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Making the Switch to Safer Household Products

Making the Switch to Safer Household Products

I’m just going to jump into it today, because that is the kind of day I am having.

Did everyone have a good weekend?  Mine was VERY busy, for whatever reason.  We did have a lot of errands to do, you know, it is only the 2 of us, but I swear, there are people that come in during the night and eat our food and drink our beverages. We are ALWAYS out of things, everything!  I know for myself, I eat a lot of FRESH fruits and vegetables, so we don’t buy a lot of those at one time, just enough for a few days.

Man, what a whiner I am!!!  Get over yourself.

We also got a couple of REALLY good walks in and, we went to a Tattoo Convention on Saturday.  I was a little disappointed, I thought that it would be bigger than it was, but it was still fun and entertaining.  I really want to get some more tattoos now, BUT, I feel, for the time being at least, I don’t need to risk any infections or anything like that.  There were artists there from all over the country and Canada.  Some of these people were really talented.  And then, of course, there were the REALLY bizarre people as well. It was nice.

I did NOT sleep well last night, no clue why, so my energy is just a bit above LETHARGIC today.  I had a hard time getting going while G and I were on our jalk, but I did manage to jog just a little.  I really didn’t feel like lifting OR the tread mill today, but I went with the treadmill.  It ended up to be not a bad time, I averaged 12.35 MPH for 1.5 miles.  I also did about 8 minutes on the bike, only because I had some work I needed to get done on phone, and I did not want to waste time.  That is called multi tasking!  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  What did you do today?

I have made an appointment with a Master Stylist to get my hair done, something, I am just not sure what yet.  I have talked with bout OD and ODIL, and they both have said the same thing.  Go shorter, meaning about shoulder length, and maybe a little color wouldn’t hurt either.  REALLY??  Wow, that is a lot shorter than I wanted to go, at least for now.  The three of us have looked through Pinterest and I came up with several ideas.  For now, at least just to break myself in a little, I think I am going to have her “bevel” the ends, cut a couple of inches off, and maybe go with an off the wall color.  Meaning something I would not really normally do.  If I do just a few inches, and have it beveled vs lots of layers, if I am happy, I can go back in about 6 weeks and maybe have more layers added.  I think that sounds like a happy medium!  For those of you that do know me, let me know any ideas or suggestions you may have.  I am going to try to post before and after pictures.  This is exciting, for me anyway.

I have been talking about trying to get safer products for my skin, as well as cleaning and household items.  My plan is, as I run out of skin care products and household items, I am replacing with safer items.  I have already told you about the Branch Basics,  I will have this tomorrow and then I can tell you all if I like this or not, but I have ran out of a lot of things, so I have purchased and will try the following safer household cleaning products:

I bought seventh generation dish washer tablets, laundry tablets and hand soap, I bought Home & Planet dish soap, and I bought method fabric softener, (and I did not take a picture, but their softener sheets as well).  Not sure how I will like all of this, but I am actually trying the dish tablets now as well as the laundry tablets.  I will let you all know how I like these items.

And don’t forget about Beauty Counter, the safer beauty products.  I am hosting an Open Social, titled March Social, starting tomorrow, March 12th.  This will run for 10 days.  Again, anyone that places an order for $75 or more with me, I will send one full size product.  So, I will post the link for the Open March Social tomorrow, both in my blog and on IG, so you can place your orders on my Social, and if you order $75 or more, you will get one full size item from me.  If you have any questions on this, just send me an e-mail

And I will try to help you out.  Happy Beauty Shopping!

I found a recipe for Brazilian Cheese Bread over the weekend that is GLUTEN free and very few ingredients.  I picked up everything at the store, and am going to attempt to make this sometime this week.  I will be sure to post the recipe and pictures, IF this does turn out.  It sounded so good and sometime, you just want something even bread like.  I hope this is good!

Well chiclets, since I am DRAGGING bad today, I only have a VERY small dent in my work so I got to get back at it.  Tomorrow, I plan on posting the links and discount codes to all of the companies that I work with, so that you can go to the sites and buy something to help support this blog soon to be podcast.

Remember, if you have thoughts for hair styles for long, thin, fine hair, send to me.  And leave your comments below, let me know if you are ready to make the switch to a safer household products as well as skin care.  And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more.    Until then



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