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This is how I feel today!

This is how I feel today!

Whew, it has been a whirlwind of a morning.  With the hubs being home pretty much ALL the time for the last 4 days, I did not get a lot of things done, like keeping our home picked up, work, plus, I did not do ANY ATW work on Sunday, which I normally do at least some, so I was pretty much behind this morning.  Plus, I got several sets of samples from customers in on Saturday, so I had to get those ready and taken to Fed Ex as well as I needed to go to the bank.  But, I have everything done, work has a good start to it, and I am able to get some blogging done!!  YAY! AND, the sun is shining today, that makes everything so much better!

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And, I have a REALLY good lunch of left over ribs and roasted butter nut squash.

Macros, my macros for Friday were:


This is the way I like to see the mix.  This is what I try to achieve every day.  My total calories for Friday were 1300 and total caloric burn 1857.  My steps on Friday were 16,433.  We got some GREAT walks in over the weekend.  We did two walks each day, plus we went to the mall and walked around, we went to an exhibit and walked around, and just did a lot of walking!  Yesterday, I had 18,000 steps!!

My workout this morning was:

Barbell Squats  2 sets of 6 each at 40 lbs

Flat Dumb Bell Flys 2 sets of 6 each at 15 lbs

Flat Dumb Bell Press 2 sets of 6 each at 20 lbs

Bent Over Dumb Bell Row 2 sets of 6 each at 25 lbs

1 Arm Row 2 sets of 6 each at 25 lbs

Upright Dumb Bell Row 2 sets of 6 each at 15 lbs

Alternating Dumb Bell Curl 2 sets of 6 each at 15 lbs

Dumb Bell Skull Crusher 2 sets of 6 each at 20 lbs

Planks  3 times at 1 minute each

Lots of Sprints up and down the hall!

All in all, for a Monday, this was a great workout!

On Saturday, I just wasn’t feeling up to par.  I didn’t feel bad, but I could not get my temperature regulated, I COULD NOT get enough to eat, and I just felt sluggish.  I almost felt like I was coming down with something, and it finally occurred to me, I don’t think I was drinking enough water.  With the weather being so damp and dreary and cold, I really have to force myself to drink enough water, and apparently, I was not doing that.  Sunday, I REALLY got caught on my water intake and felt MUCH better.  So, just to stay hydrated, lets ALL take a BIG drink right now!!!!  Did you take that drink?  I took 2!

Speaking of food, also on Saturday, because we had quite a few leftovers, hubs didn’t want to make anything, he suggested that we just eat leftovers, which was fine, but sometimes you can only eat the same left overs for so many days!  Right!  I have realized, if I do not say, do you want option A or option B for dinner, he will just eat yogurt and fruit.  Now, there is nothing wrong with yogurt and fruit, but you need to eat a VARIETY of foods, more protein and greens.  So yesterday morning right away, I said to you want pork chops or ribs, and he wanted ribs, so I made ribs and roasted butternut squash for dinner last night.  Both were fantastic!  The butternut squash was GREAT!  I have not made that for a long time.  Sorry, no more leftovers after my lunch!  All Gone.

I have been listening to more podcasts lately, I really like listening to these.  One of the fitness ones I was listening to was talking about fidgeting.  People that fidget stay more alert, have less stiffness and burn more calories.  I have been paying close attention to this.  I have noticed, when I am really working on something, like this blog or researching, or pricing, I tend to get in a position and just sit there, I do not move. So I have been trying to “fidget” more.  I will move my legs around, tap my toes, anything to move even just a little.

This same podcast was talking about cardio vs weight lifting.  I have made that debate on this blog before, so I am not going to get to deep into that, but they did say, cardio is also important.  It does so many things for the mind, body, mental attitude, so many things. They did say you don’t really have to push it. They also debated which is better, one long 1 to 1 1/2 walk, or two 30 to 45 minute walks.  Surprisingly, the 2 -45 minute walks is more beneficial!  So if I get 3 shorter walks in a day, (this is walking G) is that even better yet?

One last thing I want to ask.  During my physical, it was mentioned that maybe I should start to take Omega 3 Oil.  This is supposed to good for so many things.  The skin, mind, heart health and even more.  But, again, the fitness podcast I listen to suggested Cod Liver Oil is good also, in place of the Omega 3 oil.  My question for you is, do you take either of these, and if so which do you take?

I have done some research myself on this, and if you do take a fish oil or Omega, 3 Oil, it is very important to get the right kind.  Some are much better, and also more expensive, than others.  Again, if you take either, what Brand to you take?  You can send me an e-mail to

Well everyone, it is time for me to move on and get more things done!  Need to get more stuff done, I don’t want to be so rushed tomorrow and be like a tornado around here, so got to go and get shit done.

So, please don’t forget to leave me your comments below:

And MOST important,Hydrate,

Lets all take another BIG drink now

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Be Happy, Keep that BIG Glittery Smile on your face

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And be active, get your hiny up and more, fidget, do jumping jacks, what ever it is that you like to do.

And EVERYONE, don’t forget to send me an e-mail on anything you want, and come back tomorrow for more.

Until then xoxo

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