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Rainy Days and Tuesdays??

Rainy Days and Tuesdays??

Good day all you readers, and I appreciate you coming back.  This is really kind of funny, I had friend/reader comment on my great photography!  I really appreciate their feedback, (Thank You Leona), but I will be the first to admit I need a LOT of work on this. I may practice on this while it is a little slower over Thanksgiving.  I want to be able to take a lot of GREAT pictures during our Christmas Holiday in Barcelona.  I want to have a lot of memories and a lot of pictures to share with you readers.

This same reader sent some pictures of her dog.  I do not think that she will mind if I share these with you. 20181112091042.jpg

This is Buster, he is a Rottweiler and she is comparing how big his paw is to her hand.  HMM, about the same size, don’t you think? 20181113103754

This is when he was a puppy.  Such a handsome guy!   He goes to work every day!  Just like G.

We all know that I like my coffee, and this bad boy,

IMG_0057  Has made it way to easy to brew a QUICK cup of coffee.  I have used up just about all of my good coffee so I had to order more.  My favorite coffee is JANUARY_2018_COFFEE_BAG_MOCKUPS_FREEDOM_FUEL_9205d004-b9eb-4720-8c33-de4717225ae9_large.png  They have a Great Dark roast, and then they even have a DARKER roast!!!!  I just placed my order, and I am not affiliated with them in any way, but I do like their coffee.  They have a link if you refer a friend, you can get a discount.  I have put this link here:

That should give you the referral discount.  Also, you can go to

And check out all of their great coffee.  If you try it, or have tried it, let me know what you think.

What a day already.  The hubs woke up a few minutes early, and it has been RAINING like crazy, so he asked if it was dry.  I thought it was, so we dressed and went out for our walk, but opted out of coffee.  We got our entire walk in, and just got home when the sky opened up and the rain came down HARD.  Good call hubs!  And that just set the tone for the day.  I am getting all kinds of work done, started on this post earlier today in hopes of getting it out earlier, and even got a duckIMG_3298 on the stove cooking up for dinner.  It smells so good.  I added Star Anise to the water, not sure what that will taste like, but what the hell!  Give it a try.

I am also getting all kinds of things done for ATW, and my goal today is to try to get some of the cards and gifts for my customers taken care of.  Last year, I got lazy and kept putting it off, and then it got too late so I just said screw it.  I need to be ahead of the game this year.  I also want to try to get to the two boxes of Christmas ornaments I want to get through, so I can have those boxed up by Thanksgiving.  I have goals you know!  We all should have goals!  What is your goal?

Speaking of goals, you know me and my podcasts.  I was listening to one of my favorites today, 8N9dvsISHSAy48TZKVka_Podcast_Banner-_option_4-_guys_mindpump_sign_v2.png  This is fast becoming and has been one of my favorites for some time.  They give so much great information on lifting, diet, nutrition, and how to gain and tone, if you have not listened to them, you should really check them out.  Any who, they were talking about the importance of “resistance training”.  Now, I really did not get the jest of this, so I have to go back and relisten and read the show notes, so I know what the hell I am talking bout, but you really do learn a lot.  They also talked about all of their free programs, and they even mentioned one to tighten your tummy. Well of course, I am going to have to check this out.  For some reason, it seems the more I work my abs, the bigger my lower stomach gets, does that make sense?  I am obviously doing something wrong!    I need to read this to find out what.

They also talked about taking time away from the gym!!! REALLY, I MUST go there at least 5 days a week!  Ok, I know, I am really addicted to this but it is amazing how much better I feel, Monday thru Friday, when I do go to the gym, vs the weekends, where most of the time, all I get is a walk in.  But, I know it is good to take rest days, or to do other things, maybe stretching, or just home workouts.  Do you take rest days?  Let me know.  Send me an e-mail

Speaking of working out, which is from a program I did get from mind pump, I got another awesome workout in today.   I know that I am gaining a little strength, I don’t know that I am getting leaner, I guess that maybe I should post a picture and let you guys be the judges, but I do enjoy the workouts and the challenge.  I am going to have to check out their Stomach video and try to “flatten” my lower belly fat.

I know that I talk about this a LOT, but I cannot say enough good stuff about Organifi.  I really wished that I would have made a note on the calendar when I started this, but I KNOW that I am feeling MUCH better.  If I had to rank the three juices I have, in the order of how I think they are helping me, the Gold Juicefeature3 would most definitely be first.  I take this every night with WARM Almond Coconut milk, (unsweetened) I froth the milk, blend in the Gold Juice and sprinkle either a little cinnamon or nutmeg on top!!!Oh so good and I sleep much better.

My second choice is the Green Juice. Green-Juice-Front_f0312d80-acd5-446d-821b-29e11db3a406_grande I drink one of these first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and a second mid afternoon.  It just gives me a little extra feeling of well being.  And the taste of this is not bad at all, and, I am making sure that I get my days worth of greens.  (Not that I need this as I eat a lot of greens and other vegetables every day)

My last choice, not that I don’t like it, I just don’t see a big effect on me, is the Red Juice. Red-Front_ce281da1-5bc7-4e8f-b96e-e0fcd3b0c365_1024x1024I usually have this after lunch, with Sparkling Water.  This gives it a really refreshing taste.  I do enjoy the taste, but again, I just don’t see that this has a big impact on me.

Remember, you can see all of GREAT Organifi products at

And when you place your order, enter code TAMIE15 to get your discount.

Well everyone, I hope you have enjoyed reading this post today, please send me an e-mail

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