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Dreary Rainy Monday

Dreary Rainy Monday

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday was a little chilly but a bright blue sky. IMG_0106.jpg So nice, and today, it is windy🌬, rainy☔️ and very chilly. IMG_0102.jpgNeedless to say, no walk this morning.  I did try to do a little on the treadmill, but I just couldn’t get into that, plus, I think that makes my back hurt.  I did get a good workout in however, so I tried to make up the difference.

We did get a couple of really good walks in over the weekend, and even got to sit and enjoy coffee outside in the sun.  That was good.

You all know that I am seriously on a mission to get things cleaned and organized.  I am down to just a few boxes in our storage room.  I brought up the boxes yesterday that have the baby clothes I saved and Christmas ornaments.  I got through the boxes of baby clothes, I had forgot about some of this.  I used the sew all of my kids clothes when they were little.  Or most of it.  The two dresses in this picture I made. IMG_0110.jpgI have no idea how I did this.  When our kids were little, the hubs traveled pretty much Sunday night thru Friday.  So I was alone with the kids, I had a full time job, and I still found the time to do this.  I also baked a lot back then.  Maybe I just had a lot more energy?  These two little coats were OD first winter coats, so cute. IMG_0109The rest was pretty much blankets that were hand made for the kids.  This was a trip down memory lane!  Can’t wait to get to the Christmas Ornaments.

We ate really good all weekend!  And when I say good, I mean GOOD food.  Saturday, we got home from errands in time for the hubs to make some outstanding taco meat filling.  We did pick up some blue corn shells, but I just had mine with LOTS if greens.  I also had with this radishes, celery, garlic greens.  It is kind of surprising, but it seems the more greens I eat, the more I want them.  Does that make any sense?  We had enough with that, and other left overs that we did not need to make any other food over the weekend, we just ate leftovers.  (Can you ever really have too many leftovers)

We did pick up some turkey.  We will not have this on Thanksgiving, but we will probably have this the day after Thanksgiving, while we watch the Nebraska game.

Speaking of, they played on awesome game on Saturday against Illinois!  I hope that they can keep this up and play this fantastic against Michigan State on Saturday, and then again against Iowa!!!!  GBR!!!!

You know, I thought that we were going to be done with the election stuff last week, but now they are debating if all of the votes were counted, if everybody got to vote and bla bla bla.  At least that is all I hear when they start talking about this.  Do you guys listen to this or are you like me and really tired of it?

On to more interesting things.  We watched a show on Netflix over the weekend that was about the woman that started the Milk Bar.  If you are not familiar with this, google it.  It is a TINY desert place in New York City that has the BEST cookies and pies EVER.  The show we watched went way back and how her parents did not want her to do this because they thought she would never make any money.  Now she has several other stores, and I think she even has a cook book, but the story is very interesting, especially how she came up with the famous “crack Pie”.  Basically this was by accident because she was making a desert for the “Sunday Family Meal” and there was nothing to make a good desert with, so she used what she could find in the refrigerator.  Everyone could not stop eating this, they said it was lie crack.  Therefore, CrackPie!  If you get the chance, watch this show.  Of course, now I want a BIG cookie!!!!

Any who, I got a new Kombucha over the weekend, I think it is called Health Ade, and I got a Lemon Ginger flavor,  just a little tart, but once you take a couple of swallows, it is really good.  I need to remember to get more of this.  I probably need to make a note.  Some times I am just an airhead.  For example, yesterday, we were walking over to Target to get a few things we needed, and the hubs said, you got everything you need?  Well of course I do.  We walked over, got out things, stood in line, when I went, Oh SHit, I don’t have my wallet!  And because I said I had everything, hubs didn’t have his wallet.  DAMN!!!!

Then, I was in the storage room and had everything out in the hall and as soon as I shut the door TIGHT, I realized I had left the keys in side.  We only have one set of keys, so I had to go to the front desk and have them dig out their master key and let me in.  It was just one of those days.  I get like that about every couple of months, and it usually means I am low on sodium.  (Yes I do know this)  Easy to fix.

Well kidz, I have some samples I have to get out today yet, so I better get back to work.  Remember, send me an e-mail

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