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First, my Heart Healthy motivation for today.  Remember, this is heart month, so take care of your heart, somebody loves you. life-positive-quotes-3Well, what did you think of the Super Bowl?  I thought the game was pretty good, but I thought the commercials were pretty lame.  The only one I really liked was with all of the football players in it, and I don’t really even know what they were advertising.

I did really like Gladys Knight signing the National Anthem.  I thought for a 74 year old, she did an AWESOME job.

What about the half time show?  My opinion, not the best half time show I’ve seen, but then, maybe I am just a little older then the average half time watcher?

I really was hoping the LA Rams would win, but no such luck.  I do think they did a good job against the Patriots, and I just don’t think anyone was going to beat Brady and Belichick, maybe next year.  But now both of them have their six Super Bowl Rings!  That in itself was pretty amazing.

Ok, on to other things.  How was your weekend?  We had a really nice weekend.  For some reason, we were busy all weekend.  We did get extra walks in each day, the weather was GREAT, and it sounds like it is just supposed to keep getting a little warmer this week.  YAY!!!  I am really ready for spring!

On Saturday, we had massages.  This always feels so good.  It was kind of funny, our masseuse is Asian, and does not speak the best English.  My skin was VERY dry, and she just kept putting oil on it, more and more.  I finally said that my skin had been VERY DRY.  She said, “Yes, it is.”  I told her that I put lotion on, most days, twice a day.  Her comment was, “Maybe you need to change lotions!”  The way she said it, so blunt but so honest, made me laugh.  Maybe she had a point though!  I was telling OD this and she said why don’t you use the Aquaphor Lotion?  Well, I do have a big tub of this, but do not use it that often because it is kind of greasy.  I decided this morning maybe I should listen to BOTH of these people and I did use the Aquaphor Lotion.  I just feel like SOMETHING has to help.  Do you have any suggestions for this?  If yes, please send your suggestion to me at

I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions.

G and I did get an okay walk in this morning.  I just could not get my energy level up there.  Maybe up too late watching Super Bowl stuff, or maybe just after effects of my infusion yesterday, either way, I do not have a lot of get up and go today.   Tomorrow will be better.

I am not going to list my Macros and everything else that I have been doing today, but today only.  I do not track on weekends, so I will list that information starting tomorrow again.  But, I will share my workout from today.  The below is what I did yesterday:

I did 2 sets of 6 reps each:

Dumb Bell Dead Lift   30 lbs Dumb Bells

Chin Up    30 lbs assist

Leg Extension  First set was 115 lbs and the 2nd set was 130 lbs

Dumb Bell Bench Press    20 lb Dumb Bells

V Bar Tri Pull Down  60 lb

Dumb Bell Side Lats  5 lbs  ( I think I need a shop of cortisone in my right shoulder)

Leg Press  115 lbs 1st set  130 lb 2nd set

Lots of Obliques

2 Arm Overhead Tri   20 lbs Dumb Bells

Shoulder Shrugs     35 lb Dumb Bells

Should Rolls    35 lb Dumb Bells

Lots of Jumping Jacks, Running in Place and a couple of sprints up and down the hall.

I also did 5 minutes on the stationary bike, I did this as kind of a cool down.

I wanted to talk about Hello Ned for a bit.  The podcast I was listening to this morning was interviewing the people from Ned.  Just a reminder, this is one of the company’s that I work with.  Those of you that know me well, know that I try a lot of things to help with sleep and to ease the pain from my RA.  Hemp Oil and or CBD oil are a few of the many things that I use.  I have not YET tried the Ned Hemp Oil.  I have tried their Lip Balm and the hemp infused Body Butter, which is AWESOME.  (Maybe I need to use this on my skin all over every day!)  This Body Butter goes on silky smooth, smells great and relieves a lot of aches and pain.  I highly suggest that you try this if you have any type of pain what so ever!  I am going to try the oil next.   The directions say to put a drop or two under your tongue, leave it there for about a minute and then switch around your mouth and swallow.  So, when I do get mine, I will follow the directions exactly.  You can see their great products here

This is a really cool company because,

Take a look at the site, and when you go to check out with your order, enter code TAMIE10 for your discount.  I do hope that you will enjoy this as much as I do.  When you do get your product, let me know what you think.

Well all you kangaroos out there, I need to go, need to get other things done,  ( I just got an e-mail my Legendary Peanut Butter order has delivered so after we taste this, I will let you know what we think of this, especially the hubs, because he is much more finicky than I am)  but really, got to go, got to get a few things done yet today, (Need to get some energy so I can get some things done), so, remember,

Take a BIG Drink now, it is most important to stay hydrated!

Be HAPPY, life is too short to be cranky all the time, put that smile on your face!

Be Active, lets all do 10 air squats now!

And, remember to take care of your heart health!

Please leave me a comment below and let me know how I am doing

And come back tomorrow for more!


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