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Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

Hey there peoples!  How’s it going today?  I am apologizing in advance today, if this post seems a little blah like.  I am just not feeling the love today.  Now sure if I need more coffee??  I did not sleep well last night, my favorite saying is I slept like crapidoodle, so maybe that is the issue.  Honestly, what I think it is, I am off my game today.  I did NOT get my walk in this morning, I did NOT get a workout in this morning, and after I got up, ran out quick with G, showered and dressed, we raced off to the Dr. (the hubs had a follow up) and than I SAT and SAT and SAT!  Just can’t do that.  Plus, I was STARVING MARVIN, I am having one of my really hungry days!  I had a good breakfast, a great lunch, and my Organifi Green Juice.  I think I need to go to the gym and at least do a quick work out, and than the hubs and I are going for a short walk today.  Maybe all of that will help!  Wow, whine whine whine, that is all I am doing!!!!!!  Get over yourself already Tamie, Big Bootie Judy!!!

Ok, today, I am thankful for the beautiful weather, for being able to get out and enjoy, for the little things in life, like a good pair of running shoes, comfortable clothes to work out in, and the ability to enjoy all of these!  Currently, my favorite shoes are Hoka’s and Asics.  I always have at least two pair of athletic shoes and a spare!!  What are you thankful for today?

OK, I decided mid post that I needed to do SOMETHING.  I did go to the gym and got a pretty good quick work out in, than, when I got back, the hubs said I am going for a walk if you want to come. Well of course I want to come.  SO, I finally got my lift in, my walk in, another cup of coffee and now I am feeling more like me.  Just be me!!!  AWESOME!

How many of you actually do Black Friday Sales?  I try to stay as far away from the stores as I can on that day.  The only place, if any, I will go is the market.  HOWEVER, there are some great online Pre Black Friday Sales like the one the Beauty Counter is having.

Black Friday Deals start TODAY!!

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If you’ve read my blog or followed me on Instagram for any amount of time, you know I LOVE Beauty Counters safer skincare and makeup so I wanted to make sure you knew about their sale this week! They do NOT do sales often, so it’s a really good time to try things out if you’re a first-time shopper or stock up if you’re already loyal to their better-for-you beauty products.

I swear companies are starting sales earlier and earlier, but I actually like it because I can hit the sales I definitely want to BEFORE the cooking madness begins and then do more casual browsing after the holiday!


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  • SOS Acne Spot Treatment: A must in every cabinet for random pimples that pop up!
  • First Light Highlighter Palette: This is from their holiday line, and I bought this intending to give it as a gift to a friend… but when I saw it in person, I ended up keeping it for myself. It’s seriously gorgeous.



It’s simple, spend $150 or more after the discount, any product credit, tax, and shipping (woohooo waived) and I will send you one of the amazing lip glosses or lipsticks from the holiday vaults!! They are gorgeous, mini, and so fun!

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Looking forward to see what everyone is ordering.


If you have questions on this, please let me know.

OK, who is cooking for Thanksgiving tomorrow?  We will do our normal Thanksgiving lunch with OD and Z, which is Sushi.  We have done this for several years, and this year, I think it is an extremely good idea with the hubs still trying to be very careful of what he is eating.  We both love fish and seafood, so this will be an easy perfect choice.  If you are cooking, let me know what you are making.  Better Yet, send me pictures.  I would love to see these as well as share them with some of my overseas colleagues.  Please send these to

Well buckaroos, it is that time and since I finally do have energy, I have to get some ATW work yet, and I want to make sure that I get the condo in order, so I am not so nut so all weekend.

So, please send me your comments and what you are making on Thanksgiving, you can leave these below:

and I probably will not do a post tomorrow, on Thanksgiving, but I will try to do one of BLACK FRIDAY!

Until then,





And have a Wonderful Thanksgiving xoxoxo

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