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Hello all you happy people out there!  You know why you are Happy, it is FRIDAY, and the sun is out, the sky is blue, and life if GOOD!  So sit back, grab that second cup of coffee and read on!


I saw this “poster” today and thought this was good.  Too bad I did not see this at the beginning of February, but it is never too late.  I wanted to share this with everyone.  If you are somewhat of a sedentary person, and do not do a lot of exercise, this might be a good way to get started.  If you notice, Day 1 is easy, just take the Heart Month Pledge to do more!   Easy peasy right!  Go through and read all 28 days, and see what you think.  Take care of your heart!

Got our walk in this morning.  Yesterday, I was a little over dressed and today I was a little underdressed.  I was okay, but could have been a bit warmer.  We sat at coffee for a while, our friend joined us and we got in one of our discussions.  But, since it is still the CNY holiday, and I knew I would not have a lot of work, that was ok!  He is quite entertaining.

When we got in, and I got to the gym, again, I just did not feel like lifting weights. I got on the treadmill and I did a 13 minute mile, I know, not a speed demon, but not too bad, and then a little extra walking to cool down,IMG_0369 and lots of stretching.  The scale has not been so kind to me recently so I am thinking maybe a little more cardio,  (Harder cardio) for a few days just kick it up.  Do you think that will work?

My Macros for yesterday:8Image-1-1.jpg

My carbs are still pretty high, but better, my fat was good but my protein was a little low yet.  I got some more of the Ensure Max Protein drinks that I like, if you freeze these, they make a much better healthy evening snack, and help with the protein.  I am going to try these for a couple of days and see if that helps my protein, and lowers my carbs.  My nutrients were:

Yes, I know I have a picture with my volume, but you can still see the numbers.  I was a little better on sugar, and much better on sodium👍  Just need to keep this up!  My caloric intake for yesterday was 1439 and my caloric burn was7Image-1

I have been really consistent with getting between 17,000 and 18,000 steps in every day this week.  Now, lets see if the extra cardio helps the weight.  My water intake yesterday was 96 oz.  How many oz are in a gallon???  WOW 128 oz, I will really need to increase my water intake for the challenge I am going to do.  No need to worry about extra cardio, I will get all of that running to the bathroom!😫

I listened to one of my FAVORITE podcasts this morning, they are finally back after not doing podcasts, what seemed like forever.  It is Live Lean TV with Brad and Jess.  I used to listen to them all of the time, and then, they quit having podcasts.  They are finally back, and I am excited.  Their podcasts are only about 25-30 minutes long, just the right time for working out, and they give good, common everyday advise.  Today for example, they talked about too much protein.  (They have listeners send in questions and they answer) and someone had asked if 45% of your daily macros was too much protein.  Well, of course that is a hard question to answer without knowing all of the details, but, basically, yes, unless you are a hard core lifter and are trying to get massive gains.  I myself, try to get 30% of my daily macros from protein, and that is hard.  But, part of their answer was it is probably better to get a little more protein rather than more carbs, (like I have been doing) because protein is much better for your body.  This just motivates me even more to get more protein.    I do not know how often they will do these podcasts, but if you are looking for something new to listen to , check them out.

Which reminds me of the new series we started watching on Netflix.  It is called Parfum. We just started watching this, I think we are 3 episodes into it.  I can’t say a lot about it yet.  It is good?  Well, it is one of those shows that you keep watching, because you are not quite sure what is going on, and it does have my curiosity peeked, so let me watch a couple of more episodes because I give you my full opinion.  If you have watched this, let me know what you think.  Send me a message.

Remember the other day when I was talking about fructans?  Well, I was doing more reading on this last night, because the hubs and I got into this discussion about gluten and my digestive issues.  I am sharing this snippet:

Wheat contains fructans, one of the FODMAP carbohydrates that have been associated with causing unwanted digestive symptoms in people who have IBS.  The article went on to state some good “snack” foods that do not contain fructans are:

  • Low-FODMAP nuts like Brazil nuts, Macadamia, pecans, and walnuts).
  • Low-FODMAP cheese sticks like cheddar and mozzarella.
  • Low-FODMAP fruits such as bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, oranges, pineapple, raspberries, and strawberries.

I think I need to change my fruits from apples to berries.  I did a lot of reading on this and there is still I want to do, BUT, and I know it is too soon to get a good feel for this, but I do think the little I have been more conscious of what I am eating, it is getting better, my digestive issues.  Now, if I can just get my RA under control, I will be lite a 20 year old again!!

Ok chicken littles, got to get back to things, get things done, and, it is almost time to take G out again, he is standing here watching me!  So, remember to leave me a comment below and tell me how I am doing


Take that GREAT BIG drink now, water is VERY important for the functions of our bodies.

BE ACTIVE, movement is also very crucial for our bodies functions!

BE HAPPY, it just feels good!

And come back Monday for more.  Have a Great Weekend!


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