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Can’t wait for spring to get here!

Can’t wait for spring to get here!

Man waiting sucks!  But, at least I have my laptop and can get some things done.  Always look at the positive side of things, right?

OK, did you give yourself that big compliment and boost of positivity yet today?  Maybe today is the day you tell yourself, today is a new day and a new chance to start fresh, I will exercise today, or I will eat better today, or I CAN stop snacking all the time!!!  Whatever it is, you can do it!  Just tell yourself that!  You got this!  Why, because you are awesome, we are ALL awesome!  No, go be positive!

Today’s heart health reminder is images  Pretty much sums it up, don’t you think?  If your heart is healthy, you will be healthy!

Again, today, we lucked out and got our walk in before the heavier rains moved in.  Not sure how long our luck will hold out, hopefully for a few days yet!  When I got to the gym after the walk, my plan was to do a quick mile on the treadmill, but I was really feeling like a good lift today, so that is what I did, and it was a great unplanned lift.  YAY!!!!  I haven’t felt like that for awhile, so I kind of had to take advantage of it!

Ok, on to my HUGE day of eating yesterday.  I am blaming it on the weather!!!  I really did not think that I ate that much yesterday, but I ate almost 1700 calories of food.  I really need to quit this because the scale is starting to creep up on me, and I can tell when I put on even a few lbs., I just don’t sleep that well and my energy level is LOW!!!!  So, OFF with you EXTRA pounds!!!  My caloric burn wasImage-88.jpg

A little slower day on steps, but considering it was RAINY all day, not too bad.  Today will be a better day!  I did not get my heart rate as high has yesterday, but not badImage-77

My Macros for yesterday wereImage-78Better on the carbs,actually pretty good all around, just TOO much food yesterday.  My nutrients were

Actually, not too bad overall, just ned to eat a little less.  How did you do yesterday?  And, more to the point, how are you doing today?

Like I said yesterday, I am not or was not sure I would even get a post in today.  I had an appointment at my rheumatologist, and if you do not have a morning appointment, you could wait FOREVER.  I kind of lucked out today, I only ended up waiting about 40 minutes, (I did get their early, so that may have helped) but the appointment itself ran a little longer than usual, so this post might be a bit shorter today.  But, the visit went well, or as good as it could be expected.  No big changes, but because of the elevated liver enzymes, they are sending me to a GI doctor that they work with in their building.  Until those results are back, we are not making any changes to my meds, for now.  But, I KNOW that I am WAY better off than a lot of the people in that office, so I am Thankful for that.

That was a long way of saying this post will be just a little shorter than yesterday, but tomorrow will be longer.  Plus, the fact that I am just not motivated today, I have a LOT of other work to get done yet, and this weather is just making me Mister Sleepy and tired head!  I even got a coffee and took it to the doctors office with me, a BIG coffee, and that did no good.  Is anybody like this?  I know I need to get my motivation back, and get some work done, but  💤is what I feel like!  Jeez Tamie, quit your complaining.

That does remind me.  Spring is in the air, and THAT makes me feel better and really happy.  I have noticed so many little daffodils poking their heads out, and the azaleas are starting to bloom, and the cherry trees are blooming!!!!  I have been wanting to take pictures of these to share, but with all this dang rain, I haven’t been able to, and in the mornings when it hasn’t been raining, it is too dark, so I will tell you all how pretty these look, and as soon as the rain goes away and the sun comes out, I will take some pictures.

On another note.  When I got to the doctors office, there was an older gentleman leaving with a big bag.  The nurse that did my workup proceeded to tell me this guy was having an infusion today and he brought in cookies for the ENTIRE office.  How cool was that!  That made me think.  I really want to try new recipes, for things like gluten free banana breads, brownies, snacks in general, but I do not want a lot of left overs.  I could make these and then take them into the doctors office, (I have to go back here in 3 weeks) and that way, I could try new recipes, but not have lots of leftovers.  And, then I could take pictures and share with you guys, and post the recipe as well.  Now, that is an idea.  I AM committing to this today.  (I just made my new motto, “More do, less talk”)  So get on with it Tamie!

OK, now I really do need to get back at it.  On top of everything else today, and this week, we have a dinner tonight, so I need to get my usual night stuff done now, so I can get to dinner.  By night stuff, I need to take MR. G out a little early so he can do his night stuff.

So, until tomorrow, leave me a comment below and let me know how I am doing, or if you have questions, just put in the comment section.  And,

Stay Hydrated!  But not TOO much water!

Be Active!  I am still doing my 55 jumping jacks today and my 55 squats, have you ?

Be Happy!  Just remember, you could be a lot worse off!

And, come back tomorrow for more!


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