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I have been VERY MIA!

I have been VERY MIA!

Well HELLOO There, are you there?  Do you remember who I am?  Man, I have been very neglect in posting.  It seems that since we got back from our holiday, I have been more than swamped, for whatever reason, I just can’t seem to get things caught up.  I thought that if I did not do my blog for a few days, I could get caught up, but no such luck!  So, I am just going back to posting and get on with it.

I went back and reread my last post, about posting different things each day.  I am going to stick to that, but it may start more next week, just so I can get you all caught up!  Ok??  OK!!

So, did everyone have a good holiday?  Mine was fantastic.  I am sure that I mentioned, more than once, that we were going to Barcelona.  It was great.  The trip over was good, the trip itself was great! The itinerary was wonderful, so much good food, beautiful things to see, the people were unbelievable.  To summarize, it could not have been better.  I did take quite a few pictures, but today, I will only share a few. IMG_0198This was taken at Sagrada Familia.  This is a beautiful old church that has a lot of history to it.  This was the first of many tours we did.  The stained glass windows were magnificent.  We also went to the National Art Museum, took a Wine and Tapas walking tour through El Gotic, visited Montserrat, which is up on the mountainside and is a monastery, and also visited La Boqueria and the castle.  I have a lot of pictures and through out the week, I will share more.  I will also share more on the fabulous food we ate, and the walking we did, which was wonderful.  The holiday was a HUGE success.

We also get “gag” gifts for our kids and their spouses.  This is always a lot of fun for the hubs and me.  They, in turn, always give us something.  First, we are usually together for my birthday, so our wonderful dauds always gives me a birthday gift then.  This year, she gave me this really fun assortment box of little oils and lotions and shampoos and other things from Kiehls.  I love this, every little bottle is a new experience, and I have not tried anything yet, that I do not love.  OS and DIL gave us all a merino wool shirt.  These are so soft, comfortable and warm, and work great for these “cold” mornings that we go  out and walk.  I know, I live in Atlanta, but to me, 28 degrees is COLD, ok?  Get over it!

Ok, enough of the holiday for now.  Back to catch up on some other things.  The hubs and I have been walking at least one walk every day.  He is doing much better and is gaining speed, and endurance.  He is even talking about, in the spring, doing a little jogging.  I can’t wait for that!

We have been experimenting with different vegetables, and cooking just a little different.  For dinner tonight I am making rack of lamb and white sweet potato.  I will try to remember to take pictures and share how I made these.

I know before the holiday, I made a commitment to use the SAME beauty face product for one year.  That was going to be Beauty Counter.  Well, I am not so sure of that any longer, and I hate to go back on what I said, and made a commitment to, but since we have returned and I have gone back to the Beauty Counter, (I did not take the Beauty Counter product with me) my face has been dry, itchy, scaly, just over all, very dry.  I have actually stopped using this for the last two days.  Also, I have got their shampoo and I am not real impressed with this.  I am not saying it is not a good product, it just does not work well for me.

And the last issue, I got an e-mail from Beauty Counter, stating that since I did not meet the minimum requirement for sales, I was no longer a consultant.  That was part of my whole plan.  I would use the product, promote it, try to sell it and maybe even make a little money from it.  Well, that obviously isn’t going to happen.  Now, there are a few of their products that I REALLY do like, and I will use up the product I have, but once I use it up, I will go on to try something else.  I do want to stick with a cleaner product, so maybe I will check out Tula, and another line.  Do you have any suggestions?  If so, please send me your suggestions.

Speaking of cleaner.  For about the last month, I have kind of kicked the Gluten Free idea.  I had eaten some food that had gluten in it.  I had a pretzel and some bread.  Neither seemed to bother me.  While we were on holiday, I did eat bread, some deserts that had gluten in them, and a few other things.  All was good.  Well, once we got home, something  just wasn’t right.  First, I chalked it up to just too much rich foods, too much food in general, being off schedule, I had all kinds of excuses.  (I even thought maybe I was going thru a flare)  Well, after I got my eating back to “normal” and no gluten, I am finally starting to feel much better.  I guess I really should avoid gluten, at least 99% of the time.

We gang, I have a lot more to share with you, but I don’t want to bore you too much at one time.   Plus, I feel that if I do a little blogging everyday, and do get my work caught up, I can get my blog to where I want it to be, a much better site, and much more interesting blog!  I want my readership to reach 10,000 readers soon, so please share this site with your friends.

We kidz, got to go, go to get back to work and got to get things done.  Tomorrow, I will take a little about my workouts, and what my new thought process is on lifting.  (I might need to run this by OS to get more input on this)

So, remember to

Keep Hydrated,  (Oh that was the other thing I realized I was not doing.  I was not drinking near enough water and I was very LOW on sodium, so I have been forcing myself to drink a lot more water, and I have been adding sea salt to my water, makes a HUGE difference.)  So, let’s all take a BIG drink now!

Keep Active, I just did 10 air squats, how about you?

Be Happy, I have a big smile on my face, so turn that frown upside down.

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