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What a Sunset

What a Sunset

Remember Me!  Well here I am and hopefully, will be for some time.

First, do you want me to explain why I was MIA for so long?  No, well good, because I have no good explanation, other than life just got crazy.  But who’s life isn’t one big crazy day?

I am going to skip all of the yada yada excuses, because do you really care?  Here I am, and I am feeling better then ever!!  Just to show you, this was my 1 mile on the tread mill todayIMG_0496

I know that is NOT the speed demons most of you are, but I DON’T CARE, (but good for all of you) This was pretty good for me.  Tomorrow I AM going to do 1.5 at the same pace, or better.  I should also tell you, this was AFTER G and I did about 3 miles at a REALLY good pace out side.  I will post the time I get on the treadmill again tomorrow.

I have SO many things to blog about today, and I was actually starting this about 10 AM this morning, but my work e-mail decided to be a pain in the ass and was not working, on either my phone or MAC.  I messed with it for about one hour, because you know, I am such a tech geek😫, so I finally got my IT guy to help and it took to about 1 to get it working!!!! BUMMER!  But, here I am.

I am going share some of the latest events and things I have done recently, and then tomorrow, I am going to get up EARLY and get a good start on the day and blog a LOT more, so be sure to come back tomorrow.

I first have to talk about Beauty Counter, because this is a 1 day sale only. image.png

Beauty Counter is great for the Safer Skin Care Products.  Please go to my website

I am really working on changing EVERYTHING to safer, not toxic products, and make up, because this goes on our bodies, it is so Critical.  Have you read the ingredients that Beauty Counter does NOT use and the reasons why?  WOW, that is a game changer.    If you need some light reading material, read this:

This will really make you think twice about using any other skin care products.  I have a few favorites I LOVE, and one of them, is their sunscreen.  I use sunscreen ALL year on my face and hands, is this sunscreen is very good, not greasy, no funky scent, and works. Maybe you should order yours today!

I have to share a place OD and I went to Sunday.  Who doesn’t LOVE Kombucha!!!  There is a place in Atlanta called Cultured South.

They ferment their own kombucha here.  It is right on the Beltline, so if you feel like a little stroll before or after, go for it!  OD and I did their “flight” and “cheese” pairing.IMG_0493IMG_0494

Who knew you could do a fight and pairing at a place like this!  The cheese plate had two kinds of cheese that were so good, various pickles, jelly that I believe was raspberry habanero, (AWESOME) and pickled vegetables.  We both ended up buying SEVERAL items, and bonus, they had dog treats.  Of course I had to buy one.  The gentleman who took very good care of us, said “That’s on me!!!!”  If you do like kombucha, and are in Atlanta, you REALLY need to check them out.

Random thing.  I had a bunch of grapes, and I went to have some, and found this!IMG_0491

Tell me that doesn’t look like a little purple squash!  And it tasted GOOD!

On another product that I am now using for as much as I can, Branch Basics, and yes, I am an affiliate with them!  How Cool is that.  So now, you can click on my Branch Basics site

And check out their safer cleaning products and place your order.  I just got a BIG order in today from them, and this is the COMPLETE starter kit.IMG_0499.jpg

and it comes in this handy carry bag

IMG_0500It has everything you need to clean your bathrooms, glass, mirrors, windows, laundry, hands and their all purpose cleaner that you can use on anything, including floors.  This product is great, cleans well, and as no scent.  If you go to their site and place an order, be sure to enter code Tamiesjourney to get your 15%.  If you have questions, please send me a message

And I will help you out.  Happy Shopping and Welcome to the Safer Products!

Well Kangaroos, I really do have a lot more I want to share with you, but it is already 3:30 and I have so much more to do.  If everyone of you readers would purchase just one item from any of the many companies that I work with, (and I think that I will relist ALL of these again tomorrow) it would generate enough money that very soon, I could work on my blog and the podcast and the soon to come podcast would be my FULL time job.  So place that order today, (today I would do the Beauty Counter because that is a one day only sale!

So, until tomorrow, (and do come back tomorrow, I WILL be here)

Be Good

Be Healthy

and Be Who YOU Are

Remember to leave me a comment below so I know how I am doing.

Later Kidz


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