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Loving this sun!

Loving this sun!

Hello!  How is everyone!  What a difference a day makes!  The sun is finally out!! YAY

dawn sunset beach woman
This is how I feel today!

We did have sun yesterday also, but it was very windy.

First, my today’s affirmation:Positive-Affirmation_6-1  And I really do choose Happiness.  What was your affirmation today?

And my healthy heart motivation is:With-A-Healthy-Heart..The-Beat-Goes-On.-400x600.jpg  I feel this was very appropriate.

First, I apologize for getting this out late today, I was having issues with my internet, don’t know what was going on, but got it fixed.

Now, I have done a lot of thinking over the weekend, and I taking this blog in a different direction, just not completely sure which way yet.  I myself am REALLY tired of talking about macros, nutrients, calories and jabber jabber about workouts.  If I am tired of it, I am sure that you all are tired of this as well.  Are you?  Let me know about this.  If you aren’t I will keep posting about this, but please let me know.

Now, what am I going to post on everyday?  Not completely sure yet, but, this will be a work in progress.  One day at a time.

I feel this way because, really, do you enjoy hearing my Macros every day, my nutrients, what my doctors are telling me!!!!  And be honest.  I am just getting really tired of this and need to blog about something more upbeat, and you need to be able to look forward to reading a more upbeat and happy blog!

I will do one post a week about the way or types of workouts I did that week.  But only one!  I may even post more pics of my work outs.  Part of my goal of this blog (future podcast) is to make all of you aware of how you feel, your body feels, how you and your body feel after you do different exercises, eating different foods, and maybe encourage you to try different things!  Like for example, meditation, have you ever tried this and if you have, how does it make you feel.

I will do one post a week about the companies I work with, the products they offer, the discounts I can give you, and what I think of the products I have tried with them.

I will do one post a week on the foods I have tried, or made, or baked.  (By the way, I am making banana bread as I key)  I will take pictures when it comes out of the oven and post the pics and the recipes tomorrow.

I will also address different topics like sugar, what it does to your body, the damage it does to your body, and maybe, between us, we can kick the sugar habit.

The other posts will be random posts, maybe the weekend, what I shows I am binging on, the podcasts I have listened to, maybe even new music I am listening to, new fashions, and who knows!

I AM asking ALL of you readers to send me a quick comment below and tell me what you want to hear about.  I will also, maybe in the middle of March, I will have a readers question blog, and I will answer your questions.  So, feel free to start sending me your questions.

I am also really tired of talking about MY health.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to talk about all things healthy, so, from time to time I will post on different foods and how they may affect people in general, or help people in general.  But if you want to know how I personally how I am doing, you will have to send me an e-mail

and ask me.  I do hope this new blog approach will make for better reading for you.  And you will look forward to reading this blog everyday, and you will share with your friends.  Remember, the more you support this blog, the sooner I can start my podcast and this will be my full time work.  YAY!!!

Ok, did you all have a good weekend?  Ours was really pretty good.  Saturday was a little boring, it was cold and cloudy and rainy and just miserable.  We got all of our errands ran that morning, and came home, and just kind of binge watched TV, read for awhile, I prepped a LOT of vegetables, (I am really on this vegetable kick recently, I have been eating a LOT of celery, carrots, radishes, peppers, ) so I got a BIG bowl of that ready on Saturday.  Other then that, that was pretty much the day.

Sunday was a little better day, it was SUNNY!!!!  We did get some REALLY good walks in, 2 in fact, we went to the mall and wondered around for awhile.  The hubs needed some shave cream, his new favorite store to get this is “The Art of Shaving”  (thanks os) so we went there and he got everything he needed.  We wondered just a little longer and then came home.  My intent was to do a little work to get ahead for today, but that thought went out the window when we decided to take another walk.  Really walk or work!!!  What would you chose?

Ok my readers, I am sorry, I know this is a little short today, but I am running behind and must get going.  So, I have some things I will really want you to do.

Please send me either an e-mail or leave me a comment below and tell me what you think of my new format plan for the blog!

Let me know what topics you would like to read about!

Let me know if you have favorite products you want to share with us!

And, in light of my new ideas, I will leave you all with a positive thought:

I can. I will. End of story

So, come back tomorrow to see what tomorrow will bring.



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