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23 Degrees and a Wind Chill of 17 but we STILL walked!!!

23 Degrees and a Wind Chill of 17 but we STILL walked!!!

Well hello all of you wonderful people!  How’s it going today?  Great day in the neighborhood here!  Lots going on, so lets get going!

First, my Macros for yesterday were as  per the screen shot below,

Image-1not quite where I wanted them to be yet, I like to try to get at least 100 G of protein.  I consumed a total of 1219 calories and my total calories burned yesterday were 1900 calories.   I walked a total of 18,383 steps yesterday.  Part of that was because right after lunch yesterday, the hubs says ” I am going for another walk, if you want to come”  well of course I want to come!!!!   Again, I need to try to get more protein today.  Tips for more protein!!!???  Please share!

I made hanger steak for dinner last night, how easy and good it is this.  I did take a picture of my plate when I had it made upIMG_0134  I had Hanger steak, egg with mushrooms and peppers and some celery.  How good was that!  I thought that between the hanger steak and the eggs, I would have had plenty of protein, maybe today!

My workout this morning was:

Barbell Squat  3 sets of 6 reps each at 40 lb plates

Flat Bench Press 3 sets of 6 reps each at 20 lbs

1 Arm Dumb Bell Row 3 sets of 6 reps each at 30 lbs

Dumb Bell Shrugs 3 sets of 6 reps each at 35 lbs

Bar Back Pull 3 sets of 6 reps each at 110 lbs

Rope Tri 3 sets of 6 reps each at 60 lbs

Kettle Bell Abs 3 sets of 6 reps each at 15 lbs

Bar Bell Calf Rasies 3 sets of 6 reps each at 40 lb plates

Rope Tri/Lat Pull 3 sets of 6 reps each at 110 lbs

Again, I took a short rest between sets.  What was your work out today?  Let me know!

I am so excited because I got one of my several Beauty counter orders today. IMG_0135(I ended up placing several orders because I kept forgetting things, and now I am getting some samples sent to me as well.)  I can’t wait to dig into this.  When I first started using Beauty Counter, I was not so sure if I really cared for it or not.  Than, I got the Facial Wipes and the IMG_0138Overnight resurfacing peel, and now I am hooked.  I also did not care for the lip products, but I have experimented with them and I REALLY like these now.  You can go to my website

and look around.  If you have any questions on any of the products, please send me an e-mail

and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  I will be your personal beauty consultant!  😄

Also, anyone who places an order of $50.00 or more, will get a free Beauty Counter product from me.  Just send me a copy of your receipt, and I will send out your free gift.

I want to talk about my RA for a minute.  I told you all that I was cutting WAY back on the meds, I am down to just taking the Enbrel, but I do a lot of “other” things.  One of those is the Organifi Gold Juice.  If you read the ingredients on this


An ancient, powerful medicinal root – Our unique extraction makes it 4X more powerful


#1 alternative medicinal plant, promotes a healthy response to discomfort from achy muscles and joints.


The “King of Mushrooms,” used in Japan to enhance youthfulness and longevity – thought to relax sore and tense muscles.2


Extracted from 100% Organic lemon balm, Improves deep, rejuvenating sleep. Known as “The Calming Herb.”


Ultra-powerful medicinal mushroom, promotes a healthy immune system


Phytochemical that improves medicinal potency and makes turmeric 2000% stronger.


A healthy saturated fat, provides passage for vitamins into the bloodstream.


A soothing, comforting spice, promotes healthy blood sugar levels – Increases absorbability of nutrients.


Organic tree sap that feeds the good bacteria in your gut, supporting proper digestion

This is quite a distinguished list.  I had showed this to my Rheumatologist and they were even impressed by this list.  The ginger, turmeric and cinnamon are all known anti inflammatory foods.

Any who, since I have been drinking this EVERY night, I have less pain, I sleep better, and  I just feel more like I WANT to feel.  I just can’t say enough good things about this.  If you go to

take a look around, and maybe order yourself a bottle of this just to try it!  If you do place an order, remember to use Code tamie15 to your discount.

OK, back to RA, a few of the other things I do, I take a turmeric supplement everyday, I try to eat fresh ginger every day, I make sure I do my stretching every day, and I am trying eat more of an anti inflammatory diet.

Now, is everything perfect, no, like over the weekend, I had some pain in my hands, more to the point, my knuckles, but, I do things like keep them warm, keep them mobile, and now, all is good again!   Although this cold weather is NOT helping!

If you suffer with RA, and want a few other tips, just send me an e-mail or leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Are you a Game of Thones fan?  Well, we are.  The hubs caught something the other day the last season will start on March or April of 2019.  So, last night we were trying to find something to watch, and decided to start at Season 1.  I don’t think we ever watched the first season of this.  But, because we know the outcome of a lot of this, it now makes more sense on some things, like Mother of Dragons.  Now I know where she got the name.  It is going to be fun to watch all the way through, and refresh my feeble old memory!🤒  Let me know if you are a fan.

I got the cutest surprise today.  OD had told me about some little Emory Boards she left in a bag she gave back to me, so I finally went and looked for them today. What an awesome day brightner.  She is so sweet.IMG_0140

Well kids, it’s that time again, you know, that same old ATW thing

and see what else I can accomplish today.  I had such a successful day yesterday, if today is half as good, WOW, it will be great.

So, until tomorrow, remember to check out my Beauty Counter site and place an order for your free gift, check out the Organifi Gold Juice and let me know what you think, tell me if you are a Game of Thrones fan, and leave me a comment below:


Remember to Hydrate, I just took a REALLY big drink

Keep Active, I am hoping to get another bonus walk in today

Be Happy, are you smiling?   I am and I am wearing my new favorite Beauty Counter Lip Stain

And come back tomorrow for more!


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