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Yay, I am now a Branch Basics Affiliate

Yay, I am now a Branch Basics Affiliate

Welcome to another day in my life!  What a day and what a life!  I am both Blessed, Lucky and just Happy to be here today!

Wow, that was a little odd!!!  But that is how I feel today!  Actually, I feel quite well, just another busy day.  And, has it should be, that was what I kept telling myself, my morning motivation, as we were jogging this morning.  Some days I am just happy to be out and getting to it, and it is great to be alive.

This is just another BUSY day in many days of BUSY days, but I am making lots of headway.  But, more work has just arrived.  I got my Beauty Counter Kit, and lots of product to send out, so be sure to look at my Beauty Counter Website

And place that order so you can get a Full Size Product absolutely free from me!  And if you do have questions, just shoot me an e-mail

And I will help you out.  Happy Shopping and Welcome to the Safer Skin Care Life!

Speaking of safer and shopping.  I have been accepted by Branch Basics to be an affiliate with them!  How Cool is that.  So now, you can click on my Branch Basics site

And check out their safer cleaning products and place your order.  From now until April 5th, if you order the Starter Kit, and enter Code Tamiesjourney you will get 15% off.  You should really check this out.  I think I get my product today, so as soon as I do get it, I will let you know how I like it.  I have heard and read so many good things about this, I cannot believe that it will not be fantastic!  Let me know if you do place an order.  If I get enough feedback on this, I may order some of their “bottles” to send out to those of you that order product from my link.  What would you think of that?

I did not listen to ANY podcast today while why I was in the gym, just felt like some good music, but the other day I was listening to one of my favorites, she was interviewing her guest, and they were talking about when they very first started blogging.  The question was, in the beginning, did you feel like an imposter or like when you were blogging, you weren’t being you?  And they both replied Yes, and went on to explain their reasons.  But now, for both of them, it is just who they are.

I thought about that for some time, and when I first started this blog, I really did feel like another person, like I wasn’t being me.  But as time went on, I got more and more comfortable, and now, it is almost like this is who I REALLY am.  You readers are so great for coming back, and coming back again, and even though I do not know who you are, I feel like I know each of you personally, and that each day, I can just post about what I am feeling, or how I am thinking that day.  Surprisingly, some days I just don’t really feel like blogging, but it is part of my JOB, and once I get started, I really love sharing with.  By the time I get done, I feel better, I am motivated again, and it is almost a feeling of excitement that I could share everything with you.  And you know what, anything and everything you want to share with me, please do.  You can send me an e-mail

I am the only one that ever sees that, and you can share you joy, your feeling, your aches and pains, your recipes if you want, just SHARE!!!  That way, it is more like a friend ship. And once I do get my podcast up and going, we can share even more.  Thanks for being there!

Ok, what else is going on in your lives.  I am going to talk about this for about three sentences, and then I am done talking about this.  I have EVERYTHING taken care of for my very minor procedure, it is NO BIG DEAL, the worst parts is going to be I cannot eat anything after midnight the day of the procedure, and the procedure is not until 1:15 PM.  Now, those of you that do know me, know I LIKE to eat and eat a lot!!!!  Wow, that will be hard,  I CAN have all the WATER, coffee, (Thank God) tea and electrolyte water that I want.  This will be a good way to get my pants to fit a little better🤒  But I will probably survive!  I will have to change my way of eating and things I eat AFTER the fact, so that will be ok as well.

On to more uplifting topics!  Tomorrow, there is a Tattoo Convention here in the city.  Yes, I might have one or more tattoos, and so does the hubs.  We are going to this, just because it sounds like a good time, and we always look for something to do or somewhere to go on weekends.  (We used to do a lot of this by going to places to eat, like donut shops, but we cannot do this any more, and we do NOT need to go to Donut Shops or Bakeries, or Cookie Shops EVER AGAIN!)  So, I am really looking forward to this.  I don’t know that I will be able to take pictures here or not, but if I can, I will definitely take some to share.  And no, I am not getting a new tattoo here.  Not that I don’t want one, just don’t feel like sitting for THAT long!  If you have tattoos, please send me a picture, I love to see good artwork.

Well all you kangaroos, need to get on with my day, glad you came by and took a look again.  I hope that you all have a very good weekend.  While you are surfing on your computers over the weekend, remember to take a peak at my Beauty Counter site and maybe even buy something, and take a look at my Branch Basics site, and again, maybe even my something, and please, for God’s sake, help support this blog, so I can get going on my podcast, and really build my affiliate business, and do all kinds of good things for you followers who have stuck it out with me.

Until Monday,


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