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I finally feel like I am on schedule and back, kind of in my routine today.  (I hate being out of my routine and off schedule)  The only thing I had to do today was the hubs had an eye appointment that I needed to drive him to and from, and it went a LOT quicker than I thought.  I took everything to work on that I thought I would need, and I did get a lot done, but it was quick!  YAY!  Now I can dig in and really get shit done!

We did get our shorter walk in this morning, and I did a really quick 25 minute workout, I had to cut it a little short, (I hope to get a really good hard, heavy workout in tomorrow) and I feel so much better today.  Not so tight and stiff.

OK, first things first.  My Macros for yesterday were:


Much better again.  I like to see a more evenly balanced division among these, and I did get over 100 Grams of protein in.  (On a side note, I was reading an article yesterday that most people, unless they are athletes or have a nutritionist, do not eat near enough protein.)  I know that this is a highly debated topic, but protein affects so many functions of our body, and it also has a huge impact on things like hair, skin, energy levels, hunger and more. Higher protein intake, for example,  ≥ 1.2 g/kg body weight/d, is advised for those who are exercising and otherwise active. Most adults who have acute or chronic diseases , such as auto immune  or cardiovascular disease, need even more dietary protein (i.e., ‪1.2-1.5‬ g/kg body weight/d). If you have a severe kidney disease  but who are not on dialysis, you are an exception to the rule; you may need to limit protein intake.  Some doctors  and nutritionists now are re-evaluating what ‘high protein’ means. They recommend patients consume anywhere ‪between 1.6-2.4‬ g/kg/d. This is the amount I strive to get every day.  Otherwise, EAT MORE PROTEIN!!!  And I am a meat eater!!!

My total caloric intake yesterday was 1117 calories, and my total caloric burn was 1737 calories.  I know that I did not eat enough yesterday, but yesterday was a very busy day.  I will make more time to eat better , more protein, today.  My total steps yesterday were 13,811, really low, today I am really going to try to get in more steps!

My really quick work out this morning was:

Barbell Squat  2 sets of 7 reps @ 35 lbs

Incline Dumb Bell Press 2 sets of 7 reps @ 15 lbs

Lat Pull Down 2 sets of 7 reps @ 70 lbs

Dumb Bell Curl 2 sets of 7 reps @ 15 lbs

Shoulder Shrugs 2 sets of 7 reps @ 35 lbs

Standing Calf Raises 2 sets of 7 reps @ 35 lbs

Flat Dumb Bell Press 2 sets of 7 reps @ 15 lbs

Close Grip Pull Up 2 sets of 7 reps @ 12 lbs

Assisted Pull up 2 sets of 10 reps @ 35 lbs

I also did abs and a few springs.  Again, tomorrow I am hoping to get a good heavy work out in.

I don’t know if you guys like reading all of the above, but it makes me a little more accountable, and other than the days where I am out at appointments, I really try to be more active and get better workouts in, and eat better.  Feel free to share your workouts, what you eat, steps, whatever you feel like sharing with me.  You can send this to

I do not like this time of year because of the cold weather.  OK, I know it is not cold compared to where some of you readers live, but for me, it is cold.  But what I do like, is all of the Christmas Lights.  Even when we walk in the mornings, you can see all of the lights and decorations that people put up.  This makes it all worthwhile.  I love Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, the smell of the Christmas trees.  I also love Christmas Sugar Cookies, and the smell when they are in the oven, but right now, that is a no no for me!  (Must have STRONG will power)

I forgot to share this with you yesterday.  When I finally got home from my Dr. Appointment, I was expecting to have to vacuum because the night before, Mr. G decided to get out one of his bones and chew on it.  It left a BIG mess on our entry way rug, so I was going to clean that up.  SURPRISE, I got home and the hubs had vacuumed the entire condo, and picked things up!!!!😄 That was the best surprise!  It saved me a lot of time and I was so happy!!!!  What a guy!  Mr. G does not play with his toys or bones much, but when he does, he gets really carried away and likes to chew them up!

I haven’t talked about podcasts lately because I really have not been listening to any.  I did listen a little while I was working out today, and they were discussing which was better to do, lots of hard cardio, (they were actually talking about iron man type events), vs weight lifting.   It was a good debate, and after I listened to all of it, my opinion on this is whatever works for you.  I like BOTH cardio and weight training, but I do not run marathons, nor do I do Iron Man events.  I honestly feel, a good balance of both is the best.  You do need the cardio to keep you cardiovascular health good, but the weight training is important for many other things, for example, bone health, muscle development, your brain health is even affected by this.  So, bottom line, find the balance that works for you.  What is your opinion on this, leave me a comment and let me know.

Ok, I do have to talk about Beauty Counter for a minute.  I have gotten pretty much into a routine of my daily skin ritual, and it does seem time consuming, but I like the way it makes my skin feel.  I know there is no improvement yet, but I have to be patient and give it time.  One of the products that I really like is the product-images-1082-imgs-bc_countermatcheyerescuecream_selling01-web_1.jpg

Counter Match Eye Rescue Cream.  This gives the skin around my eyes a very soft feel, not greasy, and I try to apply this 2-3 times a day.  It is formulated for the delicate eye area, this nourishing cream awakens eyes. Squalane hydrates skin, while betaine and phytic acid boost oxygenation to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and shadows for brighter-looking eyes. Breakthrough Bio-Mimic Technology harnesses the unique life-giving properties of plants to match the composition of skin, giving it precisely what it needs and nothing it doesn’t.

You can check this and all of the other GREAT Beauty Counter products out at my website

Take a look and see what you can find!

Well, again, it is that time, I need to go, need to get things done, need to do more research, and I need to EAT MORE PROTEIN.

So, until tomorrow, leave me a comment below:


Remember to Hydrate, Drink More Water, it is good for our skin!

Be Active, it is good for our bodies!

Be Happy, it is good for our minds!

And check back tomorrow for more!


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