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Trying to get this out earlier, but just could not get it done.  I am sorry, but here I am.  Is everyone having a Great Day???  Is everyone “Doing as you say and saying as you do”?  You can get so much DONE by following that!

Ok, today, I am going to list ALL of the Beauty Counter Products I am using or those that I have tried, if I like them or not, and why.  And of course, I will put my Beauty Counter Link out there so after you read this, you can go to my site and make a purchase.

product-images-2557-imgs-bc_makeupremoverwipes_selling01_web-2_2_  Probably one of my favorites is the cleansing wipes.  I TRY to not use these every night, I really do not know why,  they make your nightly routine so much easier and they really work GREAT!  They get all of your make up, including your eye make up and mascara off easily, and your face just feels so clean!

product-images-1045-imgs-resurfacing_peel_009_final_1_  This resurfacing peel iS another of my favorites.  I use this about every third night.  I am not sure it does a lot of good, but I have not been using it long enough for it to make a difference yet.

(Do you remember in December when I posted a picture of myself and said I was committing using BC for one year, I challenged everyone to join me, and I said I would post the “after” picture again in December of 2019?  Well then, lets wait and see.)

product-images-1115-imgs-new-rejuvenating-night-cream-600  I just started using this Rejuvenating Night Cream.  I use this EVERY night, and I love the way it makes my skin feel.  It is not greasy, but it does make my face feel soft and it kind of glows!

product-images-1114-imgs-new-rejuvenating-radiance-serum-600  I use this Rejuvenating Radiance Serum both morning and night.  I like the softness it gives your face, it is not greaSY, but your face feels fresh and moisturized.

product-images-1050-imgs-new-lip-conditioner-in-peppermint  I have been using this Lip Conditioner for the longest I think.  I love the way it makes your lips feel.  My lips are very sensitive and dry easily.  These keep my lips soft and moisturized.  I use this 2-3 times every day!

product-images-1111-imgs-new-rejuvenating-toner-pads-40-pads  I just started using these Toner Pads as well.  I use these in the mornings, after I wash my face.  They make your face feel REALLY clean, and they are supposed to help with fine lines and wrinkles.  Again, time will tell.

product-images-2061-imgs-bc_sl_twig_web_image_1  I use this on days that I consider a light make up day.  This does not give you lips a lot of color, but it does keep them soft and gives your lips just a little shine.

product-images-3031-imgs-new-hydrating-body-lotion-citrus-mimosa-600  I currently am out of this lotion and need to order more, but I do really like this.  It is NOT greasy, has a good light scent, and last a long time.  It does make your skin very soft. I had the hubs put this on my back one day when my back was REALLY dry and itchy, and he even commented on the light scent and how easily it could be applied, and NOT greasy!

product-images-3030-imgs-new-body-wash-in-citrus-mimosa-600  I am also currently out of this Body Wash and just made a note to place a new order.  This is like the body lotion.  Very light scent, takes just a small amount, and does a really good job of getting you squeaky clean.

product-images-1039-imgs-bc_bc_2-plumpingfacialmist_selling01_web  I love this plumping facial mist.  I use this 2-3 times a day as well.  This just gives your face a quick pick me up.  (Actually, it gives your entire mood a pick me up)  Very light and refreshing and cooling!  If you have not tried this, I really suggest trying it.

product-images-3041-imgs-Countersun_Allure_PDP  I cannot forget to mention this sunscreen.  I use this EVERYDAY on my face, hands and any exposed skin.  You SHOULD NEVER go outdoors without sunscreen on and this is so good.  It goes on clean, very very light scent and is not greasy.

The above are all of the products that I have tried, I like and continue to use.  There are still more I want to try, but I will admit.  Beauty Counter products are NOT inexpensive, but you certainly well worth the investment.  You have to look at this way, you are investing in you health!

The next products are products that I have tried, and do not care for.  Now, that is just me, other people to love these products.

product-images-5353-variants-2033-imgs-BC_LIPGLOSS_BLUSH_SHIMMER  I do not care for this Lip Gloss, but then, I do not like any lip gloss.  To me, it leaves my lips dry, comes off way too easily and smears.

product-images-2552-imgs-bc_volumizingmascara_selling01_web.jpg  I have tried their mascara, and it does not work for me.  It clumps, I get under eye mascara way to easily, and I just do not like this.

product-images-2506-imgs-pdp-colordefinebrowpencil-medium_selling-shot_528x962_2.jpg  I have also tried this brow color and do not like this either.  It just seems too light and wears off to easily.

I think that I have covered everything I can remember.  If you have any questions at all, please send an  e-mail

and I will try to answer your questions.  But, don’t forget to go to

Check out all of my recommendations, and see what else you might want to try, don’t forget to order sunscreen, and place your order.  I still have JUST a FEW samples of the sunscreen so if you want to try this, let me know.

I talked yesterday about setting up an itinerary for the blog posts.   I am working on this and will post that tomorrow.  But, again, please leave me a comment below with any of your suggestions.

I am telling you all now, tomorrows post may be a little short.  It is Good Friday, the hubs is taking the day off and has a few plans, so I will do a VERY short post tomorrow, I will share my itinerary plans and be off until Monday.

So, remember,

Be Happy, it is good for!

Be Healthy, again it is good for you!

And come back tomorrow for more!

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