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March Social for Beauty Counter

March Social for Beauty Counter

What a beautiful day out it is today!  I ran out to drop off some Beauty Counter Products earlier and I thought it was going to be cooler than it was.  I was definitely overdressed.

How are you today?  I have been up a very long time already, and should have lots done, but the more I get done today, the more I have to do, but that is okay, it’s all good.  (I am being VERY positive today, as we should be EVERY day)

Actually, we got up so early today that when we got to our Starbucks, they were not even open yet!  Bummer, had to come home and make coffee!  We did get a really good walk in, and then I got on the treadmill at the gym and did one mile at a 4.8 mph pace.  Not bad for me.

Today I am going to post AGAIN, all of the companies that I work with, just so you remember and can look at all of the sites, and maybe, buy something.  I am working REALLY hard on everything, in hopes that soon, I can start my podcast, so help me make it happen.

Here are the companies that I currently work with, their website address/links and the discount codes that I can offer you.  PLEASE, check these out and make some purchases.  The sooner you ALL do this, the sooner I can get my podcast up and going!

Legendary Foods

This is my new favorite and if you have not tried this yet, go to

check out all of the GREAT Peanut Butters and Almonds they offer.  Once you decide to place your order, be sure to enter the code TAMIE at check out to get your discount.  Just a small sampling of their peanut butters is enjoying the taste of freshly baked homemade pecan pie without the guilt. Indulge in our Pecan Pie Raw Almond Butter and curb your intense cravings. If chocolate is your weakness, our Peanut Butter Cup Nut Butter is made with all natural peanut butter and real cocoa for the perfect snack that you can proudly eat straight out of the jar. Or, try our Blueberry Cinnamon Bun Cashew Butter, flavored with cinnamon and coconut, and packed with protein.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Hello Ned.  

I don’t think that I ever reported on how I like the Hemp Oil.  I have been using this at night for some time  now and I can tell the difference.  It just gives you a more restful nights sleep.  I take one full dropper at bedtime, I hold this under my tongue for about 1 minute.  It really does make a difference.  Once I am done with this bottle, (currently, I have the 300 mg strength) I am going to try the next level, 750 mg strength.

Hemp has been used for thousands of years to support health and wellness and despite the common misconception, does not get you high.What it will do, however, is help regulate homeostasis in nearly every biological system in your body, bringing balance to body andmind.Try some under your tongue with one of our premium Hemp Oils or topically with our Hemp Infused Body Butter and Lip Balms.  I have tried both the body butter and the lip balm, and they are both GREAT.  I strongly suggest you try all of these if you have any trouble sleeping, and the body butter goes on like silk and leaves your skin SO soft.  Go to

Check out these great products, and when you place your order, be sure to enter code TAMIE10 to get your discount.  Let me know what you think.

Four Athletics:

This company is an awesome company.  Their athletic wear is GREAT!  (The Paleomg is my favorite )  The company itself is an awesome company to work with, and their clothing fits so well!  Please go to their website

And check out what they have going on now.  I always post as they get new products in and when you do place your order, be sure to enter code tamiesjourney to get your discount.  Again, let me know what you think.


This is a great company that makes lab testing so easy.

with 30+ at-home kits — from fertility to food sensitivity tests — ordered by you. Our tests offer simple sample collection, free shipping, and physician-reviewed results and insights sent to your device in just days.
Please go to their website
to see all of the GREAT tests they offer.  I still have not had the food sensitive test done, but I think now is a great time to do this.  I am going to order MY kit this week yet.  Once I get this, I will share with you the process it takes.  Once you look through their website, and you place your order, be sure to enter code EVERLY to get your discount.  If yo do order, be sure to let me know what you order and what you think of the testing.

Branch Basics

And check out their safer cleaning products and place your order.  From now until April 5th, if you order the Starter Kit, and enter Code Tamiesjourney you will get 15% off.  You should really check this out.  I still have not got my product, but as soon as I do get it, I will let you know how I like it.  I have heard and read so many good things about this, I cannot believe that it will not be fantastic!  Let me know if you do place an order.  If I get enough feedback on this, I may order some of their “bottles” to send out to those of you that order product from my link.  What would you think of that?

Beauty Counter

I am hosting a online Social, it is called the March Social, starting today until March 22.  Anyone that places an order for $75 BEFORE tax and shipping, I will send one full size product to.  Visit my website

And check out all of the GREAT safer skin care products.  Also, I just got this news,


So, here’s a client appreciation gift from me
(This is for Band of Beauty Members only)
I love hooking you up with free gifts. SO, as a special Thank You Gift to my loyal Band of Beauty Members:

1. Spend $125 or more before tax and shipping and I will send you your choice of a sample set below:

Choose from:

  • #1 Countermatch Sampler Pack – adapts to your skin’s changing needs for hydration throughout the day, great for sensitive, dry, or normal skin (I don’t recommend for acne-prone skin)
  • #2 Countercontrol Sampler Pack – controls oil and breakouts without overly drying your skin, for oily or acne-prone skin.
  • #3 Rejuvenating Sampler Pack – intense hydration and anti-aging actives, for aging skin.
  • #4 Counterman Sampler Pack – For the men in your life!
  • #5: A Cleansing Balm & Overnight Peel Sample
  • #6: A Sunscreen Sample Pack

Each sample set (except the last two) includes 3 steps of a Beautycounter regimen: Cleanse (Cleanser), Treat (Serum), Protect (Moisturizer).  Sampler Packs are good for approximately 1-3 uses.

2. Spend $200 or more before tax and shipping and get…

1. Shop & place an order through My Link!
2. Forward your order receipt to Please note which tier you qualify for, which sample pack you’d like, and which brow gel color if you qualify.
3. Gifts to follow! Allow up to 2 weeks after the window ends to receive.

Which shade is best for you?

  • Light: neutral beige for light to dark blonde and strawberry blonde hair.
  • Medium: neutral medium brown for light to medium brunette hair.
  • Dark: neutral deep brown for dark brunette hair.
  • Soft Black: cool soft black for deep brunette to black hair.
  • Clear: A clear finish to give definition without color.

*Ends 3/31/19 at midnight PST. YOU MUST forward your receipt to receive your free gift from me. US only. Must be a BoB member or add the membership to your order. Orders placed or submitted to me after midnight Pacific time on 3/31/19 will not qualify for my gifts even if you purchased in the timeframe noted. Limit one gift per customer.*Order total is what you spend on this order on product less applicable taxes, discounts/credits, shipping and handling, and membership enrollment/renewal. So, it’s your current out-of-pocket cost minus tax and shipping.

Not a VIP Member Yet?
Here are the details!
Beautycounter has a VIP Program called Band of Beauty Membership (think AMAZON PRIME), which is our way to get you DISCOUNTS. In addition to free shipping and an awesome gift when you first sign up, it’s *essentially* like a permanent 15%-off coupon (that you apply towards future orders).

If you’re going to shop with Beautycounter more than once or twice, this is seriously a no-brainer!

Here are the details:

  • Membership is $29 (yearly)
  • You get FREE SHIPPING on orders of $100+
  • You get 15% BACK in product credit on each order!
  • If your initial sign-up purchase exceeds $50, you ALSO get a gift! The gift right now is the AWARD WINNING Instant Eye Make Up Remover.

Click the Band of Beauty banner when you place your order to add the membership to your cart for $29 (one-year membership) to start racking up your product credits and receive your free gift! PLUS you get special incentives and gifts from me, if you become a member!!

I think I have given you enough for today to browse through.  When you do check out any of the above sites and order something, (and I hope you do) let me know what you think of the product.

I still have just a few samples of the Legendary Nut Butter I can send out.  If you do want some, please send an e-mail to me at

My E-mail

and I will send this out to you.

For now, everyone, have a great day, be positive, and come back tomorrow for more.


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