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This is an example of what the Kids Bake!

This is an example of what the Kids Bake!

Just a dreary day here in Atlanta.  It is lightening and thundering out right now.  One of those days were I just want to curl up in my chair and take a nap.  But, work must get done, so lets get to it.

We lucked out on our walk this morning.  The hubs woke up a little early so we got a few minute earlier start on our walk, and got our entire walk in, coffee, and were just heading home when the rain picked up.  Karma must have been on our side!

Just a few tips to take care of your heart!


Did you compliment yourself today?  Remember, every morning, or more if you want, tell yourself how awesome you are, what a great day it is going to be, and “You got this Girl”.  Are you doing that?  What is  your daily mantra?

Since I had an early appointment, I did not get to the gym until  right before lunch, and then I just did a quick jog on the treadmill, but SOMETHING is better than nothing!  Here is what I did on the treadmill today, just a little better than yesterday!IMG_0420 My first mile was at 13 minutes.  I felt pretty good doing this and I actually did get my heart rate up there a little more than yesterday.Image-94

I am also going to keep doing my jumping jacks and squats all week.  I do these in increments through out the day.  It really breaks up my sitting, and it feels good.

My total caloric intake for yesterday was 1533 and my caloric burn wasImage-95  I am so consistent, it is almost scary!  My Macros wereImage-96 A little better on the mix and my nutrients were

Again, it looks like a lot of sodium, but this is what the doctor wants, at least for now.  I am trying to not focus quite so much on the protein, or how much of everything I am eating, and more, on how I feel when I eat certain things.  I do know, that I feel better if I eat small amounts, more often, and do not stuff myself. I want to hear from you readers if you enjoy reading the above every day, or should I summarize this to just one day a week, or just cut this part of my blog out altogether.  I just want to make sure you readers are getting content you want.  So leave me a comment below and let me know.

This is something I really need to work on at night.  I have a tendency to make dinner, then we make our plates, and as I clean up the kitchen when we are done, I like to take “just a bite or two” of things as I put them away.  That is a really bad habit I need to break.  When the hubs first got out of the hospital, we made our plates for dinner, I put everything away, and then I sat down to eat.  I did this so that neither he nor I would be tempted to over eat.  I think I need to get back into that habit.

I told you yesterday I had an ultra sound scheduled for this morning.  I won’t have the results of this back until probably Friday, but man, did this go fast!  I got there just a few minutes early, and from the time I walked in, filled out all of the paperwork you always have to deal with, had the ultra sound, and walked down the hall to the elevator, it was less than 40 minutes.  That was FAST!  That is why I always try to make morning appointments.  Tomorrow I am sure, will be a completely different story.  They had a cancellation for 1:30 at my rheumatologist, and I wanted to get in, so I took it.  I might be sorry.  If you do not have a first thing in the morning appointment here, you can plan on waiting at least one hour.  That is just the way it is because they spend as much time with each patient that is necessary. Now, that I do appreciate!  But not when I am the one waiting and waiting and waiting!!!  I guess I can’t have it both ways.  I will take my laptop and get work done while I “WAIT”!

Jeez, it sounds like all I do is go to the doctor!!!!!  Not really, it just happens like this that they all come at the same time, and the ultra sound was not planned.  But, in all of my reading, I am learning that once you have one auto immune disease, you can expect to find out you have others.  Hopefully, none of this in heredity, right OD?

On a side note, I did learn this morning, that one of the MOST damaging things, (well, there are others, but this is one that I have taken a lot of) that you can take to harm your liver is Tylenol.  And I USED to take a lot of this.  Trust me, when I got home today, I though out my bottle of Tylenol.    They recommend to take Aleve, their first choice, or Motrim, for aches and pains.  Now, I am NOT endorsing either of these, but I will definitely try them.

I know that I talked about this last week also, but because we watched it again last night, I have to talk about it again.  Kids Baking Championship.  I think I am addicted to this.  Last night, the first thing these kids had to bake was a Monkey Bread Volcano that erupted!!!  (Hey OD, maybe you should try that, I used to make Monkey Bread a lot when our kids were small, how bad was that)  These kids were so creative!  Some of these volcanoes actually looked real!

The other thing they had to make was a tart.  Now, if you came to me and told me I needed to bake a tart, I would need to google a recipe to start with, and then I would not really know what I am doing.  Some of these tarts looked like professional bakers made them.  These kids definetly have a future if they keep their heads about them.  And it always looks like they are having so much fun!  I want to be one of the judges!!!!

Readers I am going to ask for your help.  I am getting SOME comments, but I have had readers send e-mails and tell me the comment section is not working.  Can I ask everyone of you readers to send just a quick comment?  It can be as simple as TESTING!  I just want to see if it this is working or not, I would appreciate the help.  Thank You in advance.

Well readers, it is time to get back at it, get more things done.  Again, I am not sure what tomorrow will bring, and if I will even have the time to do a post tomorrow, but I will certainly try!

Until then, remember to:

Stay Hydrated.  Whatever your beverage of choice is, take a big drink now!

Be Active.  Get up and do your jumping jacks and squats.  How many did you do today?

Be Happy.  I like happy people and so does every body else.

And come back tomorrow for more.



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