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Hey all you darlings that keep coming back!  How is everyone doing today?  Did everyone have a good weekend?  We really had no plans and all of the sudden, it was Sunday night already, no clue where the weekend went.

We did have a lot of shopping to do, our refrigerator, cupboards, freezer, basically everything was down to nothing.  This was one of our big stock up shopping weekends, and we did a lot of food prep as well.  I like to have big bowls of cut up vegetables and ready to eat fruit available.  Now we have lots of good healthy food.

The hubs also had some shopping to do for his office.  They are having a lunch there today so he needed to pick up some “staples”.  And of course, we did the bulk of this during the HEAVIEST rain yesterday, along with the lightning and thunder we got!  By the time we got home, and I walked poor G, I was soaked thru.  Everything came off and I needed all dry clothes.  But, the sun is out today.  It is a bit deceiving, as it is only 41 degrees out, but better then the 36 when G and I went on our jalk this morning.  And as I said I was on Friday, I did start my jogging/running today.  It felt really good!  One day down, a gazillion to go!

I know that I also said I was going to do at least one yoga class a week, and I have not yet found one I really like, as well as the time slot that works, but I am looking and I will TRY to do one this week.  I will continue the jogging and a little more running every day.  I am working on getting my minor surgery scheduled, but wow, it seems this doctor is really booked, but there are a few openings.  I am one of those people, if I do not do it NOW, I will never do it, so the sooner the better, and that is exactly what I told the doctors office.  Now I need to check with the hubs to see what date he can do this.  Wow, such a freaking hassle!

The one thing we did do on Sunday, after we finally got some lunch made, and were dry, we watched “The Commuter”.  This is a Liam Neeson movie.  I normally like any movie he is in, but for some reason, this was just too predictable.  I actually fell asleep for a few minutes while we were watching it.  Have you watched this?  If so, what did you think?

Did you give yourself your positive affirmation this morning?  I certainly hope so, my affirmation today was

“I am surrounded by supportive, positive people who believe in me and want to see my succeed” 

What was yours?

I have two issues I would like you, as readers and followers, input on.

First, my nails.  I normally have really strong healthy nails, and I can get the polish to last 10 days to two weeks if I am careful.  For about the last month, every time I put polish on, the polish chips almost immediately.  I have tried all kinds of things.  I have tried leaving the polish off for several days and really hydrating the nails, I have tried new base and top coat, I have tried brand new polish, and it just seems to be getting worse.  Any ideas? I am wondering if this is related to my gall bladder problems, that for some reason, it is affecting something with my nails?  If any of you out there has any suggestions, ideas, or if this has happened to you, please let me know.  Send me an e-mail at

and let me know.

Second issue I want EVERYONES opinion.  You all know that I was a Beauty Counter Consultant for some time.  Then I wasn’t.  It wasn’t that I did not like ALL of their products, actually some of their skin care I really liked,  (to be honest, there were some products I did not like) but as a whole, what I used, I liked.  Well, they have contacted me today to become a consultant again.  I am really seriously contemplating this.  Question??  What do you think?  And if I do become a consultant again, will you try some of their products from me?  I am thinking of doing like the Legendary Foods, I will offer samples, all you need to do is send me an e-mail and I would send samples.  Let me know what you think.  I am a little hesitant, as the Beauty Counter products are not really inexpensive, but then, what is the health of our skin worth?  Plus, these are safe skin care products and with everything else I have going on, I think this would be the best for me.  Send me an e-mail and let me know what you think, I want the feedback!

Did any of you listen to the podcast “Emotional Badass?  I listened to quite a few of these on Friday, and some are okay, some are really good.  If you did listen, please let me know what you think!

I was also listening to another of my favorite podcast, “Keep Living Lean”.  These are shorter podcasts, and some are question and answer sessions.  I like these podcasts because they are more real life, or real people type podcast.  One of the ones that I was listening to was on how to loose body fat.  Now, not that I have a lot of body fat to lose, but I do have some that I could stand to lose.  They talked about how there really not a cut and dried answer, it all depends on your size, how much fat you have to loose, and how long you are giving yourself to lose it.  For a person of my size, they said that it is not a good idea to cut calories below 20% of your maintenance calories.  So for me, it is best to not cut calories by more then 400 calories a day, which I do not do.  Obviously, I like to eat!  They also said, it is always a good idea to mix things up. For example, if you normally lift weights, it is a good idea to change to cardio for a month to 6 weeks.  My point here is, since I need to quit lifting weights for awhile, and I have decided to jog/run more, this is exactly what they suggested.  Again, I do not have much fat to lose, but if I can shed just a few pounds, that would be good.

Ok gang, I think I got a little long winded today.  Sorry,  but now I have to get back to work.  Please let me know what you think about me becoming a  Beauty Counter Consultant again, if you have any suggestions on the bad nail issue, and anything you want to drop me a line on.  I like to get all the feedback and comments I can.

So, remember to leave a comment below, and come back tomorrow for more.  Until then




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