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Just another day in Paradise!  The sun is shining and the sky is blue, but MAN, it is still a little chilly out, or should I say, VERY WINDY which makes is a little cooler.

Lots to cover today so lets get to it!  Ok, first, I have not been posting this every day, but, every day I have been complimenting myself, like I posted about the other day.  It may be as I am getting ready for the day, or maybe while I am at the gym and working out, or, like today, it was while we were on our walk, just because I felt good about being out and getting a GOOD walk in.  So, I hope that you are doing this every day as well, just remember, You Are Awesome!

I have also unfollowed a LOT of accounts on social media.  I just do not need to see so many things that do not make me happy or motivate me in a good way.  Have you done this as well?

My healthy heart motivation today is76cd4628f440c795b24d9b48d5a2079f  Try to remember this as you push through that last set!

Speaking of sets, my work out today was a PRETTY GOOD workout.  Here is what I did:  I did two sets of 12 reps each:

Goblet Squats

Chest Press

Bent Over Roa

Back Lunges

Over Head Press

Planks  I eld these for 55 seconds each

Bench Step Up

Bench Push Ups

Bench Leg Lifts – This was a tough one

I also did Running in place and jumping jacks.

And for the Water Challenge, today you are supposed to do half of your body weight in Jumping Jacks.  Since I do Jumping Jacks almost everyday, I am doing my full body in Jumping Jacks.  I also did the planks form yesterday, and I am doing the body squats from Monday, and I am drinking 110 oz of water.  I am really loving this challenge!  Thanks again for the invite!

My caloric intake yesterday as 1436 and my caloric burn wasImage-20 not a bad day.  my Macros were

Image-1My nutrients were

A little low on the protein, but otherwise a pretty good day, and I slept like a baby last night, so good energy today.

The hubs was traveling for a couple of days, and when I finally settled in for the evening, I was looking for something fun to watch. Of course I went to my Go To Cooking Channel.  They had the Kids Bakeoff.  We have watched this in the past, and I kind of got roped into this again.  These kids are amazing.  They do awesome baking, or at least it looks that way, and some of them can decorate like professional cake decorators.  This just amazes me.  (In my early years, I worked in a couple different bakeries where I baked and I was actually a cake decorator, I even have decorated wedding cakes, so I can appreciate their talents)  Some of these kids have a GREAT future ahead of them.  Have you ever watched this?

I am going to talk about health and supplements for a bit.  Because of my RA and CVID, I have to take medications that I would prefer not to, but I also take several supplements, in order, hopefully, to improve my overall health and help slow down the progression of my RA.  ( I am also VERY careful as to what I eat, in hope of helping my RA and my digestive issues)

The hubs was very quick to point out to me not long ago, (I think I have mentioned this) that I take a lot of supplements.  Yes, I do and I have since really revaluate what I take and is it really all necessary.  I am also working with my doctor on my digestive issues.  I have really cut back on my supplements, and am focusing on my eating and exercise more.  As we rolled into the new year, (almost 2 months ago now) I wanted the new year to be about taking better care of myself. I’m changing up my fitness routine, I’m doing more stretching, I’m trying to be more kind to myself, staying away from excess sugar and alcohol, and I know my body has extra some extra needs that need to be addressed. And those needs cannot be fixed with food alone.  Therefore, this is why I have revoked at all of my supplements and discussed with my doctor.  A few of the supplements that I take every day, and will continue to, are the biotin, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and Vitamin B.  I also take daily a multi vitamin.  That’s probably enough, right!?  Per both of my doctors suggestions, I have added a daily probiotic drink,  I have started drinking the Activia Probity drink, and again, per my doctor, I have added Citracil, twice daily to start, to my regime.  (Man, no wander I can’t get any work done, I spend all day doing supplements😫)  And now, drinking water and running to the bathroom💦🏃  But, hopefully, all this will help and especially with my digestive issues.  And, I am staying far away from gluten, or more to the point, fructans.  So far, so good.  Do you take supplements?  If so, what do you all take?  Send me an e-mail and let me know

I am also making a very conscious effort to eat CLEAN and HEALTHY, which is easier said then done.  I am somewhat addicted to sugar, and this is VERY HARD to stay away from.  I know myself well enough, if I have something available, I am more likely to NOT want and need it as if I do not have access to something sweet.  If I have it available, I can tell myself it is there, for when I really need it, and I can make myself wait, think about it, and if I still really want it, I can have a SMALL bite or piece.  Right now, I have a bar of 85% dark chocolate, and I have had this bar since Saturday, and there is just a small piece gone.  It is when I cannot get to it, that is when I really want it.

I am also more mindful of eating more vegetables, less fruit, (I eat a LOT of fruit) and really watch what I eat.  I had a few pounds creeping up on me, and my energy was just a little low, so I need to be more mindful of what I eat, how much, and how I am feeling.  Easy Peasy, right??

Time to go gang, need to get more done again today.  Don’t want this energy high to go unused!  So, leave me a comment below:

Tell me how I am doing or what you want to read about.

And, do not forget to HYDRATE!  How much water have you drank today?

Get up and MOVE!  Have you done your jumping jacks for the day?

BE HAPPY!  No Oscars here please

woman jumping on the bed
Only happy people please!

And come back tomorrow for more!


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