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This is what I see out of my windows this morning.IMG_0390.jpgNothing, right?  It is rainy and very very foggy out!  It was not exactly like this a little earlier.  G and I were all ready for a good jalk this morning, and we got about about .30 miles into it and the sky just opened up.  I thought maybe it would pass, but G wanted no part of the rain, so needless to say, no jalk. And the rain did not let up!  Bummer!  I did get a decent jog on the treadmill, not so fast, as you can seeIMG_0389 but I set my goal at 100 calories and got just a hair over.  I wanted to get my heart rate up there and I did a pretty good incline.  I tried to get a decent work out in, but the gym was a little crowded this morning, so I kind of did what I could, but still got a decent lift in. This is what I did today, I did 2 sets, the first set was 12 reps, and the second set was 7 reps.

Bench Press

1 Arm Dumb Bell Row

Shoulder Shrugs

Shoulder Press

Tri Cable Pull Down

Dumb Bell Skull Crusher

Leg Press

I also did a LOT of jumping jacks, running in place, sprints up and down the hall, body squats, and, as part of my “water challenge” I did a plank that I held for 55 seconds.  It turned out to be a decent work out.

The water challenge, I am glad I joined this, it just makes me a little more accountable.  The challenge is, for seven days, you need to drink half your body weight in oz of water.  Now, for me that is too easy because I drink a lot of water anyway, so I have made my goal to drink 1 oz of water for each pound of body weight, or for me, 110 ozs per day.  Yesterday, you needed to do body squats, the number was half your body weight.  Today, you have to hold a plank in seconds for half of your body weight.  Harder than it sounds. The group is pretty fun.

Ok, my caloric intake yesterday was a LOT, I ate 1803 calories, that was a lot, but I did not think I ate that much????  My caloric burn wasImage-$  A decent day for calorie burn and steps.  Today, probably not as good.  My Macros wereImage-#  A  better mix, and lots of protein, probably where the extra calories came in, good thing or bad thing???   My nutrients were

I pretty much went over on everything, think I need to watch my food intake just a bit closer today.

I almost forgot, my heart health motivation for the day heart_disease_1  Sounds pretty simple right!

I have been catching up on podcasts recently, it seemed I got a little burned out by them for awhile and did not listen as much as I did.  Now, not necessarily a bad thing.  Sometimes you just need a break and need to listen to music, or just enjoy the silence.  Some of the ones that I were listening to yesterday were talking about the importance of protein, and GOOD protein.  I think I get pretty good protein.  I eat a lot of eggs, red meat, seafood, (I really like fish, things like shrimp, salmon, tuna, halibut, basically, all seafood) and even nuts.  I do try to eat a few nuts every day, but just a few.  I also like lamb and pork.  I don’t eat a lot of turkey, just not my favorite, but we do eat that once in while.  I also always have gluten free protein bars, just in case I get hangry.

That is the other issue I have been reading on and thinking about.  I know that some people say it is best to eat 3 well balanced meals a day, and other people say it is best to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day.  I am not sure there is a good answer, as to which way is better.  Personally, I think you have to do what works for you that day.  Every day may be different.  And I do not think that it hurts to mix it up.  Some days, and I will speak for me only, you just aren’t that hungry, so I don’t think you should force yourself to eat.  Other days, you might feel like a bottomless pit.  (That was me yesterday)  The first thing to do when you do get hungry, take a big drink.  Some days I wake up starving and need to eat pretty early.  Other days, it might be 9-10 before I eat breakfast.  I do try to eat breakfast everyday, I think breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  (Some years back, I used to eat oatmeal for breakfast EVERY DAY!  It was my favorite and go to breakfast, and now, I have not had oatmeal for a long time)  But, whatever you eat for breakfast, you do need something.  This was something the hubs never used to do.  He would not eat breakfast, eat a HUGE lunch, and than say he wasn’t hungry any more, OR, he would eat like 2-3 bagels for breakfast, and then not eat until the end of the day and be starving.  He finally does not do that anymore.  Even he eats breakfast every day!  (I think I got side tracked)   I have tried and I do know that I feel better if I eat SMALLER amounts and more often.  I am a very slow eater, (which drives the hubs nuts) it is just hard for me to eat fast, and when I do, my stomach hurts.  So, if I eat smaller meals, more often, I do feel better, plus, I think I can control what I eat better, knowing in a few hours I will eat again.

Wow, I really got on a tangent there.  What is your preference, to eat three good meals a day and maybe one snack, or to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day.  Send me a message

and let me know.   Also, what is your go to breakfast or your favorite snack?  I would love to hear from you.

Ok, since I rambled on a bit too long, I need to go now, get back to it!  So, remember, leave me a comment

and tell me how I am doing here!  And, remember,

HYDRATE   Take a big drink now!  What is your water goal for the day?

BE ACTIVE    Can you hold a plank in seconds for half of your body weight?  Try it and then let me know.

BE HAPPY    Please keep that smile on your face!   I like HAPPY people.

And remember to come back tomorrow to see what tangent I go off on!  Until then


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