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I love the spring flowers

I love the spring flowers

You know, sometimes it is a very little thing that puts a smile on your face, or for me anyway.  For Example, I got a new nail polish color and did BOTH my hands and toes last night, and it just brightens your day!  I know, might be a bit silly, but the new color just makes me feel more like spring.

And you know what else, I am having a really good morning so FAR!  Granted, it is early yet, well, ok, almost lunch, but it has been very productive.    It might be my new Mantra and way of doing things, Do as I say, Say as I do, and Be a Booker not a Looker, but whatever, I am getting things done!

Of course we started our day with our walk, coffee, and I did a little on the treadmill and a little lifting.  This is pretty much what I felt like this morning, and there are a few lbs sneaking up on me, so I thought it might be a good idea to mix it up.  I even gave G a shower this morning.  The hubs walked by him and said, “Stinky Dog” so I felt bad for G.  I had already been through the shower, and yes, I do give him a shower, it is MUCH easier.  So, I got everything ready, got him to walk in the shower because there was no way in HELL I was going to try to LIFT him, (MR. Porky) and he got his shower.

I mentioned yesterday that I started tracking my macros, caloric intake, all that stuff again.  Well, first, I do think that I ate a BIT too much yesterday, but something I ate is not working so well today and last night.  I have a feeling it was the shrimp.  The hubs made this awesome dish, shrimp in olive oil and butter with garlic and mushrooms, but I think maybe it was a bit too “greasy”?  Not sure.  It was GREAT going down, just didn’t want to hang out too long, if you know what I mean, and today, my stomach is turning and turning and turning!!!!!  I really have to watch and be more careful what I do eat!

How many of you watched the first episode of season 8 of Game of Thrones?  I can’t divulge any details because I do know there are some people who are still trying to get caught up, but it really did set up a LOT for this final season.  I am SOO jealous of the Mother of Dragons hair.  That is absolutely gorgeous!  And then here I am, with my six hairs!!!  Ok, maybe seven !

Before I took the short sabbatical, (I am not sure what else to call it,) and did not post for awhile, I had talked about actually getting a new notebook out and start making “blog” notes and ideas, and even have a schedule of sorts.  Monday’s post might be the weekend, what I did, if I went anywhere, if there were events in the city I went to, and so one.  Tuesday will be another topic, and so on.  One day may be about a new recipe I have tried or want to try.  Of course, one day each week I will talk about and promote companies I am working with, products I am trying, things like that, and also, I had mentioned I may go back to counting macros so I will post on that as well.  Please leave me a comment in the comment section below, and tell me what topics you would really like me to talk about. No talking about procedures, and doctors and things, so please do not suggest those topics,  but everything else is fair game. If you readers can do this soon,  my Monday post will be the rough itinerary of what I will post on certain days.  Did that make sense?  I feel like my words are not making sense, maybe I have had too much coffee today since I got up pretty early. So, I do hope this post is making sense.  I think I will do this because I feel like a repeat myself a lot.  Please let me know what you think.   I AM going to work on this rough itinerary today, and I will also incorporate all the ideas you readers send to me.

I had also talked about, in addition to using the Beauty Counter products, (yes, I am promoting Beauty Counter, so be sure to buy some) I am thinking of trying shaving my face at least once a month, and I need to try some “peels” .  Well, I have started to shave my face, I think I do this about once every week, and I am not sure you can see any difference yet, but I am going to keep doing this.  I am also FAITHFULLY using the Beauty Counter products, as well as their sunscreen.  I think that tomorrow I will list all of the Beauty Counter products that I have tried or am using, and if I like them, and if I do not, why I don’t.  So be sure to check back tomorrow.

Jeez, I am not sure this post is making any sense today, but in my mind it makes good sense, but now, it is time to go again, I need to get my new notebook out and start making “blog” notes and ideas.  I need to make this blog really interesting so that you readers will suggest this to your friends, and they will suggest it to their friends, and soon, I will have so many readers  supporting my blog that I can FINALLY start my podcast!  YAY!  Won’t that be fun!

So, until tomorrow,

Be Healthy, take care of your body, you have to live in it.

Be Happy, you will feel better.

Don’t forget to leave me your comments and suggestions below,

And check back tomorrow to see what’s up!  Until then





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