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We MADE it!  It is finally Friday, YAY!  And what a beautiful day it is.  The weekend is supposed to be warmer, so I am hoping we can get some good walks in over the weekend. And, since the hubs just got home, perhaps an afternoon walk today!

G and I got a pretty good jalk in this morning, just under 3 miles.  The nicer it gets out side, the easier it is to walk further!  I saw this IMG_0346on my jalk this morning, and sometimes, you just have to find the beauty in what  you see.

Wow, another day that I got an early start and am getting lots done.  I want to get a few key things done yet today, and that way, my seriass plan for next week is to redo the format of this blog.  I really need to get this blog more user friendly so you readers will share with your friends, and they will share with their friends, and eventually, this blog will lead to my podcast and that will lead to my full time job.  SO all you little chickie doodle readers, please share this with your friends, and also, send me an e-mail

and tell me what you would like this blog to look like, topics add or remove, pictures you might want to see, and just in general, if you like this blog or not.  Even a simple 👎 or 👍 will work also.

Since today is the first of February, and February is National Heart Month, I decided that every post in February will have a heart health motivational quote.  We have to take care of our health, and heart, because somebody loves you.  So starting todaylarge

Ok, my macros and nutrients yesterday were:


I thought I had done better on the protein yesterday, but I guess not.  And a few too many carbs again!  I am doing some research to learn more about eating lower carb, but still healthy foods.  My nutrients yesterday were:

I was good on MOST, but I need to get more iron in.  (I told you how I stopped taking many of the supplements I was taking, and iron was one of those supplements, so I do need to up my iron, somehow.)

My total calorie intake yesterday was 1159 calories and my total coloring burn was:


I burned a few  more calories yesterday, and as you can see, I got almost 9 miles in.

I did the below workout today, I did 2 sets of each and 10 reps for each set.  The gym was CROWDED this morning, (don’t those people know that is my private gym)  so I had to improvise on a few of these:

Dumb Bell Dead List      30 lbs

Pull up and dips          35 lbs

Leg Extension         110 lbs

Dumb Bell Bench Press   20 lbs

Rope Tri Push Down    60 lbs

Leg Press      115 lbs

Dumb Bell Side Lats   5 lbs,   (wow, my upper arms and shoulders are WEAK!!!)

2 Arm Overhead Tri   20 lbs

Shoulder Shrugs      35 lbs

Shoulder Rolls     35 lbs

Again, I did a BUNCH of obliques and sprints.  This was a GOOD lift this morning, but next week, and I am putting this on this blog to make me accountable, I WILL increase EACH weight and I will also get at least 100 grams of protein everyday.  Are you with me?  Raise your had if you are!

Ok, it seems like since last week I have been talking about my digestive issues and what I tried and what  I already knew was NOT working.  I almost (knock on wood) feel like I am getting this under control.  I have BEEN very careful what I have been eating, I have been drinking my Probiotic Drink everyday, I drink Kombucha everyday, and my issues seem to be getting better.  Now, let’s see what the weekend is like and if I can get though all next week.

For those of you out there that eat gluten free.  Did you know there are apps out there that you can use to scan a bar code and it will tell you if the item is gluten free or not?  There is also an app, similar to Yelp, where you can search for Gluten Free restaurants wherever you are?  How cool is this?  If you are interested in these, send me an e-mail

and I will send you the names.

Man, I just remembered I still have not tried these

cookies yet.  I put them away and forgot that I had them.  I will have to make sure that I try them over the weekend.  Maybe the hubs will have a bite of one and I will you give you his opinion as well.

I am getting back into the habit of listening to podcasts again in the morning.  I was not doing this for a bit, I think I just had podcast burn out and needed a break.  Plus, some one the ones that I was listening to, I decided I just couldn’t listen to them any longer, they were not making me feel good about myself.  I have several that I have started to listen to again, Paleomg, MindPump, and those are the only two that I started listening to again.  If you have a good podcast you really like, please leave me a comment below with the name.  I was listening to Fed and Fit for  awhile, but I just can’t get into that again.  I might give it a try again, maybe.

Well guys, if I am seriass about redoing this blog next week, I have to get a few things done yet today, so got to go, got to get those things done!  So, remember to leave me a comment below on what you would like to see changed or added on this blog, if you even like this blog or not, your recommendations for podcasts, and series to binge watch, and let me know what your plans for the Super Bowl are!  I am betting it will include food, right!

Ok, so, until Monday,

Everyone, take a BIG Drink now!

clean clear cold drink
Drink UP!

Be Active, EVERYONE do 10 body squats now!

man doing squats on brown wooden box
Go Deep!

And Be Happy!  Keep that sparkly smile on your face!

woman in clear gemstone studded lipstick

And come back Monday for more!  Until then


I would love to hear your feedback