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Changing to a Safer, Healthier Lifestyle

Changing to a Safer, Healthier Lifestyle

What a beautiful day out it is today!  I love this time of year!  Ok, really, I like any time of year when the temperature gets to 70 or more and the sky is blue and the sun is shining.  That is the kind of weather I like.

This day has been very busy but very productive.  We all got a REALLY good walk in this am, and then I got on the treadmill and did one mile in 12:30 minutes.  Not the speed demons most of you are, but for me, pretty good.  My goal is, for the next sixish weeks, I am going to try to reach an 11 minute mile average for 2 miles.  I say sixish weeks, because once I have my very minor procedure, it will be six weeks at least before I can lift again.  So, why not make the most of it!

I finally received my Branch Basics cleaner and Boost today.  I have only tried the cleanerTrialKitVignette but the little bit that I tried it, so far, I like this.  Remember,you can click on my Branch Basics site

And check out their safer cleaning products and place your order.  From now until April 5th, if you order the Starter Kit, and enter Code Tamiesjourney you will get 15% off.  You should really check this out.  We should all be on a journey to cleaner, safer products, whether it be household or personal.

And I need to remind you all,be sure to look at my Beauty Counter Website

And place that order so you can get a Full Size Product absolutely free from me!  (If you place any order by the end of March of $75 or more, before tax and shipping, I will send you one full size Beauty Counter product)  And if you do have questions, just shoot me an e-mail

And I will help you out.  Happy Shopping and Welcome to the Safer Skin Care Life!

One of the other things that I do every day, is to take Collagen.  I used this brand a long time agoIMG_0468.jpg  but when I ran out, I ordered a different brand.  The other brand was okay, but when I ran out of that, I went back to the Vital Proteins.  I forgot how good this was.  It dissolves so easily in your beverage of choice, I put mine in my morning coffee, and you do not taste it at all.  And bonus, when I got this bottle, there was the cutest little tag on the bottleIMG_0469.jpg  who doesn’t love peace, love and collagen!  Do you use a collagen?  It really does help the nails, skin, I am not so sure of yet, and hair, well, after tomorrow, I will be able to judge more.

Speaking of hair, tomorrow is my appointment with the stylist.  (I am SO tempted to cancel, just because) but I will not allow myself to do this.  I have made up my mind that I am only going to have her to do a “little”, like maybe 2-3 inches off the bottom, but I am going to let her bevel the ends, and MAYBE, a little color.  I will try to post before and after pictures.  This is really a big thing for me, because the last time, several years ago, I decided it was time for a change, it was a BIG bust and I made myself promise I would NEVER cut my hair shorter again.

We have been talking about places we want to visit this year.  The first is going to be South Dakota, only because we have not visited with the hubs family for several years, and we have a niece getting married, so this is a good opportunity to go.  This would not be my first choice, but all is good and we do need to visit the family.

We are also talking about going to Aruba for a longish weekend.  I have done some research on this, but am learning there is not a lot to do in Aruba.  Am I missing something?  If you have been to Aruba, please let me know what you thought, what you did, good places to stay, and if you can do a lot of walking.  The hubs and I don’t need a LOT to do, but we do want to be able to walk around and see and do some things.  Please send any and all suggestions you might have to

My E-mail

We want to do this in late April, early May, but in reality, I think this will be moved out until the end of May.

We are also taking about spending a long weekend in Savannah, GA.  This would be a destination we can drive to.  I have been to Savannah once before, and it was nice. That was many years ago so it will be nice to do this again.  If you have been here recently, also, please let me know things to do, places to eat and stay.

I know this was a little shorter than I wanted, but I have lots to get done yet.  I am really working on promoting the Beauty Counter, and all of the other companies that I work with.  So please visit these sites, buy a little something, help support this blog very soon to be podcast, and then I can really get to know you all.

So, until tomorrow, leave me a comment below, what I would like you to comment on today is if you will listen to my podcast when I get it up and going, and which of my sites you have visited.

So, be sure to come back tomorrow for more.


xoxo luvs



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