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My Latest FabFitFun Box!

My Latest FabFitFun Box!

Helllooo are you there?  Thanks for checking back, all six of you!!!  Just kidding, but I do want to say Thank You to all of you readers who keep coming back everyday!  It does make writing this every day worth it, plus, I just like doing it!

Man I don’t what my problem is today, but I can’t seem to get enough to eat!!!  Maybe it is the cold, maybe it is because I ate a small early breakfast??? I don’t know,maybe a need a big drink of water, let’s ALL take a big drink now!

Ok, first, (I am staying on track and on my timeline) my Macros from yesterday were as per below:


The actual mix (30% carbs, 46% fat and 24% protein is not so good, and I just about made 100 grams of protein, but today I am eating a lot more protein, (trying to fill up)  I see I ate a lot of fat yesterday, I think that is because I had a lot of avocado and Ghee.  (I had forgotten how much I like Ghee and the Fourth and Heart Ghee is GREAT!)  Do any of you use the ghee?

My total caloric intake yesterday was 1450 and my total caloric burn for the day was 1913 calories.  I had a total of 18048 steps, (my goal is to get 20,000 steps in one day soon!)

My workout today was:

Barbell Squat   2 sets at 6 each at 40 lbs

Incline Dumb Bell Press 2 sets at 6 each at 15 lbs

Lat Pull Down 2 sets at 6 each at 85 lbs

Dumbbell Bi Curl 2 sets at 6 each at 15 lbs

Shoulder Shrugs 2 sets at 6 each at 40 lbs

Standing Calf Raises 2 sets at 6 each at 40 lbs

Flat Dumbbell Press 2 sets at 6 each at 20 lbs

Close Grip Pull up 2 sets at 6 each at 20 lbs

Assisted Pull Up 2 sets at 6 each at 40 lbs

I also did sprints, steps and abs again today.  All Good!  I think I do this same work out again on Monday, but either way, I will post my workout!

I am not looking forward to this weekend since the weather is supposed to be nasty, rainy, maybe a winter mix, cold and damp, kind of like today.  I really think that is why I am so hungry today!  But with the nasty weather over the weekend, that probably means no out side walks😞  Bummer!

So yesterday I got my new FabFitFun box.  So many awesome things in this.  I have only tried a couple of the items so far, but there is a lot to try.  This was the box right, just opened, see all the great and fun things?

And the box itself is so nice!

This was just some of the products in it:IMG_0172

The below is a list of ALL the items that were in this box:

Color Block Throw(we can always use another throw)IMG_0170.jpg

HeadBand and Pop-Top Glove DuoIMG_0171

Dry ShampooIMG_0169

Eye Shadow Palette

Bouche Lip Stick  ( I am not particularly found of this color, too dull for me)

Hydration Mask  ( I tried that this morning and kind of liked this)

Eye Brightener

Hydrogel Eye Mask ( I think I am going to try these tonight)

You really get a lot of items in these boxes for a minimal cost.  If you want to check out one of these boxes, send me a message and I will give you a referral code.

As I stated yesterday, I am working on the side bar with links to ALL of the companies that I work with and the discount codes they offer you readers.  If the weather is as crappy as they say it is going to be, I may get a lot of this done this weekend.  (OK< that would be one good thing about this weekend, right)  I aways try to look at the positive!

You know, sometimes, you just need a tiny thing to remind you of something you used to do all of the time.  I was visiting with one of my friends yesterday and she was telling me that  whenever they go to a restaurant to eat, she always orders hot lemon water.  She asked if I ever do that, and I used to drink warm lemon water quite a bit, but just got out of the habit.  I started doing that again, just because, why not?  I am doing so many things to try to improve the “overall” me!  Do any of you drink lemon water?  Actually, for me, I just like the taste.

How many of you are invited to Ugly Sweater Parties this year?  I have been invited to one, this is the second year I have been invited to this.  Last year, apparently, I did not read the invitation good because I did not realize until we got there this was an Ugly Sweater Party!!  So, I went out and got an ugly T-shirt, not real big into sweaters and thought I can layer this.  Now, they are predicting the “wintery”mix.  (If you are not familiar with Atlanta and the traffic, when they even talk about a CHANCE of snow, people are NUTS in driving, and everybody runs to the grocery store to get bread and milk.  No, I am not shitting you, seriously!!!!)  So, we may end up staying home and binging on Game of Thrones.

Speaking of Game of Thrones, we started watching this at the very beginning.  I now realize that we must have started in the middle of the series, since neither one of us remember anything from the first 2 seasons, which we have already watched.  But what it is doing, some of the things we did see in later seasons, is starting to make sense.  My favorite is the Mother of Dragons, and now I know where that term comes from.  Is anyone else binging out on this?

Ok, can’t write a whole lot more, because if you remember, I told you yesterday, that I was making a timeline and sticking to it!  And I am doing that!  (My start to my 2019 resolutions!)  Maybe if I start now! ? 2019 is going to be  GREAT year for me and for this blog, and maybe I will even get that podcast started.

Speaking of that podcast, when I do start this podcast, how many of you would listen to the podcast?  Send me an e-mail below

and tell me if you would listen, and if yes, what topics would you want to hear about!  I would start with a weekly 30 minute podcast, to learn more about it.

Well macaroons, got to go, time to get back on my schedule, keep going and get things done.  But I am going to ask you all, please take a look at the sites below and feel free to buy something if you want, (help support this blog and my future podcast)

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Again, any orders you place do help some to support this blog and my future podcast.  Thank you ALL!

Now, I hope that everyone has a GREAT weekend, stay warm and dry, and remember to send me an e-mail

or leave me a comment below:

And until Monday, remember to:

HYDRATE  very important even in cold weather!

BE ACTIVE  that way you will stay warmer and not get so stiff

Keep that SMILE on your face, BE HAPPY

and everyone come back Monday to check out my new very informative side bar, and please, leave a comment so I know how I am doing.  Hugs to all and


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