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Need more hours in my day!

Whew, what a day!   Busy busy,  well, ok, not so busy as just a lot to do.

I had my annual physical today, and I can just plan on at least 3-3.5 hours for that.  It is a very thorough physical, but at least when you are done, you do know if there is anything to be concerned about.  For me, all good, I am actually just a little better than last year.  That is what you like to hear.  I do have to have some follow up blood work, and my mammogram that I am over due for, but that is about it!  And if it wasn’t for the RA and the CVID, I would be in exceptional health!

I did NOT get a work out in today, and I don’t see time to get one in, but we did get our walk in this AM, so at least I got that in, so I cannot post my work out for today, I do hope to get one in tomorrow.

Ok, my Macros for yesterday were:


This is the best it has been for awhile!  I like to see all three in the 30% area, so this is good.  Today’s will not be as good, since I did not get time to eat breakfast, and had a quick light lunch!

My total caloric intake for yesterday was 1397 calories and my total caloric burn was 1881 calories.  My total steps for yesterday was 17,825, a little better and more where I want to be.  I know my calories and my steps are going to be way down today.

OK, since I did not work out today, I cannot post about that, but in conversing with my Dr., he did say that whatever I was doing exercise wise, keep it up and to make sure I do a lot of stretching every day.  I can do that.

I told you all about the mess I had on Monday with my infusion and the pump breaking.  I finally got the new pump today, and luckily, it has worked well.  However, for some reason, this liquid sees thicker than what I have had in the past.  When the pharmacy nurse calls to follow up on this, I will need to mention that to her.  It could be as simple as they changed manufacturers.

We all know that I am spoiled rotten because I do not have to drive to an office everyday.  Meaning, I do not have to get out in the Atlanta traffic everyday.  Well, I got a good taste of that today in driving to the Dr.  My Dr. in about 35 miles from where we live, and in Atlanta, that is an eternity.  I was lucky going there this morning, but on my way home, I ran into construction traffic.  CRAZY, but, when you have a small car and know your way around, you can scoot in and out pretty darn quickly.

Because I had to get an early start this morning, I did not get my morning CUPS of coffee. I also did not drink my water like usual.  By mid morning, I had quite the headache.  About halfway through my physical the very kind nurse asked if I would like a coffee or water and I said absolutely, I would LOVE a HOT coffee.  Shortly after that, my headache was gone!!!!  I needed my ☕️

Yesterday, I told you about the cleaners that were supposed to be at my home to clean at 9, but they were running late.  You know what time they finally showed up?  11:45.  WOW, and by that time, I was just fed up and really did not want them to be there.  Amazingly, they finished in less than an hour!!!!!  How did that happen you ask, so did I!  My debate with myself now, is do I want them to come back, or do I try someone else, what do you guys think?  Give her one more chance or find someone else.  Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

Well chickie doodles, I ate to cut this so short, but it is getting late in the day, I still need to get some things done, I need to get Mr G out for his afternoon walk, I need to go!!!  So, I will ask that until tomorrow, Remember to:


Be Active

Keep that Smile on your face

and let me know if you would have the house cleaners come back or not, leave me a comment below:

Until tomorrow  xoxo

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