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Can you guess what the pic is?

Can you guess what the pic is?

Man, I am hoping it is the weather but I am STARVING today.  And I did eat breakfast so no clue what is going on.  I am blaming the weather, since it is kind of dreary, getting colder, and rainy.  AND now, my energy level is depleting.  I think I need another cup of coffee.  I am sure that my energy is draining because I flew around here like a possessed woman this morning trying to get everything done.  (I am SO OCD, I have to have everything in some kind of order or I can’t concentrate.  I keep thinking of what needs to be done yet.)  Good news, I have got all of the “additional” things done, now I can sit at my desk and concentrate on work!  And getting a decent blog post out.

So, now that I am done with my little rant, how are you doing today?  Other than me being hungry, all good here.  Another day with a good walk and an GREAT Workout.  Ok, today’s workout was not quite as good as yesterday, but it was still better then the average workout!  And again, it is not noon yet and I already have 74% of my move goal calories met😄  But I might be slowing down a bit.  What was your workout today, or did you run, walk or at least do something?  Let me know.

On our last year’s Christmas trip we went to a winery that has fast become our favorite wine.  They recently had their fall release, so we bought more of their wine.  The wine itself is fantastic, but the labels are the bottles are the most unique labels I have ever seen.  IMG_0100.jpgIMG_0099.jpgIMG_0098.jpg

Now tell me, aren’ these some of the most unique labels you have ver seen?


And, like I said, the wine itself is great!  The name of the wine is Wren Hop and they only make very small batches.  IMG_2528-1.jpg

Ok, the blog post would not be complete if I did not at least mention Organifi.  I am going to try this today, but I just heard about the “Christmas” blend Organifi.  Pretty simple, what you do is MIX the Red JuiceRed-Front_ce281da1-5bc7-4e8f-b96e-e0fcd3b0c365_1024x1024

and the Green JuiceIMG_0040-1.  I am going to mix mine in Sparkling water.  (And maybe add just a little kombucha)  I can’t believe that this will not be great.  Have you gone to the Organifi site yet?

And if you do order, remember to enter Code TAMIE15 to get your discount.  Let me know what you think.

Ok, I am in that mode again of checking my horoscope, and today’s horoscope,

Be ready to have your regular routine turned on its ear — there is a storm brewing, and things are not going to go as planned. Fortunately, you’ll be delighted by the unexpected outcome. Stick with your current projects and be patient if they veer off track a bit. Be flexible, and you’ll find a new appreciation for the smaller things in life. Suddenly, beauty will be all around you and you’ll realize you have the best friends and family in the world.

But then, I already new that I have the BEST FAMILY in the world, I did not need the horoscope to tell me that!  And I will stick to what I am doing and see where this takes me.  Did you check your horoscope yet today?

I don’t have any food to talk about today because we just had leftovers last night, but I do have some fish out for dinner tonight.  Not sure yet what I am making with that, maybe brussel sprouts?  I think I am in need of some new recipes.  I was doing so good there for some time, trying all kinds of new stuff, but it seems I have gotten in a rut again.  I think I need to do some looking on Pinterest.  You can get really good ideas there.  and I must have at least a half dozen cookbooks, all healthy and they all have really good recipes in them.  Maybe I need to get some of those out and see what I can find????

I do have a duck in the freezer that I am thinking of taking out and making over the weekend.  It is supposed to be colder, so that might be a good idea.

Let me ask all of you gourmet cooks out there, especially those from other countries, if you have a good recipe that you would like to share, please send to me at

I am open to all kinds of ideas and suggestions.  Please share with me.

I listened to a podcast yesterday that talked about supplements. Man, I thought I was bad with taking supplements, or trying to “heal thyself naturally”  but some people get just a little carried away.  Ok, I will admit, that sometimes I get a little carried away, but I do know when to say, okay, enough is enough!  And the particular podcast I was listening to went into detail on the different teas, and mixes and essential oil, and lots more.  I finally had to stop listening because I thought that if I spent that much time making and taking all of these EXTRAS, I would not get anything else done.  RIGHT!

Speaking of, I still have not received a call back from my Dr’s office on the redo of the blood work.  So, in my mind, no news is good news.  Plus I know the results are not back yet because they post to my Portal right away.

Ok snickerdoodles, it is that time again, time to go, time to get ATW things done, time to finish my lunch, make MORE coffee, make my Organifi Christmas Blend.

So, send me an e-mail

And tell me what you think of this blog, or what you want me to blog on, check back tomorrow, I will post the Max WT I have hit in my workouts this week, I will try to post the companies that have given me codes and the websites, and of course, we will talk football.

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