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Happy Sunny Friday

Happy Sunny Friday

Finally, some sun, I have ENERGY again! All it takes is a little sun, but, it was a bit chilly this morning on our jalk.   Poor Mr. G only went out long enough to take care of business, so I brought him home and then jogged to catch up to the hubs.  I haven’t even attempted that for a long time and it felt really good.  Might need to do a little more of this.  🏃

Now, I told you that I would post my MAX Wt that I hit this week with the program that I am on.  Well here it is:

Barbell Squat  MAX WT 50 lbs

Flat Bench Dumb Bell Press MAX WT  25 lbs

1 Arm Row  MAX WT   35 lbs

Shoulder Press MAX WT  12 lbs  ( I just can’t get past that on my shoulders)

Dumb Bell Shrugs  MAX WT  40 lbs

Tri Cable Pull Down  MAX WT  65 lbs

Dumb Bell Skull Crusher  MAX WT 25 lbs

Kettle Bell Abs  MAX WT  20 lbs

Barbell Calf Raises  MAX WT  50 lbs

Today I did 3 sets of each with 6 reps of each

And of course, I did sprints, jumping jacks and running in place.  I also did some additional lower ab work.

I think I start a new phase on the program next week, but I will post about that on Monday.

Update on G.  I took him to the vet today.  I was actually taking him for his yearly exam and to get his shots updated, but I had told you how he hurt his paw/nail or something.  This vet is GREAT!  G loves the people there and everyone is so lay back and just luvs up on the dogs!  Anyway, he did get his exam and he is in GREAT shape, maybe a pound or two over weight but nothing bad.  They did do blood work and I will have those results back next week, but for the toe:  G basically some how cracked one of his nails in two places, the second being way up in the quick.  And, it got pulled out just a little.  They trimmed the nail back as far as they could, and gave him anti inflammatory’s, because now it is swollen, and an anti biotic, so it doe not get infected.  He needs to take this for 7 days, and he should be back to normal in a couple of days.  I brought him home, gave him his first dose of medicine, and now he is resting peacefully.  But now he is all caught up on his vaccinations and he can go to the Doggie Hotel.  I just hope he can walk a little further in the morning.

I don’t have “finished” pictures of the ribs from last night, but they turned out great.  They basically fell of the bone.  And just the right amount of seasoning.  I think I need to make a conscious effort to take pictures of the food I make, and maybe actually start to post the recipes.  I never thought that I would say this about myself, but I am actually starting to be able to cook decent.  I would love to try baking again, but the hubs does not need that around and I certainly don’t need it, so not now, maybe done the road.

I have been reading my horoscope every day this week, because I can, but none seemed to apply until today:

It’s all about mind over matter today. If you want a positive outcome for your latest endeavor, then you have to think positively! For you right now, every dark cloud hides a glorious silver lining. If you can hold onto the hope that’s inside you, then nothing can bring you down. An optimistic mind is one of the most powerful, motivating things in the universe. Use yours to sway the powers that be to your way of thinking

I am a very positive thinking person most of the time, I am one of those that tries to see the glass half full.  And today, I really am implementing the mind over matter and being very positive.  I have a lot to get done today, and the vet took a little longer then I planned, but that is ok, it was for G.  So now, I am being very positive that I wILL get everything done today that I must get done.!  I WILL ACCOMPLISH EVERYTHING I NEED TO GET DONE TODAY, YOU GOT THIS!!!  I will report back Monday if this worked!

OH, and I am so excited.  I told you how my brand new little awesome one cup coffee maker quit working.  Did I tell you how great Amazon was about refunding me?  Yes, I did.  Well, I got the new replacement yesterday, and for now, (I don’t want to jinx this,) it is great.  It even came with a great travel mug.  I have already tested it several times and this makes great coffee as well.  Now, as long as it lasts more than a week or two!

Well everyone!  I know this is a little short today, but like I said, I am running a bit behind today, and the sun is giving me energy so I want to take advantage of this.  I must get going and get busy!  Can I ask you all to send me an e-mail telling me what you might like to read about, what do you want me to blog on.  Send me an e-mail to

I do think Monday I am going to try to do a recap of all of the companies that I work with and offer you readers links or discounts.  I will also post my new routine, and all the things we did over the weekend.

Remember, leave me a comment below:

And come back Monday for more.

Have a GREAT Weekend, and I will se you all Monday!


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