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Take Care of your Heart

Take Care of your Heart

Hey Everyone, glad you stopped by.  How is everyone doing today?  Wow, other than it was damp this morning, it was almost warm out!  I think I could have gotten by with shorts on our walk!  Love this.  So MUCH easier walking and doing anything when you do not have to bundle up.

First things first, my Heart Health Motivation today is 76cd4628f440c795b24d9b48d5a2079f.jpg  I think this is so important!  Not only do you have to take care of your heart, but you need to take care of your overall self, inside and out!

Now, on to my workout today.  We did get our usual walk in, and I am sure that we will go on a second walk this afternoon, that will be great!  We got in from our walk early, the hubs woke up early, so I thought that I would spend a little extra time in the gym.  What I did was just really concentrate on each lift, I used the old Arnold way of lifting, “VISUALIZE YOUR MUSCLES GROWING”!  This was what I did, I did 2 sets of each, the first set was 6 reps the second set was 8 reps:

Lat Pull Down  70 lbs  85 lbs

Leg Press  115 lbs    130 lbs

Chest Press   20 lb Dumb Bells for each

Leg Extension  115 lbs   130 lbs

Shoulder Shrug   35 lb Dumb Bell   40 lb Dumb Bell

Should Roll   35 lb Dumb Bell   40 lb Dumb Bell

Farmers Walk   35 lb Dumb Bell   40 lb Dumb Bell

Behind the Neck Rope Tri  50 lbs    60 lbs

Body Squats    LOTS

I also did lots of Jumping Jacks, Running in Place and Sprints up and down the hall.  All in all, it was a pretty good workout.

My caloric burn and intake yesterday was,  I took in 1660 calories, I was hungry all day yesterday, and am again today???😫  My total caloric burn was


Not that big of a caloric burn, but I did get a good amount of steps in.  My Macros were


A little high on the carbs again, but a little better on the protein.  Funny, my fat was right where I want it to be!  My nutrients were:

Wow, lots of sodium yesterday????  And a little too much sugar.  Things to work on!  Some how I have to figure out a good balance on my nutrients, caloric intake vs burn.  How do you guys handle this?  Send me a message below,

and tell me what you do.  Maybe I just need to concentrate on protein, and not so much fruits and vegetables?

I have not talked about Four Athletics for a long time, but since the weather is getting warmer out, I feel the need for new running shorts, and I really liked, ok, maybe I loved, the Paleomg shorts I got from Four Athletics.  I just took a look at their site, and currently, they do not have any shorts that I want, but they do have some good sale on the leggings. You can take a look at these, and their other products at

Take a look and see if you can’t find something you need, and if you do, remember to enter code  tamiesjourney  for your 15% discount.

I know that I just talked about this very recently, but I want to mention this again, Hello Ned.  I have had three nights in a row now that I have not slept well.  I have several things I take at night in order to get a goods night sleep, but recently, I do not know what is going on, but just not sleeping well.  I am going to order today some of their

Ned 300mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

I want to start out small because I am not sure how this will work.  This is a little bit about it:

Balance for Body & MindWell, not to toot my own horn, but I’m loaded with 300mg of premium CBD and a broad spectrum of active cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and trichomes.I know that’s a mouth-full, but it basically means that I won’t get you high, but I will nourish your body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps bring balance to your mind and body.

All three Ned Full Spectrum Hemp Oils contain the same premium cannabinoids, just in varying concentrations.

300mg – best for beginners and pets

750mg –  best for general wellness and consistent use

1500mg – best for maximizing benefits and frequent use

The higher the concentration, the greater the value!

Go to their site

check them out and maybe you want to give this a try.  (I also need to order more of their Body Butter, this is some awesome stuff).  Once you decide what you want to try, be sure to enter code TAMIE10 for your 10% discount, and, you will also feel better and you will also help to support this blog.  Let me know if you do place an order.

Well guys, I really want to hang out and chit chat, but I am working on a few key and important things today, (mainly, this website, since I want this to be the kind of site you share with all of your friends,) so I had better get back to it.  But, you all need to remember:

Stay Hydrated, take a BIG drink now, you really do not want to get dehydrated!

Be Active, get up and move, lets ALL do 10 air squats now!

Be Happy!  Keep that GREAT BIG SMILE on your face, you will feel better about yourself.

And, take care of your heart!  Somebody loves you and your heart!

Please, leave me a comment below and let me know how I am doing

And come back tomorrow for more



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