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Well here we all are, we made it to Friday!  WooHoo!  It seems like it has been a really long and busy week.  The good news is, I got lots done this week.  Getting things checked off my list!!!

Today, I am Thankful for all of the wonderful food that I am able to enjoy every day.  Not everyone is a fortunate as to be able to eat what they want and when they want, so this I am thankful for.

The below were my Macros from yesterday.  Almost made it to 100 grams of protein.  I think I eat so many carbs because of all of the fruits and vegetables I eat.


I consumed a total of 1350 calories and I burned a total of 1890 calories.

My workout today was:

Dumb Bell Dead Lift  3 reps of 5 sets @ 35 lbs

Incline Dumb Bell Press 3 reps of 5 sets @ 15 lbs

Lat Pull Down 3 reps of 5 sets @ 75 lbs

Dumb Bell Shrugs 3 reps of 5 sets @ 35 lbs

Dumb Bell Side Lats 3 reps of 5 sets @ 8 lbs

Dumb Bell Rear Flys 3 reps of 5 sets @ 10 lbs

Standing Alternate Hammer Curl 3 reps of 5 sets @ 15 lbs

Calf Raises   LOTS

Bench Push Up   3 reps of 10 each

Lots of ab work

This turned out to be a pretty good work out for me today. I am gaining tiny bit of strength in my shoulders!  Next week is a different work out, so I will do the same thing next week.  Feel free to share your workout with me, just send it to

I read my horoscope again today and thought I would share with you today again:


If you focus on the underlying foundation of circumstances, you’ll gain key insight toward crafting a healthier, happier life. Think about what’s behind the recent actions of the people you care about — any strange behavior may begin to make a lot more sense. A long-lost friend will soon reappear on the scene. Things may be different for a while, but again — if you focus on the foundation of your relationship, things can grow the way you want.

I got sidetracked when it talked about crafting a healthier, happier life.  This is something I work on every day, just a better life, every day!  I just have to focus.

Speaking of focus, somedays I am just an airhead, and I know it!  For example.  For one of my overseas counterparts, I bought little gifts for his family.  (Apparently, the shopping for the foster children yesterday put me in the giving mood).  I put their gifts all together today, and as soon as I dropped them off at Fed Ex, I realized I did not put any type of card or identifier in it.  I was so focused on getting them sent out!!!  See what I mean??  Focus Tamie Focus!!!!

I really did enjoy the shopping for the Christmas kids yesterday.  It apparently put me in the Christmas Spirit.  When I got home and back to work, I put on Christmas music,  🎼  I also finished putting out ALL of my many Christmas decorations.IMG_0150.jpgNot exactly a Christmas tree, but it will do!IMG_0151.jpgAnd of course I have to hang the stockings and put the crib scene out.  (Side note, this little crib thing has been around for before I can remember, I think it might be an antique)

And while I was shopping for the Christmas kids, I ACCIDENTALLY walked by the nail polish and this jumped in my cartIMG_0152.jpg Can you really have TOO much nail polish?  And the purple reindeer is part of my decorations.

Back to the shopping for the Christmas Kids.  I told hubs everything I bought, and how much I spent, and he said you should have gone back and bought for one more child.  I was actually going to go out today to another location and do the same thing, but then I read that on Sunday, at Caffeine and Octane, that is right by us, the Toys for Tots is collecting things.  This is another one of our Christmas Charities, so I figured we could just go over there, which we normally do anyway, and donate a couple of toys there.  Double bonus.  We get to see the cars and make a donation!  (I am so into the Christmas spirit right now!

I am also in the mood for a GREAT BIG Christmas Cookie, but I know that cannot happen, not now anyway, so I thought that I would make a pan of HEALTHY Banana Bread.  I do have a couple of good recipes, and I have a couple of bananas that would work perfectly today.  When I do make this later today or over the weekend, I will take pictures and share on Monday.  Don’t you ever just get the urge for something and you want it now!!

Anyone have good plans for the weekend?  We are meeting friends for lunch on Sunday for Dim Sum.  I seriously cannot remember the last time I ate Dim Sum and I am looking forward to it.  And, the friends we are meeting, I have not seen one couple for almost a year now and the other for several years, so this will be really nice.  Let me know what your plans are!

Do any of you have the Insta Pot or an Air Fryer?  I am thinking about getting one of these, just not sure which one yet, and I am looking for input on this.  If you have either or both, let me know what you think.

Well bug a boos!!  Time to go, time to get more done, (Plus, I need to go an take care of G’s paw again,  he likes to pretend it still hurts and than I massage his foot)  Talk about a spoiled creature!!!  But he is worth it!  Anyway, got to go.  Get things done, get ready for the weekend.

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And until tomorrow, REMEMBER

Stay hydrated, lots of times, when it is not as hot out, we do not drink enough, so take a drink

Be active, don’t get old by staying in active, get up and move!

Be happy, keep that smile on your face!!!

And come back Monday for more


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