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One More day to Safe 15%

One More day to Safe 15%

Another week, another Monday.  How many of you had to pay taxes this year?  Or did you get a  refund?  Either way, today is Tax Day!  What does that really mean? Nothing other than today is April 15th, the month is half over ALREADY!!!!  I cannot believe how fast time goes.  And next Sunday is Easter already!!!  JEEZ, stop this merry go round so I can stop for a minute.

How many of you do traditional things for Easter?  Do you decorate eggs?  If you have children, do you do the Easter Egg hunts?  I think a GREAT idea would Adult Easter Egg hunts.  I could come up with at lest 10 ideas of themes you could base the hunts on.  That might be an idea for next year.

Do you have the big Easter Dinner?  If you do, what do you have?  Please send me a message

and tell me what your family does.  I would love to hear this.

We ARE NOT the traditional type people.  Well, ok, we make our own traditions that are anything but traditional.  For Easter, we typically have Sushi, but this Easter, we are thinking of some thing just a little different.  Since it is just the hubs and myself, and OD and her hubs, we will go out for Eater Lunch/Brunch, chat for awhile and that is it.  But that is plenty.  Especially for this year, since the hubs just got back from his first Asia trip since his illness, and right after Easter, he has several trips lined up.  A little down time will be good for him.

Moving right along here.  The Beauty Counter 15% off sale has been extended through tonight, April 15th, till midnight.  If you still haven’t taken advantage of this great sale, or forget to order something you do need or want to try, you still have time.  Just go to

to take advantage of this sale.  Maybe you need some sunscreen, summer is almost here.

Speaking of summer, yesterday morning when we went on our walk, it was 69 degrees out.  This morning, it was 48 and VERY WINDY!!  What a difference a day makes!

I talked on Friday about some the things that I learned about myself  Well, I am adding to this list.  Saturday, I did not shower right after my walk and gym time.  I had several things that I wanted to get done yet, so I just kept going.  I realized, if I do not get in the shower and clean up, and I do put on make up and do something with my hair, and put on jewelry, everyday, even though I work from home or maybe it is the weekend and we do not have any plans.  It if just something I do and I feel much better when I do.  So Saturday, it was lunch time before I did all of this.  Saturday morning, I just could not get going.  I thought maybe I was just tired because last week was a crazy busy week, but once I did all of my morning things, I felt MUCH better!  To sum this up quickly, I realized I need to get cleaned up right after my walk and work out, in order to feel ready for the day.  Do any of you have strange little quirks like this?

I did actually lift weights today.  This was the first day in a long time that I did this, so I did go quite lite.  It felt good.  I might be a little sore tomorrow, especially my stomach where the incisions are, but overall, went good.

Did any of you readers get the stormy weather yesterday?  WOW, it rained so hard at times!  And of course, most of this was while we were out trying to run our errands.  By the time I got in from all the errands, my shoes were soaked.  I was pretty much soaked all over!  I took G out quick and then had to put on all dry clothes!  But, the good thing about weather like that is it is GREAT for napping and binge watching TV!  Which we did do yesterday afternoon!

I also did something yesterday I have not done since, I have no idea when.  I ate pizza.  Now, I know ,you out there are thinking Big Deal, but pizza is something we RARELY eat. First, I cannot eat any gluten, and second, it is a just not something I need to be eating at all.  But this sounded so good.

We each got our own small pizza so that I could gluten free crust, and I was very selective about the toppings I chose.  The pizza was totes redunkulous.  The crust was the very thin crust I like, had a good flavor, and the three toppings I chose, chicken, goat cheese and mushrooms, were great.  Well, of course, I could only eat 2 pcs, so I had left over pizza for dinner last night as well.  Now, today I have to eat very good.!

I talked about this Friday, that I am the world worst procrastinator, and put EVERYTHING off.  I also told you as my new Motto is ” Say as you do and do as you say.”  Wow, if you just do things at the time they come up, it is SOO much easier, and you get so much more done.  As of right now, I do not have ANY piles or stacks on my desk.  Of course, I have work to do, but I am so caught up and ORGANIZED.  What a feeling, and you notice, this blog post will be available to you by noon EST.  My goal is to do this every day this week!

One quick topic before I let you go.  I have talked about the Branch Basics, and I have been using only this since last week, even the laundry detergent. IMG_0499  I have to say, this is some really good stuff.  If you have questions on this, please send me a message.  This is the safer, non-toxic clean products.  If you want to visit the site,

And check out their safer cleaning products and place your order.  If you do decide to place an order,  enter Code Tamiesjourney you will get 15% off.

Well, I have to be moving along and get to the next item my list.  Do as you say and say as you do!  Let’s get going!

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And, be SURE to come back to tomorrow and see what’s up!

Take Care

Have a Great Day

And until tomorrow, be happy, be healthy and get that crap done!


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