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The weather for today is possibly another 3 inches of rain😒  I don’t mind the rain as much as I need sunshine🌞, I am truly solar powered and without the sun, I have NO energy.  And, on top of that, that great little one cup coffee maker I was so EXCITED about has quit working today!  WTF!!!!!  Bummer!  I had to make coffee the old fashioned way this morning, and it was kind of like chewing my coffee😫  Nasty.  But, since I had ordered this on Amazon, they are giving me a full credit!  And, I don’t have to return it which saves me packing it up!  OK, I can live one more day, and, I can walk to SB and get a BIG cup! All is good.

I have been having a discussion in my head today.  ( I tend to do this when I am rested and working hard)  I had a discussion with a friend yesterday, and I realize my favorite topic to discuss is working out, lifting, walking, anything fitness related.  Over the years, I have known this friend for a long time, I tend to say things like, “I am adding weight to my lifts and getting stronger, or I am jogging this much further “.  The point to her comments were, if I were really lifting so MUCH more, and jogging/running like I say, I would be lifting hundreds pounds and running thousands of miles.  When in reality, I pretty much just do what makes me feel good.  So, why not just do what makes me feel good?  I do this in a sense, but my goal is to always improve, to get better, to be stronger, to be able to jalk or walk further?  Is that a bad thing?  I don’t think so but I do realize this is a big part of my life.  (Pretty much, this is all I want to talk about) and maybe really boring to some of you.

So, again, the voices in my head have decided I am not going to write so much my lifting EVERY DAY, as this as to be kind of boring for some of you. AND, I need to quit talking more doing.  As some of my overseas counterparts would say, less talk, more do!  What I am going to do, is only once a week, I will post my workout for that week, and I will post the MAX WT that I hit for those exercises.  Now, please, do not hesitate to send me e-mails or contact me with questions on working out, but I will only write about this once a week.  Wow, this will be hard!!!!  But, again, less words, more do!   I will become a lean mean lifting machine and no one will even know!🏃🏋🏽🤒

OMG, the duck I made yesterday was GREAT!  The Star Anise I put in there gave it a very unique flavor, and the couple of bay leaves I added were just the right amount.  I thought that we would have so much left over, and funny, only enough for maybe one or two more meals!!!!  With the duck, I made the hubs new favorite, Brussel Sprouts. IMG_0112 For a guy who used to HATE Brussel Sprouts, this is now his favorite.  I made these just a bit different, I always use the peppers, shallots, onion, but this time I added some parmesan cheese over the top.  This gave them an even better flavor.  I am almost learning to cook!👏😄  Not sure what we will have today.

I have done this recently, and I have received a few recipes, but if you have a really good unique recipe, somewhat healthy, please share with me.  You readers from Japan, China and Russia, please share some your favorite recipes with me.  Please send them to the e-mail address :

I would love to try some really different foods!

I have a question.  Is it the latest thing to send out “Save the Date”notices when you get married?  This is all new to me.  This is the second relative that we have received one of these from. And the one we just got, the wedding is not until May of 2019.  I can’t even plan a week in advance, let alone a that far!!!!  Let me know if  you have received these.

Who is binge watching anything good?  We haven’t found any good series to binge watch for some time.  If you have a favorite show on Netflix, or a new movie, please share these with me, this rainy dreary weather is really good binge watching weather.  Please send these ideas to:

The Haunting of Hill House was suggested, as well as the Bodyguard.  Has anyone watched either of these?  If so, let me know what you think.

I posted the pictures of Buster yesterday and got several really good e-mails on him.  Yes, he is the most adorable dog, so handsome, I am asking if they can please send more pictures of him that I can share!

Speaking of handsome dogs!  Poor Mr G.  When we were out last night, silly dog likes to do his business on hills.  Because of all of the rain, everything is very slippery.  He was on some new pine straw that was REALLY slippery, and he fell off of the curb.  I am not sure what he did, I think he may have gotten one of his pads caught and hurt it, but he has been hobbling around on three legs since then😞  If he is not better by morning, I think I have to take him to the vet.  Poor little guy!

Here we are that time again!  Work calls me.  For now at least.  Remember to send me your suggestions or comments, let me know if you like this blog or not, please send to

or leave your comments below:

and check back tomorrow!  Until then,

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