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Yes, thesis Mushroom Coffee!

Yes, thesis Mushroom Coffee!

Hi there again!  It was one of those mornings, I had energy, just couldn’t get myself motivated!  And on top of that, cold weather just makes me sluggish.

But, the good news is, I did a 12.21 minute mile this morning on the treadmill.  Again, I know, most of you are saying “really”  that is like snail speed, but for me, I am happy.  I did a total of 1.65 miles in 21 minutes.  I am not sure I can improve on that tomorrow, I might need to just ease into it tomorrow, and pick it up again on Thursday.  Plus, I do have an appointment tomorrow, so can’t lolly gag around!

The other thing this morning, which is why I think I couldn’t get going, the hubs was home for awhile and did not turn any radio or anything on.  Very quiet in here.  Sometimes I like quiet, but today, I needed noise.  Once he left, I turned on some tunes and made another cup of coffee, much better!!!🎤☕️

I was listening to a podcast this morning, and they were talking about giving up sugar and alcohol, for about at least 30 days.  They were listing all of the negative effects of sugar and alcohol.  Now, I do not drink much at all any more.  If we do have wine, it is one small glass maybe every other week.  That is not an issue for me, but the sugar is/was.  I have really cut back on the sugar (okay, I did not cut back while we were on holiday, and I think I paid for that) but since we are back, I am back to really watching what I eat.  The podcast was listing all of the negative effects of eating too much sugar, and I could relate to everyone of these.  My joints swell, my muscles ache, if I eat too much at night, it does almost feel like a hangover the next morning.  I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this.  Let me know, send me an e-mail

On to other topics.  I talked yesterday about my stomach and how I have been feeling and possible food allergies.  I have been talking with my Dr. about this, (I am just waiting for him now to get back to me)  but we are talking about have a thorough food allergy testing done.  I have checked into this, and it seems my insurance does cover some of this, which is good to know.  But, I want to get my Dr. input on this, that is why I talked with them about this.  I really feel that all of this, the bloated stomach, the muscle aches and the inflammation that goes with the RA, is all related somehow, and if it is food allergies, and I can eliminate some of these issues, well let’s get on with it!

Speaking of food.  Since I have been eating better again, more protein, less sugar, and I am also trying to eat foods that contain the trace minerals that are supposed to help with things, I have been taking in more calories.  I don’t really think that is a good thing, but on the other hand, it kind of forces me to work harder at walking, jogging, and lifting, when I do that.  I also have been making a very conscious effort to get up and move at least every 45 minutes.  Let’s see how this all works!

Man, sometimes, it seems all I talk about is doctors.  I think that is what I am focused on what now, because I do this every year.  During the Chinese New Year Holiday is when I get all of my annual appointments, test and follow ups done.  This gives me about a 2 week time frame to get this done, and I do not miss to much office work.  Once I complete all of these, I will move on to other topics.  (I will probably always keep you up to date on my RA.  My ultimate goal would be to get off all of my meds for RA, except the Enbrel)

I have realized I am VERY bad at sticking to anything.  OK, I am very routine on my morning walk/jalk, what ever that ends up to be, going down to the gym Monday thru Friday, but after that, I realized I say I will do something for x time, and a week into that, I might change my mind.  I really NEED to quit that and do as say and say as I do!!!!  What am I talking about, for example, last week, when I was done at the doctor, and she said to lift heavy to gain muscle, I even took a picture and said I would do that for 6 weeks, and then take another picture, so that you could be the judge as to whether it was working or not.  Well one week into it and I have already decided to jalk this week instead of lift!😁  I can be such a scatter brain sometimes.  But, I really feel like I want to get better at running as well, so I can mix it up if I want, and I want to mix it up.  What have you tried that works for you?  Share with me, I like to hear lots of input!

OK, one more thing before I get back to work.  I mentioned a while ago about Four Sigmatic.  What is four Sigmatic: Nerd Alert! We named ourselves Four Sigmatic because when you compare how nutritious all foods are in the world, most foods are okay, a few horrible, and a few amazing. If you put these foods on a scale from average to good to bad, the further you get from your “average” food, the more rare it is, and more sigmas (σ) you have. Only 50 superfoods in the world qualify as “four sigmatic.” The best of the best. Those are the foods we use in our products for you! Easy?…uhhh no. But it’s a little too late to change the brand name.

Four stigmatic uses mushrooms in all of their products.  I had their Mushroom Coffee with Lions Mane. Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee with chaga and lion’s mane is your go-to morning beverage to support productivity, focus, and creativity. Perfect to kickstart your morning or power through your workday at the office or at home. Drink whenever your brain needs an energizing get-it-together hug.  I had run out, and did not reorder, why, because I have SO MANY things I try to drink everyday, it was getting ridiculous, and this is one of those things I said,  “I need to use up all of what I have before I can order more”  and that is kind of what I did.  I used up most of my coffee, so I got another box of this.  I had forgotten how much I like this.  And yes, it is like instant coffee, but that is what makes it so good.  You heat up 7 ounces of water, through in your packet and stir.  It has a very mild taste and if just refreshing!  If you have not tried this, you really should.  If you do want to try the, send me a message, and I can send you a discount offer.

Ok kiddoddles!  It is that time again, I MUST get back to ATW because I do not have enough readers yet and I am not yet generating enough money to call this my full time job.  That is why, tomorrow, I am going through EVERY company that I work with, give you the website, and discount codes.  So, tell your friends to check this out now and again tomorrow, and please help support this blog!!!

But for now,

Stay hydrated, even in this cold weather, you need to drink a lot.  My goal today is 100 oz.

Keep Active, especially in this cold weather, stay active, have you closed your activity ring today yet?

Be happy, keep that smile on your face, you will feel better.

And come back tomorrow for more.  But, first leave me a comment below and let me know how I am doing.

Until tomorrow


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