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Hi there!  This morning has just gotten away from me, AGAIN.  Well obviously, since it is almost 3 in the afternoon already.

Just another busy day in paradise, but it is a good day.

First, I said yesterday that I was going to blog today about ALL of the companies that I work with, their websites, and the discounts codes.  Well, that is not going to happen until tomorrow.  I have started this process and I wanted to make sure I have everything absolutely accurate, so that I give you the correct details. So, please be patient with me.  I will have this all tomorrow.

Ok, I do want to share with you, that again, it is almost 3 in the afternoon, but I have already closed my move ring on my Apple watch today.  WooHoo!  The hubs came home  at lunch and decided he wanted to get his 2nd walk in, before the rain hit.  So, of course I went with him. So far today, I have logged a little over 8 miles, and I still have to take G on his evening walk!!!!  YAY!!!

This morning it was actual not bad at all walking.   And it was very comfortable sitting at coffee.  When we got in, I did get on the treadmill and my time was not as good today, my first mile was 12.40.  But still, for me, pretty good.  I did a total of 1.64 miles in 21 minutes.  The last 5 minutes were at an incline of 8.  I don’t think that was too bad!!!!  Tomorrow I want to see if I can do a 12 minute mile.  My thighs and hips are a little tight today, I will have to do some rolling when I stretch later.

OK, on to other things.  I think, other then I do have my annual eye appointment next week, I am DONE at doctors for while.  I had my mammo this morning.  For you gals out there, if your insurance will cover the 3D imaging, have this done.  It is very quick and less painful than the common type of mammogram.  It only took 30 minutes, from start to finish, and that included going through the paper fill out process.  I was impressed.

And, last note, for now. about doctors.  I have been talking about how I have been working with my doctor about my stomach “issues”.  Well, I did have a longer conversation with them yesterday.  After going through the symptoms, he feels it more of an IBS issue.  He does not want to do any food allergy testing.  Instead, his recommendations were to cut back on as much dairy as possible, to go back to eating Gluten Free, again, as much as possible, eat less sugar (which I already do) and try to use a low fod map diet as a guide line when choosing foods.  He has also suggested that I take Metamucil everyday.   I already take a probiotic everyday, but he wants me to add the Metamucil as well.  He said to try this for one month, and see it if makes a difference.  So, I already kind of started this yesterday, but this really will not be a BIG change for me, since I have already gone back to Gluten Free eating since we returned from our holiday, I have been trying to cut back on sugar, dairy is going to be a little more difficult, but I can do that also, and I am already kind of familiar with the Low Fod Map diet.  But, as I buy and prepare foods, I will check that list.

I had bought a magazine last weekend, (yes, sometimes I still buy magazines,) and there are a couple of really good sounding recipes in their for foods that meet all of the above criteria.  I am going to try these over the next week.  As I try them, I will share pictures and recipes, and let you know how they taste.  (I will also keep you updated as to whether this new eating plan helps)  I am thinking of going back to reporting on this blog what I eat every day, my caloric intake, my macros, etc because this really seems to keep me more accountable, but I do not want to bore you readers.  I tell you what, send me an e-mail

and let me know if you are interested in that information or not.  We can have some sort of a post one day a week where we compare this information, is that something you would like to see and share?  Again, let me know.  And, if you have or are familiar with a Low Fod diet, please share your insight to that with me.

Well all you little kangaroos out there, it is time again, I MUST get back to ATW because I still need MORE readers and I am MUST generate enough money to call this my full time job.  So, tomorrow, I promise, I am going through EVERY company that I work with, give you the website, and discount codes.  All of the most current and accurate information.  So, tell your friends to check this out now and again tomorrow, and please help support this blog!!!

But for now,

Stay hydrated, everybody take a BIG drink now!  My goal today is 100 oz.

Keep Active, even in this cold weather, stay active, have you closed your activity ring today yet?  I have!!!

Be happy, keep that smile on your face, you will feel better.  Lots better, I promise!

And come back tomorrow for more.  But, first leave me a comment below and let me know how I am doing.

And, remember, until tomorrow


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