE’S feedback.


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