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BRRRR!  But warm weather is on the way!

BRRRR! But warm weather is on the way!

Welcome to my blog.  Come on in, sit down, grab yourself a coffee or whatever you drink of choice is, and ENJOY!

How is everyone doing today?  It is really chilly out today.  When G and I went for our really fast jalk this am, it was 21 degrees out.  Needless to say, we only went just at 2 miles.  I figured if it warms up, we can go out for another this afternoon!

On to things.  For my workout this morning, I did both lifting and the treadmill.  I wanted to get as much done as I could in a short amount of time.  This was my lift today, I did 2 sets of all, the first set I did 10 reps, the second set I did 8 reps:

Chest Press  20 lbs

Leg Press     115 lbs

Lat Pull Down   70 lbs

Leg Extension    115 lbs

Shoulder Roll   35 lbs

Shoulder Shrug    35 lbs

Rope Tri Pull Down   60 lbs

Farmers Walk   35 lbs

10 Body Squats

Then I got on the treadmill for 10 minutes and did .61 miles and 50 calories.

I wanted to do a little more but I had my eye doctor appointment this am so needed to get going.  But I felt pretty good after this.

As for my caloric intake and caloric burn yesterday, my macros and my nutrients, I decided there was a better way to show you this, much more accurate than my keying.  My Macros yesterday were:


Some how I had a lot of carbs yesterday, but I almost made the 100 grams of protein I aim to get every day.  My nutrients were:  (I could not get this all in one screen shot so there are two)

I like to keep track of this because I like to keep track of my Iron, Sodium, Fiber and Sugar intake.  (I will address this more shortly)  My total caloric intake yesterday was 1438 calories and my caloric burn was:Image-1

I did a little better on the caloric intake.  I did not get as many steps in as I had hoped I would, but not a bad day!

Ok, why do I keep track of my nutrients?  I take a lot of supplements, as per my doctors suggestions.  But now that I am having these digestive issues, I am very careful of what I have been putting in my body.  The hubs and I were discussing this last night, because I had been approached to join a “February” group but part of this was drinking a daily “shake”.  His opinion, which made a LOT of sense to me, was that because I do take so many supplements, and the doctor is somewhat monitoring what I am eating and doing right now, it might be best not to this.  But in discussing, I have decided to stop taking my B,D, E, Iron, and Fish Oil, for now.  I have blood work next week, and have told the doctor what I am doing, and if he can check for all of this when I get my blood done next week.  I want to see if I really need this or not.  And, by tracking my nutrients, I can see where I am falling short.  Wow, that was a big explanation for a simple process.

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts this morning while I was working out, and the discussion was about cutting back on sugar.  I have been REALLY trying to cut back, and have been doing a fairly good job, but after listening to this, EVERYBODY should try to cut back a LOT on sugar.  I know that sugar just escalates inflammation, but these are just a few of the other things it affects:

Weight Gain

Heart disease



Heart Disease



Drains your Energy

Causes Fatty Liver

And these last two really made me stop and think:

Accelerates the skin aging process and increases cellular aging.

There are more than this, but these are the ones that really caught my eye.  I actually did some reading on  this as I was waiting at the eye doctor, and the articles I read said not to even use imitation sweetener, stay away from any soda, even diet (sugar free) and even like maple syrup, honey, basically, use as little sweetener as possible.  They suggested for your coffee ( and I have used Stevia for a long time) to use almond milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  I have a lot of changes to make.

I needed to get poor Mr. G his Goats Milk, he was out, so when I ran into the store to get this, (I was also out of milk for my coffee,) I bought unsweetened almond milk.  (I will make a cup of coffee soon and I will try the almond milk and cinnamon with this cup)  I need to do more reading on this, but bottom line, quit using any sweeter, it does NOT do a body good!

Next health/food topic. I think that I mentioned my doctor, as he was telling me to start using Metamucil, that I should try to follow a Low FODMAP diet.  Well, I kind of poo pooed that idea, thought it was way too much work.  Again, as I was waiting this morning, I found an article on this, and it said that many people that have a Gluten Intolerance, or are thought to have a Gluten sensitivity, actually have  a reaction to fructans, a type of carb identified a s FODMAP which affects your digestive system.  (Now I understand why he suggested this)  I did some research on this, and there are only a few certain foods that contain this and wheat is the main food.  So knowing this now, and  eating Gluten free again anyway, it will be very easy to eliminate the foods with fructans from my diet.  Now this is all making a lot of sense.  As I read this list, one food on  this was pumpernickel bread.  My brain went to work and when this all got REALLY bad, I had bought some pumpernickel bread (why, I have no clue, I thought it was gluten free) and had 2 slices.  I have since thrown this out, but now everything is falling into place.  Silly me.

Ok gang, thanks for reading through all of this, but now I need to get back to other things.  (Side note, I did not get the overnight oats made yesterday, I am making this today and will share pictures on IG and on this blog tomorrow.)  In the meantime, please, share this address

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And don’t forget,

Stay Hydrated!

Be Happy!

Ba Active!

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