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ūüí¶Drink More

ūüí¶Drink More

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood!  I could have very easily walked in shorts this morning, I made the mistake of wearing pants, way over dressed!  I just hope this weather holds out a little longer, I am LOVING it!

How is everyone doing today?  I hope all is good for you and all your friends, family and fur friends.  My Mr G is getting royally spoiled, I have people working in our condo and they brought him treats.  How Cool!

Okay, my heart health motivation today is


These are a few good simple rules to follow for better heart health.  How is your heart?

We did our usual walk and coffee this am, and I KNOW that we will get a second walk in later today.  That feels SO good!  The hubs is really picking up his speed, it is to the point that G and I can barely keep up with him.  I really cannot ever remember him being so dedicated and walking this RAPID!!!!  Good for him.

I did not feel like lifting weights today, just wasn’t feeling it, but I did feel like getting on the treadmill. ¬†Not fast, just steady. ¬†I set the TM for Calorie Burn Goal, I set it at 106. ¬†It took me about 21 minutes to do that, I just set a steady pace, as you can see:IMG_0363.jpg

It felt pretty good.  Who knows what I will feel like tomorrow. What did you do today?

My Macros, and nutrients for yesterday were:


Still a little high on the carbs, and still need more protein. ¬†I don’t think my carbs will decrease much, I eat a lot of fruit, even though I have cut back considerable, and the probiotic drink I take every day, has quite a few carbs in it. ¬†But still need more protein, lots more! ¬†(side note, the probiotic drink seems to be doing the trick, at least, for now)

My nutrients were:

Again quite a bit of sodium???  And sugar???

My caloric intake for yesterday was 1496 calories and my total caloric burn was


You would think I would be losing weight, but the scale has not been my best friend.  Need to think about this.  If  you have suggestions please let me know.  Have you had this issue?

I have been invited by one of you readers to join a Water Challenge Group, thanks for the invite, and hell yes, I am going to try this. ¬†I don’t have all of the details yet, but it is only seven days, and perhaps it will help to jump start things. ¬†I think the goal of this challenge is to drink a gallon of water a day. ¬†I do try to drink 100 oz of H2O everyday, but REALLY struggle to get this. ¬†In fact, I don’t think that I have hit that for a couple of weeks now. ¬†Yesterday, for example, I only hit 96 oz. ¬†This should be a good challenge for me. ¬†Anyone up to join us in this? ¬†Let me know.

I told you about this new Peanut Butter I got.  Seriously DO NOT get any of this.  This is IMG_0354

really like crack.  I almost had to hide it from the hubs, since he literally took a spoon and started eating it out of the jar.  The peanut Butter with Chocolate Chips is unbelievably good.  Now I am debating, do I order more?  I want more, but I can practice some self control!  Big debate in my head!  I am still waiting to hear from them if I have been accepted as as affiliate or not, so as soon as I do hear back from them, if I get a discount code, I will share with you.  You will want to use it! Let me know though if you have had this and what you think!

I will share this now because I am feeling better, but Monday, Tuesday and most of yesterday were not good days for me. ¬†I am not sure if I was having a flare, or if because I was not sleeping well, that is why I did not feel good, but it felt like every bone and muscle in my body was abused and sore. ¬†In fact, when we walked Tuesday afternoon, it was everything I could do just to get one foot in front of the other. ¬†I tried all of my tricks and nothing seemed to help. ¬†I thought maybe it was my shoes, maybe I was sitting too long at my desk and not moving enough, maybe it was the weather, I really don’t know, but today, FINALLY, I feel human. ¬†(Kind of) I do have an appointment with my¬†rheumatologist in a couple of weeks, so I need to discuss this with them. ¬†I am thinking it might be time to revaluate the meds.

Now, I did sleep MUCH better last night, I added a few extra sleep aids, so I am sure the GOOD nights sleep helped immensely.  (Speaking of better sleep, I said yesterday that I was going to order and try some of the Ned Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, and I did.) Also, they just introduced the Batch 009,

New to batch 009 is our new strain: special sauce.

Farmer Curt was super excited to grow this strain from seed this year and sure enough, the final product is outstanding. Our Full Spectrum Hemp Oils now include 60% Special Sauce and 40% of our original strain, BoAx.

And they are sending me a some of this to try.  I am really excited about that and once I get this, I will let you know what I think.  I am hoping the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil will help with my sleep, and maybe, just maybe, receive a tiny bit of the aches and pains I have once in awhile!

I have to share one brain fart minute I had yesterday. ¬†I had taken Hanger Steak out for dinner, and my idea was to season it up good, wrap it in foil and bake in a slow oven. ¬†Good idea right? ¬†I seasoned it really good, wrapped in foil and put it in the oven. ¬†I went to check on it about 5, and guess what, I never turned the oven on!!!! ¬†BRAIN FART!!! ¬†I didn’t want to tell the hubs this, because he would have given me grief all night, so I just turned the oven on and cranked it up. ¬†All good to go! ¬†It still turned out good and in a timely manner! ¬†OOPS!

Ok kids, time to go, time to move on to other things. ¬†And, time to drink more water, and then ¬†I will be in the bathroomūüí¶¬† Remember to leave me a comment and let me know how I am doing

And most important:

DRINK MORE WATER!  I just took at BIG drink now, you do the same!

BE HAPPY!  Keep that great big smile on your face!

BE ACTIVE!  Get up and do something for one minute!!!!

And come back tomorrow for more!


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