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Howdy Hoo, here we are again.  This has just been the week for not getting EVERYTHING done.  Other than Monday, I have had appointments every day, and one more tomorrow. This morning I was out of the office about 2 and half hours, and that really put me behind, but I have an Oh Well attitude today!!!  And today was the day I was going to spend more time in the gym.  That might have to wait until next Monday, but, I will get the done.

I said yesterday that I would post my workout that I am doing this week, and the weight I am lifting.  Well, here it is:

I do 2-3 sets of each and 5-6  reps for each

Lat Pull Downs  Starting Weight  55  Weight today  60

Leg Press Starting Weight  110  Weight today  145

Bench Chest Press Starting Weight  20  Weight today  20  (I just can’t quite get those 25 lb dumb bells up yet)

Leg Extensions Starting Weight  100  Weight today  130

Farmers Walk Starting Weight  35  Weight today  40

Rope Tri   Starting Weight  50 Weight today  60

Planks  ( I just added this yesterday)  I do these for one minute each

Shoulder Shrugs Starting Weight  35  Weight today  40

Shoulder Rolls Starting Weight  35  Weight today  40

Leg Curl Starting Weight  55  Weight today  65

Different Ab work

I also do Jumping Jacks, Running in Place and Sprints each morning.  And, I do about 10-15 minutes of stretching in the evening, part of my night time ritual.  Next week I will do the same workout, maybe add just a little, but increase my weight on everything.  I did remember to take a picture this morningIMG_0302.jpg  I am marking my calendar and in 6 weeks, I will try to take a very similar picture and we can all compare, ok?  Please feel free to send me your pictures if you want, and then in 6 weeks, I will remind you to send another.

I told you yesterday how the Dr suggested, if I want to gain muscle, in addition to lifting heavier, to eat more protein.  Well, I had 143 grams of protein yesterday!!!!👏  I don’t know that I can do that every day, today for example, I only have 38 grams of protein so far.  But, I will try.  Which reminds me, my stomach felt AWFUL last night.  I could not figure out what it was, I just thought maybe I ate too much.  But then, when I went get my lunch ready today, I got out my Protein Greens, and they smelled NASTY.  I ate a BIG bunch of those yesterday and I think maybe they were bad.  Can greens go bad?  They were not past the expiration date, but WOW, the smell!  They went directly in the trash.  Maybe that is what caused my stomach to hurt????

I had thought maybe I ate too much because I made the Pineapple and Bacon sausage, and roasted Jerusalem Artichokes, (in the air fryer ) of course, and there were 3 artichokes left.  I thought that instead of just putting them in the fridge for leftovers, just eat them.  Maybe that was too much but they were too good, and yes, I remembered to take pictures of them as well.IMG_0290.jpgThis is what they look like before.IMG_0291.jpgThis was in the air fryer.  I left them in long enough to just crisp the outside.  They are too good!

Going back to the Dr. I told you her suggestions on better skin care, what I did not mention, because I forgot until I read the papers she sent home with me last night, is she highly recommended adding Vitamin E Oil.  OD knows, as we both do, I ALWAYS have Vitamin E oil, and apply it quite frequently.  I told the Dr that and she said, that is very good, but also, to add an oral supplement, that way, you are treating your skin inside and out.  So, I will also get some Vitamin E Oil supplements when I get the CeraVue Skin lotion.  (I just used the last of my current lotion, so I will need to get that as well.)  Do you use any type of Vitamin E Oil?  I have used this on my skin for a long time, and if you have scars, it is great to reduce the scarring.

I also talked about increasing me caloric intake yesterday.  Well, in addition to getting so much protein, I did also increase my overall calories yesterday.  I had a total of 1543 calories.  That seemed like a lot to me, but I am going to try to keep it right at 1500 for at least a week, and see how I feel.  (Maybe the increase in calories was the reason my stomach hurt, too much food?)

I have been contacted by Skinny Dipped, to work with them as an influencer and affiliate, so of course, I am doing that.  I do not have all of the details yet, I will have that later today, so tomorrow, I will post the links and information on that.  Have you tried the Skinny Dipped Almonds?  They are great and they are a wonderful quick healthy snack.  You can get the 100 calories pack that are perfect to keep in your purse, for people like me, that get HANGRY right now!  The Peanut Butter is my favorite.  Have you tried these, if yes, send me an e-mail and let me know what you think of them.

Like I said, tomorrow I will post a LOT about Skinny dipped.

Well, look at the time here, it is that time again, got to get back to ATW and other things. And I have to get some Vitamin E Oil so that my skin will look young and youthful!  🤒But remember to come back tomorrow and I will share the info on the Skinny dipped, and maybe by then, I will have heard back from Natures Path.  I will also share the Organifi details again.  And, please share this site with your friends, so that I can get more readers and eventually, this will be my full time gig!

So until tomorrow

Keep Hydrated,  I just took a BIG drink, I think that was part of my issue yesterday also, I KNOW that I did not drink enough.  So, drink up!

Keep Active, I just did a plank for one minute, did you?????💪🏼

Be Happy, I have a big smile on my face, you will feel better if you smile, and are not such a grump!🙋🏻

And remember to leave me a comment below:  I want to know what you want to read about!

And until tomorrow


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