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Happy First Day of Spring

Happy First Day of Spring

First order of business today is apologizing for not doing blog posts for the last two days.  I had my very minor procedure done Monday, and I have a feeling the doctor exagerrated how “fast” you recover from this surgery.  Now, don’t misunderstand, the surgery itself only took about one hour, and than it took about another hour to come to again.  I did walk out of the hospital on my own, and really did not feel to bad.  Well, once all of the pain drugs and everything else wore off, I might have been a little sore.  Okay, maybe a lot sore and I am not moving too fast yet.

Today, Wednesday, I am feeling a little better, my stomach is getting somewhat back to normal size, but I couldn’t wear my jeans yet today, just a little to snug around the incision area.  Today I just feel really really stiff, like I did thousands of sit ups.  My breathing is better today, but I am still walking really slow because when you try to lift your foot to walk, it pulls on the incisions.  There are a total of four incisions and a BIG hole where they stuck a very large needle in me.  I am trying real food for lunch today, (I have been eating applesauce and drinking broth)  but I am realizing I can only eat a tiny bit at a time, and I have to chew my food REALLY good.  I have been drinking lots, lots of anything I can find.  I am trying to wash everything out of my system because supposedly, that will help as well.

OK Tamie, quit your whining.

On a more upbeat note, I have wonderful children.  OD wanted to meet for coffee over the weekend, and she gave me the cutest card with a wonderful little hand written message  inside.  How thoughtful.

OS and DIL sent these to meIMG_0480  Who doesn’t love bright colored flowers.  Like I said, I have WONDERFUL kids!!!

Even though I may not be moving too fast, we did get our walk in yesterday and today.  I just didn’t set any records with my walking, but I was out there.  And bonus, the moons the last several morning have been gorgeous.  This was the moon Tuesday morningIMG_0478  and this was the moon todayIMG_0481Pretty cool, right!

Can you believe today is the first day of spring already?  I do have to say that it certainly does not feel like it.  It was 33 degrees out this morning when we walked, that is not spring weather.  But, the sky is blue and the birds are out, so all is good.

This post would not be complete if I did not at least mention Beauty Counter.  How many of you have visited my Beauty Counter site?

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And don’t forget, if you place an order of $75 or more, before shipping and taxes, before the end of March, I will send you a full size product.  If you do have questions on any of the products, or are not quite sure where to start, just send me an e-mail

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Have any of you tried the Branch Basics yet?  While hanging around the hospital, and watching people, it has become even more important to me to try to use more earth friendly, non toxic household cleaners.  This goes hand in hand with eating better, cleaner foods.  While doing a little waiting at the hospital, I did a lot of observing of people.  There were a LOT of people that came in, they were being pushed in wheel chairs, and I truly think they were in wheel chairs because they were to LARGE to walk on their own, and they were just too lazy!  I am sorry, but I have no sympathy for people that get that big and do not take care of themselves.  Now, I really do not have a lot of room to talk because for MANY years, the hubs was pretty big.  It took him a two week stay in the hospital and near death experience, to get through to him.  He has lost a lot of weight and is still losing, and has become much picker about what he eats.  So, I know it can be done.  I just want to walk up to those people and say “Get off your lazy ass and walk”.  Now, I may have been a little pissed off to start with. Why you ask, I will tell you.  When I was standing at the 2nd admissions desk, listening, or trying to listen, to their instructions, one of the very LARGE people in a wheel chair, came up behind me and ran right into my leg.  No I am sorry, excuse me, nothing, they just sat there like I was in their way!!!!  I really wanted to tell THEM to get off their ass and walk and maybe they would feel better.

Than in looking around the room, there were so many people eating McDonalds.  ( The hospital has a Mc Donalds right there.)  Now, in my opinion, that is not in any way healthy food.  And the people eating this truly did not need to be eating that.  For God’s sake, eat a piece of fruit or have a vegetable!

Also, this was not the cleanest place I have been.  OK, it was clean and kept up, but again, this just made me realize we ALL need to make an attempt to eat better, and get more exercise, and use more earth friendly products.  If you are doing this, send me a message

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and tell me what you are doing to improve the quality of your life!

I showed you all pictures of my before and after hair last week.  I need to share that I LOVE this.  Just the trim alone has made a huge difference in my hair, and when I am in the sun, the color really shines.  I am already thinking ahead to my next appointment, I want to go even boulder on the next color.  This is so exciting.  Did you see my before and after pictures?  If so, what did you think?

We chickiedoodles, because I got so far behind from missing Monday and just not quite having a lot of energy yet yesterday, I have a lot to catch up on.  I did want to let you all know that I have not forgot about you, I am still here.

So, until tomorrow, take a look at my Beauty Counter site, ( and make a purchase to help support this blog soon to be podcast) send me a comment below and let me know if you are using more earth friendly products, and if yes, what are you using, and come back tomorrow for more.  Until then


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