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It’s getting to fee a lot like fall!

It’s getting to fee a lot like fall!

BRRR!  It is a little chilly out today, not to mention damp and windy.  Just not a nice day, but I think COLDER weather is on the way.  Needless to say,  we only got a short walk in this am.  But, since I had more time,I did try to add a little to my work out this morning.

As promised, below is the MAX WT that I hit this week on my workout:

Barbell Squat  Max WT  45 lb plates

Flat Bench Press Max WT  20 lb

1 Arm Dumb Bell Row  Max WT  25 lb

Dumb Bell Shrugs  Max WT  45 lb

Shoulder Press  Max WT 12 lb  (I can’t get past that, my shoulders are just now strong)

Tri Cable Pull Down  Max WT 65 lb

Dumb Bell Skull Crushers  Max WT 25 lb

Kettle Bell Abs   Max WT 20 lb

Smith Machine Calf Raises   Max WT 45 lb Plates

And of course, I did a lot of Jumping Jacks, Running Place and Sprints

I did this a little different today. I started out with 4 reps of each, than increased to 8 reps and then 6 reps.   I feel like this is a pretty good workout, and I am scheduled to do this one more week, so at the end of next week, I will again, post my Max Wt for each and hopefully, I will increase some more.

This reminds of something that I recently heard.  My knees are not the best, and for some time, I ALWAYS wore my straps while jalking and working out.  About two and a half weeks ago, I quit doing this.  My knees have not been having any (or very little) pain.  I have also been doing more squatting.  Well, the article I was listening too talked about that if you do have knee problems, and you squat CORRECTLY, you can actually strengthen your knees.  I have been very conscious about how I am squatting, very cautious, and hopefully, my knees are getting better!🏋🏽

Speaking of, remember that I just recently talked about how I have been watching my caloric burn.  Meaning the amount of calories I burn in a day where I either don’t lift vs a day I lift HEAVY💪🏼.  As I was listening to one of the podcasts today, they were talking about hard cardio is good for quick results, but the burn affect, or overall increasing your metabolism is very short lived.  As where, if you lift somewhat or heavy weights for even 30 minutes 5-6 days a week, you increase your muscle mass, which in turn increases your long term caloric burn.  I found this very interesting since I have just very recently been monitoring this.  Now, I am not an expert, and have nothing but actual lifting experience, but have you noticed this, or do you watch this?

Is it obvious that I am most comfortable talking about fitness and health and nutrition?  I should have gone into this field, but please remember, I am not an expert, I just talk.

Now, food.  For awhile I had somewhat gotten out of the habit of eating a lot of greens.  No reason for that, just maybe needed a little break.  Well, in paying attention to my body, and paying very close attention to how I felt, I seemed to be a little “weak” or fatigued, just did not have my normal energy.  So, I started eating a LOT of greens again.  Basically, I probably eat 3-4 cups of just greens, this does not include the things like celery, (I eat a lot of celery) bell peppers, and Brussels sprouts. I have made note to really pay attention to how my body feels.  I do notice that I have better sustained energy, I can push myself a little harder, and just seem to feel better.  Have any of you noticed this?

I have also gone back to eating my fruit.  I cut back slightly for awhile, because I felt fruit had a little too much sugar and carbs, for what I was trying to accomplish.  But, I realized my body needs and craves fruit.  Again, I just seem to feel better with about 3 servings of fruit a day.

Another interesting topic I heard.  Cholesterol.  I did not realize this but Cholesterol is very important in giving us the ability to gain strength and help our muscles.  Old time body builders used to eat DOZENS of eggs per DAY!  Now, the podcast I was listening did NOT recommend doing that, but they did stress to go ahead and eat a couple of eggs a day ( I do eat several eggs everyday!) and the other food that is really good for this is Chicken Liver.  I do make Chicken Liver about every 6 weeks because of my low iron, and, I am probably one of the few people that actually likes Chicken Liver.  This is supposedly  very good for you, it has the good cholesterol in it, iron and lots of other nutrients.  Do any of you eat liver?  I have tried beef liver, not as good, and I have tried pig liver, not TOO bad, I would like to try goat liver, but I only want a little bit, not like 5 lbs of it!

Now Football!  On Saturday, our Nebraska Huskers play Illinois!  I really hope that they can win this game.  I was looking ahead today, if they were to win the rest of the games this season, they could actually be bowl eligible.  That would be too awesome!

The Falcons play Cleveland on Sunday, they SHOULD be able to win this, but this is another road game.  I have complete faith that they will win this game.  I wonder if they win out if they could still have  chance of going to the Super Bowl?  Does any one know this?

Sorry, but I have to post my horoscope again today, because this is how I feel today:

Many pieces are falling into place today — while you may not be able to see the entire picture and all the gory details, you will get enough information to keep you feeling positive. Things are looking good! The best part of today will be the fact that finally, you’ll be able to get rid of a thorn that has been in your side. Take it out quickly — the relief you feel will buoy you on through this great period and create several new tantalizing paths for your future.

I have felt very positive and energetic all day, and the thorn in my side:  I am sure this was all the little three minute takes I needed to get done, I finally got done today YAY!!!

Well kidzles, again, time to go, need to get several things done yet today, and it is Friday, so I want to get done a few minutes early today, and am hoping, the rains is done by the time I need to take G out for his evening walk.  Maybe I can get a few extra steps in.

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And please REMEMBER, even though it is cold and damp and dreary here, STAY HYDRATED, I just took a BIG drink

clean clear cold drink

Be ACTIVE, I just did 10 air squats

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And most important, BE HAPPY, SMILE

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And most important, come back Monday!!!!

Have a great weekend and share with me what you did!

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