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Beautiful Morning Today

Beautiful Morning Today

It is amazing how much you can get done when you get an early start to the day.  For whatever reason, I woke up early this morning and just decided to get up and get my day started.  (It probably helped that I started off right away with a cup of coffee, BEFORE we went out on our jog.)

It was much better out today, well okay, it was a few degrees warmer and not windy.  We ended up walking a little further today.  The picture at the top of this post was the moon this morning, it was pretty cool!  I hadn’t really planned on it, but once we got out there and started, I changed up my route and went a little further😄

Here are my Macros and all my nutrients for yesterday:


Again, I had a lot of carbs yesterday so last night I went through and looked at where all the carbs are coming from.  First, I do eat a lot of fruit, and that has a lot of carbs. Also, the probiotic drink I have started taking has a lot of carbs as well.  I am TRYING to change this up just a little today.  I did not get quite the protein I wanted yesterday, I am working harder on that today.

My nutrients were:

It seems I had a little too much sugar yesterday and not quite enough iron.    I did do good on the fiber, hopefully, helping my digestive issues.

My caloric intake  was 1482 calories and my total caloric burn was:


I did get a good amount of steps in yesterday.  I do have a pretty good start to today also.

My workout this morning was:  I did 2 sets of 10 reps each:

Dumb Bell Dead Lifts    30 lb Dumb Bells

Pull Ups    35 lbs

Leg Curls    70 lbs

Dumb Bell Bench Press   20 lb Dumb Bells

1 Arm Row    25 lbs Dumb Bells

Shoulder Shrugs   35 lb Dumb Bells

Shoulder Rolls   35 lb Dumb Bells

I started doing a new Oblique Exercise (sitting on a ball and twisting)  I did 50 of these.

I also did 4 sprints up and down the hall, and 6 minutes on the treadmill, .41 mile.  I did this more for a cool down.   I felt like this was a decent work out today.

I finally got the Overnight Oats made yesterday.  This is really good, easy and very satisfying.  I never thought that I would really like this, but I almost look forward to it. IMG_0333.jpgIMG_0334

When I go to eat this in the mornings, I add the fruit of my choice, today it was apples, and I also stir in some nut butter.  I took a screen shot of the recipe, I thought that would be better that me trying to copy it:

IMG_0336 I do not add the all spice, (simply because I was out, but I do add nutmeg) and instead of the Tahini, I use the nut butter.  You can see the Nutrition Facts per serving.  That seems like a lot of calories to me, but, one batch will last me 5 servings, and the recipe says it makes 4 servings, so for me, the nutrition is a little less.  If you try this, let me know what you think.  I think you could mix up the flavor but using a different flavored Kefir.  I might try that next.

I told you that we were binge watching a new series we found on Netflix, Paranoid, well bummer, we watched all of that (in two nights) so now we need something new to watch.  Again, if you have any good suggestions, please let me know.

OK, who is watching the Super Bowl this Sunday?  With it being in Atlanta this year, pretty much all you hear is Super Bowl stuff.  Today they were talking about if you are out and about the city, don’t be surprised to see “celebrities” because there are a lot of people in town for this, and they are out and about the city doing things.  Because I am not really good at faces, I would probably run into someone and not even know who it was😫  But back to what I was asking.  Of course, we will watch the Super Bowl.  I don’t really have a preference of who wins, I just kind of want  the the Charges to win, since Suh plays for them, and I would like to see him get a Super Bowl Ring!  If you are watching it, do you have a preference of who wins?  Are you hosting a party or going to one?  Are you preparing Super Bowl Snacks?  I am sure we will have a few snacks, but nothing out of the ordinary, since neither one of us really needs anything like that, BUT, it is the Super Bowl!

I listened to a different podcast today and they were talking about eating Keto.  I know just enough about this to be dangerous.  I have wondered if this might be a good eating plan, or at least for awhile.  One of the things they touched on was that this is good eating  guideline for inflammation and for auto immune issues.  It just seems really restrictive, but the one thing they did talk about was eating smaller meals, every several hours.  I think I am going to mention this to the hubs and see if he might want to give it a try.  (He has kind of plateaued and this might be good for BOTH of us)  Do you know anything about this?  If so, please let me know what you think.

Well chicken littles, I don’t want to loose my roll so got to get back at it, get things done, who knows what tomorrow will bring.  So NOW,

Everyone take a BIG drink!  We need to stay hydrated and keep our bodies cleansed.

Everyone, get up and do 10 Jumping Jacks!

Everyone now, put that smile back on your face.

And, be happy, be positive, and put your head up and walk with pride!  Life is good!

And don’t forget to leave me your comments below:

And remember, come back tomorrow for more!


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