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Starting My 2019 Goals Today!

Starting My 2019 Goals Today!

Hey All, just another day in paradise.  I want to start out by saying, just another crazy busy day, but that is every day any more, so I have had a discussion with myself today.  In order to make all of this work, when I say “ALL” of this, I mean this blog, my “hobby” ATW, Beauty Counter, ( by some Beauty Counter and help support this blog), and be able to start a podcast, I have to learn to prioritize my time MUCH better, make schedules and time lines and stick to them, and just be overall, more productive.  So, today is the day I start doing this!  No more bullshit excuses,  (but really by some product from the companies I am working with to help support this blog)

Ok, my Macros for yesterday were as per below;Image-1

As you can see, I ate a lot of carbs yesterday, and not too much protein, but the day was busy and I did not make the time to eat properly.  Shame on me.

My total caloric intake was 1255 calories and I burned 1805 calories.  For not getting a workout in the morning, I had a very active and moving day!

My workout today was:

The gym was CROWDED this morning so I could not do Barbell Squats so instead, I did:

Leg Press 2 sets of 10 at 130 lbs

Flat Bench Press 2 sets of 10 at 20 lbs

Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes 2 sets of 10 at 12 lbs

Bent Over Dumb Bell Row 2 sets of 10 at 20 lbs

1 Arm Row 2 sets of 10 at 25 lbs

Upright Dumb Bell Row 2 sets of 10 at 12 lbs

Alternating Dumb Bell Curl 2 sets of 10 at 15 lbs

Flat Bench Skull Crushers 2 sets of 10 at 15 lbs

Planks  3 times at 1 minute each

I also did sprints and steps today.  It ended up to be a very good workout.

Thanks to those of you that commented and are joining me in my one year commitment (I am committing to using only Beauty Counter products) but you can use what ever skin care you like, I would prefer you use Beauty Counter.  And thanks to those that sent in pictures.  And for the one person that asked if I used Photo Shop to ADD the wrinkles, Hell No, I earned those wrinkles, along with the couple of gray hairs, but I intend to wave my magic wand and make those same wrinkles disappear!  You will see in one year from now.

I made the simplest but BEST dinner last night.  I roasted some pecans, broiled shrimp, had chopped cabbage, greens, onions, boiled eggs, peppers, olives and avocado, and we each made up our own salads.  So simple but so good,  the hubs could not say enough good things about this, and how simple, and healthy!

I still have not made the Congee, but I plan on this over the weekend.

Ok, I have gotten my FIRST Christmas gift.IMG_0173


This is a very nice scarf that I received from one of my friends and colleagues from overseas!  How wonderful is that!  This will come in very handy on our trip over the holidays to Barcelona!

I know that I COMMITTED yesterday to post about all of the companies that I am working with, and the discount codes for you readers.  I have had a change of plan, in my attempt to use more time management, and be more productive.  I am working on this now, but I am going to do one tab on my website homepage that will nothing in it but all of this information.  I may even make this as a side bar, so that when you want to review or look at a company, such as Beauty Counter, that I do work with, all you will have to do is go to that tab, or check the side bar.  I think that is a much more efficient and easier for you readers.  Don’t you guys think so?

Ok, I am kind of being bad today and making this post shorter, but I am actually working on my blog, you just can’t see it yet, so I might have this done by tomorrow.  (the tab or side bar)  This is one of my 2019 New Years Resolutions, I am just getting a start this today! Better utilization of my time.  I am starting early!!!

So, for now and today, got to go, need to get things done, need to be more productive, more proactive, and successful.

I am going to say, if anyone has questions about Beauty Counter, where to start, what to order, just send me an e-mail

And I will answer your questions.

So, until tomorrow,

Stay Hydrated, right now, I am drinking coffee, lemon water and ice water, how much more can you hydrate??

Be Active, the hubs, G and I just got in from our mid afternoon walk, how GREAT!!!

Be Happy, life is too short to be Oscar the Grouch!iJTi9Tw-_400x400

and come back tomorrow where I will share what I got in my latest FabFitFun Box.

And remember to leave me a comment below:

And until tomorrow


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