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So Bright!

So Bright!

Here I am, really!  I was SOO busy yesterday, but I am FINALLY getting a grip on things.  I have learned a very valuable lesson about myself.  I am the worlds WORST procrastinator.  JEEZ!  At my young age, you would think I know better, but obviously not.  For this blog, for Beauty Counter, and for my “real” work, I keep spreadsheets.  This is for information like sales, contacts, the amounts of bills  I have paid, just things I need to keep track of for tax purposes and other purposes.  Instead of just entering this information as it happens, or as I do it, I like to tell myself, “I will do it later”  WELL, later finally came yesterday and it took me until 8 PM last night to get all that “Later” work caught up, and I still have some to do today.  What a SLACKER  I am.  On top of that, I was getting tired, but I wanted to get my “work” bank account balanced.  That took me twice as long as it should have because my mind was mush!  I have put a BIG NEON PINK sticky on my desk that says, DO ONE THING AT A TIME, AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT COMPLETELY DONE!  Will that help, I don’t know, but if I have to look at that STUPID note long enough, maybe????

The other thing I learned is I really need to work on my confidence and getting that across to clients.  How did I learn this you ask.  Well, I will tell you.  I had a BYOC with a girl in my building.  Don’t know what a BYOC is, it is a bring your own coffee, so cool.  This girl and I see each other at least 2-3 times a week in the gym say Hi, but have never really talked.  Well, long story short, we hooked up the other day and she sent me a text and asked if I would like to do this?  Sure, why not.  We ended up sitting on our Sky Lounge, which is outdoors, and it was BEAUTIFUL.  We visited for a little while, but we both had other commitments so had to go.  We are going to try this again in the near future.  In talking, she was telling me how when she types an e-mail to a client, (she also works most of the time from home) or when she is calling clients, she is working on trying to sound very confident and getting that across in the message.  I realized that, for me, when I am rested and things are going good, I am much more positive and energetic in my messages and work, and those are ALWAYS the days that go really well.  This is something I am going to try to be very conscious of.

In my not sleeping well last night, I was also thinking about how obsessed I get with things.  I have told everyone that before, that I am a very OCD and get obsessive about things.  It is like I get something on my mind and I get tunnel vision on this.  For example, my mission to change EVERYTHING in your home to safer products.  I think I have to quit where I am, this is the stopping point.  Now, I am not going to change the things I have already changed.  To me, these are the most critical and need to be changed.  These are the things like the Beauty Counter skin care, (which reminds me, the 15% off friends and family sale has been extended to run through Monday, April 15th, so if you want to take a peak and buy something, please go to my website,

and see what you can find)  Anyway, back to the other things I am not changing back.  The cleaning products I bought, like the Branch Basics, but some of the other things, I might need to back off on.  I think it could just get to be TOO much and too time consuming.  But, I am taking one thing at a time and see what might work and what doesn’t.

But, going back to my horrible procrastination.  The other thing I need to work on is keeping the dust bunnies a little at bay.  I think I mentioned how last weekend, with the hubs being gone, I went through EVERY thing, and I do mean every closet, cupboard, shelf, corner, everywhere, and got rid go the dust bunnies and “other” things that were hiding.  Do you know it took me 2 1/2 hours to clean my office?  That is redunkulous!  Again, I am so good about thinking I will dust this later, or I will put that where it belongs later. WELL, there is no more “LATER”,  NOW is the new later!  Wow, I have a lot of things to change.

The last thing I need to work on is do what I say and say what I do.  More do, less talk!  (And that starts NOW)

I have really unloaded a lot on you guys today but no more excuses.  On with it.

Monday, I can officially start to lift light weights again, if I want to, and I do think I will.  I know I talk about jogging and running and things, and I will still do that from time to time, but lifting is where my heart is, and for me, at my young age, it is really good for me to do, helps with my bones, skin and mental attitude.  And, I am ready to get back at it!

I want to tell you all how good this IMG_0513.jpg Fire Cider Tonic is, as well as the Rose Water Kefir.  I bought these at Cultured South here in the city, I blogged about this Monday.  These are the directions for how to use it.IMG_0514  Now take a look aa few of the ingredients, these are on the front of the label.  This sounds like it would be REALLY spicy, but I just took my tablespoon for the day and realized it takes like spicy dill pickles.  No wonder I like it so much.  The Rose Water Kefir is also VERY GOOD, I think it tastes like rose petals.  Really great!  Has anyone out there in reader land tried these?

Well kidolets, I am doing as I say, I am on a schedule, and now I need to move on to my next task!  I WILL be back on Monday, so do check back.  Remember if you still want to buy some Beauty Counter, the 15% off sale has been extended until Monday.

So, until Monday, stay cool, it is getting warmer, be good, don’t put anything off until later, later may not come, and check back Monday.

Have a GREAT Weekend, enjoy the beautiful outdoors, IMG_0510 and flowers.

Remember to leave me a comment below and see you Monday!


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