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The Weekend is Almost Here!

The Weekend is Almost Here!

Good Day all you lovely people!  Everyone doing good today?  I certainly hope so because today is Friday!  That means, the weekend is almost here.  Let’s get on with it!

You know, since I cannot go to the gym in the mornings, it is surprising how much more time I have!  But for whatever reason, I still have LOTS to do.  I am one of those people, I think, the more time I have, the more I find to do.

G and I got a good walk in this morning, a little over 4 miles, but it was a little cooler and windy!!!  The weather was actually giving the wind chill!  What’s up with that?  It is March, it is spring and this is Atlanta!!!!!

Just a quick update for you, I am feeling almost human today.  I actually put jeans on today, a little rough, but I have been wearing leggings all week and I decided I could try to look a bit better.  I think that has helped also.  Food is a little iffy yet, but trust me, I will NOT starve, I have plenty stored up.  Plus, I just made up my mind that I will feel better today, and confident that I am feeling better.  Let’s see what the power of confidence and positivity does for me.

I had a reader ask how I stay motivated and on track working from our home office.  Well, this is easier said than done.  Years back, when I actually went to an office every day, I always thought, how cool it would be to work from home.  I thought I could get so much done.  Once you actually do work from home on a full time basis, you really have to make a schedule and stick to it.  For me, I am a very routine type person.  If I am not on my schedule or normal routine, I just feel like I am scrambling to get things done.  So, at the end of every day, I have a notebook, ( I have tried using an actual planner, but that does not work for me.)  Back to the notebook.  I write down EVERYTHING I WANT to get done the next day.  I list first, the things I MUST get done, and after that, I write down what I should get done.  The next day, as I get things done, I cross them off the list.  I write everything in the notebook.  Even things like working out, what errands I need to get done, if I have appointments that day, lunch dates I have, EVERYTHING!  Sometimes when I see the list in the morning, it is almost seems a little overwhelming, but I just sit down and get at it.  I also make sure that I get up and move around, at least every hour.  I am the type of person, when I am really deep into something, (for me, that might be pricing) I loose all track of time, so sometimes I have to force myself to get up and move.  This plan works MOST days, but things do come up and I have to improvise.

I was also asked, how do I keep from eating all day while at home!  Well, again,much easier said than done.  But I have gotten much better over the years.  In fact, some days, I get so busy I almost forget to stop and eat.  (Of course, that does not happen often)  When you do work at home full time, you really need to be self motivated and concentrate on the job in front of you!  And not be running to the kitchen to get a “snack”.

As I write about keeping a plan or schedule, I think I talked about this some time ago, but never kept at it so much.  I am going to have a “schedule” for blog posts.  Although, for now at least, I will not be able to post much about work outs I am doing or trying, but as soon as I get to the gym again, I will do that.  In the meantime, my plan is to (First, I think I need to start a notebook just for the blog soon to be podcast, Yes, good idea)  but each day, Monday through Friday, I will have a particular topic I will post about.  I will start each days post with a certain topic, and I will also add to that topic.

For example, Monday’s might be the weekend, what I did, if I went anywhere, if there were events in the city I went to, and so one.  Tuesday will be another topic, and so on.  One day may be about a new recipe I have tried or want to try.  Of course, one day each week I will talk about and promote companies I am working with, products I am trying, things like that, and also, I think I may go back to counting macros so I will post on that as well.  So, I am giving you readers an assignment.  Please leave me a comment in the comment section below, and tell me what topics you would really like me to talk about.  (I am so over talking about procedures, and doctors and things, so please do not suggest those topics) but everything else is fair game. If you readers can do this soon,  my Monday post will be the rough itinerary of what I will post on certain days.  Did that make sense?  I feel like my words are not making sense, maybe I have had too much coffee today since I got up pretty early. So, I do hope this post is making sense.

This is an off the wall topic, but for whatever reason, I got a really good look at myself in the mirror the other day.  I think this was the morning of my procedure, when they told me NOT to wear any type of makeup or lotions.  WOW, scary old woman face.  So, in addition to using the Beauty Counter products, (yes, I am promoting Beauty Counter, so be sure to buy some) I am thinking of trying shaving my face at least once a month, and I need to try some “peels” .  There are some things I refuse to do, like Botox.  In my opinion, that is just putting more toxins in your body.  I want to try as many all natural things that I can to improve the appearance of my skin.  BTW, I am open to suggestions, so please let me your suggestion in the comment section below.

Jeez, I am not sure this post is making any sense today, but in my mind it makes good sense, but now, it is time to go again, I need to get my new notebook out and start making “blog” notes and ideas.  I need to make this blog really interesting so that you readers will suggest this to your friends, and they will suggest it to their friends, and soon, I will have so many readers  supporting my blog that I can FINALLY start my podcast!  YAY!

Everyone, have a GREAT weekend, enjoy the weather wherever you are, and come back Monday to see what’s up!  And, leave me your comments below.

Until Monday



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