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Maybe Sunshine tomorrow?

Maybe Sunshine tomorrow?

Wow, it is CHILLY out there!   I know, what am I complaining about?  Right?  Well, it is dark, damp and misty and we walked out to get lunch and now I cannot get warmed up.  Yes, I was bundled up.  They said this morning that we might see sunshine by this afternoon?  Well apparently, it is liquid sunshine.🌧  Oh well,it could be worse!  At least we are all up and at it!

Speaking of, it was very heavy mist, I will call it, when we got up this am, and I asked hubs if he was walking and he said, YA!  Get dressed and let’s go!!!! Pre hospital hubs would  have never done that.  I was very impressed.  However, I did not get my usual walk in.  I told you G had hurt his foot or his toe.  Well this morning when we went out to walk, he started out ok, but barely got into it and I noticed he was only walking on three legs.  We only walked about .5 miles and I brought him back in.  I examined his nails good and realized he had broken one of his nails REALLY deep almost into the nail and it was bleeding.  Well, Dr. Tamie had to fix this up, so I wrapped his injured paw IMG_0114.jpg  I haven’t tried to take him out yet, but he does have a Dr. appointment tomorrow morning!  Poor Guy!

After I did this I did go out and catch up with the hubs to finish my walk.  And it was raining quite nicely out, but we got our walk in, so that is all that counts, right!

Speaking of, in talking with OD yesterday, I think she has really become a “dedicated” runner, and she said that OS has really motivated her to run, even when it is cold out!  Good for her!  But my point to this is, both of our children are wonderful, and they are both motivational in their own ways.  For me, they have both been very instrumental in keeping me motivated to be healthy, stay healthy, exercise regularly, and take care of myself, both physically and otherwise!  They are great at that, and sometimes, I will call one or the other up just to be remotivated.  Thank you both, you are AWESOME!

OK, moving on.  I listened to a podcast today that really made me think. It was not my favorite but it did make me think.  They talked about how we can sometimes talk ourselves into things.  One minute, everything might be wonderful, and 10 seconds later, you are worried about one stupid thing, and you will dwell on that for a long time.  This sounds like me.  Kind of!  I catch myself, and this is one of the things that I am working on, obsessing about some stupid thing.  Now I know that I am obsessed about things like making sure our condo is picked up and in order before I can get into my work, I am obsessed with I cannot concentrate on work if I do not do my work in order, or the same thing every day!  And this has been hard since hubs had been home more.  I can’t clean and vacuum like normal, so I am REALLY learning to let things go and that is what this podcast was about.  It was also talking about letting go of feelings, which maybe I do too much of.  I think I would call myself an emotional person.  Well, maybe not so much emotional as I need to make sure everyone is happy and having a good time and gets what they want.  This was all part of the podcast.  They talked about sometimes you just have to take care of you and you cannot worry about everyone.  For me, I try to make sure that everyone is getting or doing what they want to do, whatever the situation is.  And, back to OC, they have told me repeatedly, just worry about you, is this what you want to do?  I guess I need to listen to the podcast and OC and really take this to heart.

With that being said, and I have been doing this for some time.  Everyone knows I keep track of everything. Basically you could say I journal every day and I journal a lot. In the mornings, as I am logging my walk or jog or wo, when I am done, I log how I feel, physically and mentally, and I WRITE my mantra for the day.  Many days, it is something as simple as “You got this today and you can do it”  and silly as it may sound, I end my walk, jog or wo with a quick, thank you God for giving me one more day!  Might be silly, but this is what I do.  (Wow, I think I got off topic and am WAY to serious, enough of this shit)

For dinner last night we had some really good shrimp. IMG_0113These were fresh wild caught shrimp that I broiled.  I misted a little olive oil on them, and sprinkled course ground salt, fresh ground pepper and a little lemon juice and broiled them.  These were amazing and so easy and very healthy.

Tonight I am making ribs. IMG_0116.jpg I just put these in the oven.  I sprinkled a lot of fresh ground pepper and a little sea salt on them, I wrapped them up in foil and will bake them at 250 for about 3 hours.  This is how I made them the last time and they were great!  I hope they turn out as good.

OK, I KNOW, I talk about this at least 2 or 3 times a week.  I just made my afternoon “Christmas Blend”. IMG_0115This is the Organifi Red Juice, the Organifi Green Juice and Sparkling Water blended.  OK, I know this does not look great, I should have put it in a coffee mug, but the taste is phenomenal.  And, I think it gives me a little afternoon pick me up.  And you know what else, since I have been drinking all of the Organifi Juices, I KNOW that I am feeling better, have more energy, and sleep great.  I suggest everyone check them out at

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Ok macaroons, time to go and get more

work done, and I am almost done going through my Christmas Ornaments.  You will be so excited OD!

So, until tomorrow, REMEMBER




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