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Really Motivated Today

Really Motivated Today

Here I am again!  And feeling really good today.  Have no idea why, but I’ll take it!

I have to share this first, because I am pretty excited about my time on the treadmill today.  I did a mile in 10:31.  This was my overall :

IMG_0450  My overall average pace was 12:53, not too bad.  I know, not near as fast as most of you, but for me!!!  Lightning speed!  I am sure about mid afternoon I will collapse, but I did get a Venti Starbucks, so I might be okay.

Let’s move on.  I made my own motivation today.  As I was jogging on the treadmill, I just kept telling myself, You can do this, you Can do this, you can DO this, you can do This, and guess what, I did it!!!  What did you tell yourself today?

I tried to schedule my VERY MINOR surgery yesterday, and man, this is so much harder then it should be.  The doctor only has certain days, my husband can only do very FEW days, so I need to call the doctors office back today while the hubs is right here and work it out.  I just want to get it done NOW, or I might change my mind.  I did talk to my “other” doctor today, and his comment was get it done as soon as possible.  And he also had some insight on after, as far as diet and eating habits are concerned.  He said the same thing everyone else has said,

No Fried Foods

Low Fat

Eat Slowly and smaller meals

and he added, for gods sake, chew you food good!  So okay, both of you, I will get it done as soon as I can and I will be very careful after the fact.  Thank You!!

If any of you readers have had your gall bladder removed, please let me know how the surgery went and how it has affected your diet or anything else.  Just send me an e-mail below.

Okay, on to other things.  I told you yesterday I was contemplating re enrolling as a Beauty Counter Consultant.  Well, I did it.  I am going to try to this again!  And I am really going to promote it this time.  Now, for those of you that are wondering, I did not quit as a consultant because I did not like the products.  There are some of their product that I REALLY liked, for example, the 201901_Resurfacing_Peel_Flyer_FINAL.jpg

I have used this for several months now, and I really like this.  I would suggest this to EVERYONE.  I did not like their mascara, but that might be because of the contacts I wear.  Somebody else might be very happy with it.  I also love the product-images-1050-imgs-new-lip-conditioner-in-peppermint.png  I seem to have very sensitive lips, and I use this and my lips stay hydrated and soft and do not get cracked or dry.  This is another product I would recommend to everyone.  Please check out all of the great safer skin care products they have at

If you have any questions or need and advice, please let me know.  If I do not have the answer, I will get it for you.  I am so excited to be part of this again, and you, as readers, can help support this blog soon to be podcast!  And thank you in advance for the support!  And, I will be offering samples of Beauty Counter products, so I will ask now, if you want some samples, just send me an e-mail

I also mentioned yesterday my nails have just been nasty lately.  Thanks to those of you who sent in advise.  I will give some of this a try.  What I did do for now, I removed all of the polish, and I have been keeping them VERY moisturized.  I am going to leave the polish off for several days, and then try again.  Maybe, this will help!

Do you ever get the feeling everything is closing in on you?  I sometimes, get very claustrophobic.   If things get too cluttered, I get a little nervous and just need to sometime, stop what I am doing and get every cleaned out and organized.  For example, right now, I have several stacks and piles on my desk.  (Honestly, I have shit piled everywhere,) and I just need to get my desk ORGANIZED and everything filed and put in the proper place.  I will do that right after I finish this post.  When I get like this, I tell myself, if I pick up a piece of paper or a file, I cannot put it down until I do everything that needs to be done with that piece of paper or file.  Sometimes, that is the only way I can get things done.

Yesterday, my bathroom vanity was getting a little cluttered, so I did that on the vanity.  One of the things I did, since I have not done this for a LONG time.  I thoroughly cleaned all my hair brushes and combs.  This was one of the things that was really bothering me. I checked that off my list yesterday and today I will get my desk done.  I know that I am a little OCD about things, so when I get like this, I just need to handle it.  Besides, when things are organized, I feel so much better and relaxed.  Are any of  you readers like this?

Ok all you wonderful people out there, I need to get organized, need to get back to work, need to promote the Beauty Counter products.  Just need to get to it.  So, remember to leave me a comment, check out the Beauty Counter site, and come back tomorrow for more.  Until then


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