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A Fall FULL of Color

A Fall FULL of Color

Here we are again!  Welcome to the Thanksgiving Holiday pre Black Friday week!  Wow, am I getting a lot done today!

First, I have decided to start every blog this week, (and maybe longer) for what I am thankful for.  So often, I think that we just take things for granted, and if you really stop to think about things, we ALL have SO MANY things to be thankful for.

I am thankful for my wonderful hubs, my awesome children and their spouses, (OD I do mean Z as well, he is FAMILY) my Best Dog G, (who is now finally able to walk with me again) and for being able to get up and out of bed today and enjoy life.  Thank You!

Ok on to other things.  WOW, did you have a good weekend?  Ours was fantastic!  It started by my Nebraska Huskers 5b8b34a9796f3.image wining their football game on Saturday.  Way to go!  It wasn’t necessarily a pretty win, but a win no less!  I can’t wait until Friday now, to see if they can win their last game of the season!!!! GBR

Yesterday, Sunday, was beautiful out.  The weather was sunny and warm.  We got a good walk in on Sunday morning, than after we came home and did some things, the hubs wanted to go to the Beltline,  (for those of you that do not live in Atlanta, the Beltline is a GREAT walking trail in the city.)  We went down and parked, and by the time we were done, we had another good walk in.  AT the end of were we parked, Ponce city Market, they have these treesIMG_0121  I assume they are beautiful at night, but even in the daylight they are pretty.  The hubs knew exactly what these were, he delivers them to a company in Omaha.  One of his customers.  They are made to look like real trees, which they do, with thousands of little lights on them.  This was kind of cool!

We went home after that and had lunch, and after THAT, the hubs wanted to know if I wanted to walk to the mall with him.  Well of course I did.  We walked to the mall, wondered around there for a little bit, and then walked home.  What a great day for walking and he got a HUGE number of steps in.  (He said he does not want to be a burden in Barcelona on our holiday trip, like he has been in the past.  He wants to be able to keep up with everyone.)  At this rate, we will all have to work to keep up with him.

Sometimes, I am like a frickin” yo yo.  Sometimes I like to lift weights better and sometimes I prefer “jogging”.  Well, I have been on a steady lifting regime lately, but the several days that G was not able to walk, I started jogging quite a bit.  I kind of forgot how much I liked that, and ‘so far’, and I stress the so far, my knees are not bothering me.  I even did 3/4 of a mile on the treadmill today, because I didn’t want to push G too much yet.   But of course, after that, I did do a quick HEAVY lift.  Let’s see how long I can keep this up!

Update on G.  Since, he had been to the Dr. on Friday, he was not able to walk AT ALL, just enough to go out and do his business.  He would not even walk around our home, we have hard wood floors and it was too hard for him to walk on these on three legs.  He would lay in one spot forever it seemed.  Finally last night, he was trying to at least put his injured foot down and walk on it a little.  Well, this morning he was all about walking again and did really good.  The hubs even walked with us at lunch again so that was another 1 1/2 miles for ALL of us.  I think he is back to normal.  Man, I missed walking with him.  Yesterday morning, after I took him out quick so he could do his business, I even walked back walk with the leash in my hand, no dog.  Some things are just habits.

I did finally get through all of the Christmas Ornaments Friday.  This was so much fun and gave me so many memories.  These are few of the ones that I am keeping.IMG_0119  I had so many, OD is getting “a few” , I am sending OS a box, they will have those on Wednesday, right before Thanksgiving, I have a box for good will and I kept a few others.  This is such a good feeling, and I hung the above so I can see it from my desk, and everytime I walk into my kitchen!!!  These make me happy!  (And I am Thankful for all of the memories they brought back)

Since I got these ornaments all done, the next BIG thing on my list is to get my Christmas cards and gift out for my customers of ATW.  I want to start on that this afternoon, and hopefully, have that all done by tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

With the awesome weather we have had, the trees and the sunsets are gorgeous. IMG_0118.jpg  So much color.  The sunset at the top of this post is looking off of our balcony.  Just wonderful!

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Well everyone, if I am going to get much more checked off my list today, I got to go!  Get back to work, get things done!  So, until tomorrow, remember to




And be Thankful for everything you have.

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