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One more Picture

One more Picture

Hello Again and thanks for coming back.  I truly must be feeling better, FINALLY, I actually feel like doing things, and I am enjoying posting again, YAY for me.  Maybe I can actually get some things accomplished.  and bonus, I got a good work out in the morning.  In my attempt to actually gain MUSCLE, I have been trying to lift heavier.  A little at least.

I mentioned yesterday I had a new thought process I was thinking of trying, and I might run it past OS, to get more input.  Well, I haven’t talked with him yet, but my thinking was, maybe I am not eating enough or taking in enough calories.  Can that be?  I have been doing some research, and (as long as it is good calories, and not empty calories) sometimes you do not eat enough to gain muscle.  Currently, I eat between 1300 and 1450 calories a day.  My thought is that maybe I should get  up to about 1500 every day, and keep a good even mix of carbs, fat and protein.  I have been pretty good about getting at least 100 grams or protein every day, maybe I need to up that a bit.  Does anyone have experience or has anyone tried this, and if yes, what is the outcome?

But then, I have also been doing research on arthritis, and how to decrease inflammation and pain, and get better rest, and it recommends more of a Keto diet, meaning more fat and less carbs? So now, I am perplexed.  I have read even ANOTHER article on arthritis and for a woman of my age, hormone therapy and a Keto diet have been shown to help with RA.  I do have an appointment with my GYN tomorrow, so I am going to ask all of these questions.  I have been on hormones before, and just quit taking them for several reasons.  First, I feel that I take enough drugs and I did not like the way they made me feel.  Now, that has been about 1 1/2 years ago, so maybe they have improved.  Second, I am more of a let’s try to take care of this naturally, instead of depending on more pills.  I would not take the RA or the CVID drugs if it was not absolutely necessary.  So, I will visit with both OS and the GYN tomorrow and come to some sort of a conclusion, or maybe do a trial and see what works????  Any comments on that, please send to

As for my work out routine, what I have been doing is HEAVIER weight, or at least for me, and less reps.  I concentrate on each movement, and visualize.  (This is what Arnold used to say all of the time, VISUALIZE your muscles working)  Thursday or Friday, I will post my current workout, and the weight of each.  Please feel free to share your routine with us.

Speaking of routines, or rituals.  Do you have a daily or night time ritual?  I did not realize this until yesterday, as I was doing my “evening” face ritual.  (I am such a creature of habit)  I don’t always use the same products, it all depends on how tired I am or how much lotions I have put on my face that day.  But I start out by either washing my face really good with Charcoal soap, or using a Beauty Counter Cleansing Wipe.  After that, I apply my Beauty Counter Serum, let that dry, than a really good moisturizer, usually coconut oil or Vitamin E oil.  I may reapply right before bed, to make sure I am good and moisturized.  I also apply a really good moisturizer all over my body, to try to keep my skin looking good.  (This is another question I have for the GYN tomorrow, can they recommend a really good all over body lotion as well as a face routine.)  After all of this, I do about 10 minutes of GOOD yoga type stretching.

As I unwind for the evening, I USED to have my cup of Organifi Gold Juice with unsweetened milk.  I really got out of that habit when we were on holiday,  I MUST get back into that.  (I have also just ordered some Four Sigmatic Hot Cocoa, that is supposed to be VERY good for relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day.)  I think that I have mentioned Four Sigmatic before, all of the products have mushrooms in them, and of course, they are healing mushrooms.  The Cocoa is Hot Cacao with Reishi Mushrooms.  It contains Organic Reishi, Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cardamom, Organic Stevia Our linden log-grown red reishi mushroom (ganoderma lucidum) extract is made by extracting the fruiting bodies. Organic, non-GMO, and free from fillers and carriers.  It is supposed to help you relax and sleep great.  After I get this and try it, I will let you all know how it is.  The mushrooms are supposed to have a very healing quality.

I am trying to get back more into the tea drinking routine, also.  There is something about having a nice cup of tea.  I really like tea, it just seems like it is more work to make a cup of tea than a cup of coffee, does that make sense?  There for some time, I would get a cup of Green Matcha Tea every afternoon.  I really liked the taste of it.  I may have to start that in the mornings again, or at least once in while.

I have just now remembered that I forgot to take pictures of the Rack of Lamb that I made last night for dinner.  I would take some now, but we seemed to have eaten it all last night.  Needless to say, it was very good.  I really do like lamb once in while.  I have taken Mahi Mahi out for dinner tonight, I will TRY to remember to take pictures tonight.  I am also going to make Cauliflower in the Air Fryer.  This is one vegetable I have not tried yet.  I will report tomorrow how this worked.

We gang, again, time to go!!!  I am still trying to get things caught up, this morning I had to take my car in for service, so that took a chunk out of my morning, so now, I MUST get back at it.  Things to get done yet, and plus, the hubs wants to get a second walk in this afternoon.

So until tomorrow

Keep Hydrated,  Let’s all take a BIG drink now

Keep Active, I just did 10 jumping jacks, how about you?

Be Happy, I have a big smile on my face, so turn that frown upside down.

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